spartan chickHow do I Spartan up if I’m shy? Simple. Stop being so fucking shy. It’s okay to have an introverted personality and be a quiet person, but you have to be able to flip the switch when necessary. The biggest roadblock for women looking for a legitimate relationship is the inability to speak up. You’re afraid to speak first, you’re afraid to ask to be taken on a real date, you’re afraid to call him after the first time you have sex, and worst of all you are afraid to tell him that you don’t just want to be his fuck buddy anymore. Way too many ladies are scared to communicate to the person who matters most, so they front like they’re content with these half-ass relationships. Females tell their girlfriends how they feel and all the things she wishes he would do… But when he’s right there face to face, it’s cricket season. I’ve dealt with girls who were sassy, nasty, and loud, but inspite of all of that they were still too nervous to check me on my bullshit. “You tell me what you want to do” is the shy bitch anthem. Why are women so passive where it matters the most? If you express all of your feelings he’s going to think you’re a nagging wedding ring chaser and leave you for a girl who doesn’t pressure him. That false reality is the cat that has your tongue, you shy away from confrontation because you fear him bouncing. As the woman, you should be the one wielding all the power, but instead you sit there quiet as a mouse and hope that he asks for your number, takes you on a date, calls you after he hits, and tells you that he wants you to be his girl. Guess what? That nigga is going to keep doing what he’s doing so long as you’re following his lead like an obedient puppy. It’s time to exercise your right as a woman to lead him down the road you want to go. Of course that doesn’t happen as much as it should because the thought of him saying, “Fuck you bitch, I’m on to the next” instead of doing what you want, keeps most women on hush duty. Him leaving you isn’t the worst thing that could happen, you staying on his leash until you’re old, bitter, and void of vagina walls is the worst that could happen. The result of this scared to lose him mentality are the purgatory relationships. I’ve talked to over two hundred women who have the same story. Meet a guy, start talking romantically, have sex, wait around for him to decide what it’s going to be. Why are you letting these men decide your relationship status? Why are you putting yourself on the shelf for zero return on your investment? That’s right, because you THINK you need him. “Ain’t no ring on my finger, so I can do what I want” …on paper, but in reality you are choosing to be controlled. It’s not your pussy, it’s his pussy, and all he has to do to keep it is show up.

know ya roleGuy: You know you the wifey type, but I’m just doing me right now.
Girl: I’m not looking for a man, so don’t even trip.
Guy: Cool.
*Two Months Later*
Girl: So what’s going on with us?
Guy: Whatchu mean?
Girl: Whatchu mean, what I mean? You know what? Fuck this!
*Girl walks out. Guy shrugs and goes back to playing Call of Duty*
Girl: (walks back in) I’m sorry, bay. I shouldn’t have cursed at you. You want something to drink?

Girls are notorious for saying they don’t want a relationship, yet they take the dick and agree to be exclusive. After enough time passes that girl’s patience wears thin and she throws a fit because he hasn’t automatically upgraded her to a title she initially said she didn’t want. You can blame that dude for getting you open, but be real, he had to act like he cared in order to get pussy on the regular, you’re the one who let it go on way pass the point of casual sex. This isn’t a case of a woman not wanting a boyfriend then falling in love, it’s an example of how women want to be loved, but are afraid to admit that to themselves. Every few weeks I’m asked for advice from a girl wanting sex with no strings attached, but rarely is that really the case once I talk to these women. Ladies, if you just want sex from a guy it’s this easy, “Come thru tonight”. They don’t want to be that forward because then that guy will think they’re freaks. So what! Why go through all of that getting to know each other shit if you aren’t ready for something serious? Why waste your time flirting and playing hard to get if you just want to be piped? You don’t want to come off like a slut, so you act like you’re not just trying to fuck even though you are just trying to fuck. Huh? Doc Brown explaining time travel makes more sense than the madness of women pretending they aren’t looking for love. This is why niggas run after they smash, some of you don’t mean what you say or say what you mean, and we don’t have time to guess your true intentions. Why do you care how slutty you come off unless you do want more than the physical? Shy Shanel wants to have sex—but she doesn’t want a one night stand, shorty wants to get to know this guy and make sure he’s trustworthy before busting it open. Oh, and after the sex she wants to be able to chill with him indoors and out. Um, that sure sounds like having a boyfriend to me. You can call a duck a dog all you want, but at the end of the day that motherfucker still quacks. Being exclusive but single is the dumbest relationship status ever created. Bitch, you want a man, not a dildo, so just admit it! Label it whatever, but you’re still engaging in something serious and putting the same pressure on each other as a real relationship. You know his Mom, let him go raw, and are afraid to even @ another nigga on twitter because you would feel bad– sounds like you need to redefine serious. In the end someone always gets hurt because you don’t need an official title to catch official feelings. A lot of you have fallen in love with these guys despite having said, “I won’t let it get serious” six months ago. So let’s break down why this happens and how to dig yourself out.

Too Cool To Be a Romantic

We drank we smoke we fuck we perfectYou’re not like the rest of these birds who are hard up for love, need to be up under a dude, stalk his Facebook, and blow up his phone… You are the coolest chick on the planet. Down to trip with his boys, drink out the bottle, let him talk to other girls, and fuck him whenever. That’s the sales pitch a lot of women are sticking with. The problem with that bullshit is that not only is it fake, it devalues you on every level. You think guys want a girl who’s not a pain in the ass and who won’t pressure him for a relationship. Therefore your plan to undercut other women is to sell yourself as cheap and stress free. “Don’t go over to that Nigerian girl with the big booty, she’s going to want a relationship before she gives up that ass. Come over to me, I’m getting over my ex and just down to fuck and do whatever”. That lie reeks of lonely bitchism. Girls who spit that “just down to be friends” game are worse than hoes, because they come free. You think Alicia Keys met Swizz Beatz and was like, “Keep working things out with your wife, I don’t want a relationship, I’m just trying to be friends with benefits and not stress you”. Hell no, Alicia set the rules and Swizzy broke a world record sprinting out of Mashonda’s coochie because she was worth it. You are worth it too! Stop giving away Promo Codes for your pussy because you’re lonely. Any woman who knows her value doesn’t need to undersell herself in order to lure a man. If you’re a bad chick then you’re always going to be wanted, you don’t need to fake like you’re cool with whatever. Dudes who you would bring chicken soup to in the snow and not even get a thanks from, will end up with the most bitchy and un-submissive women because those chicks know they’re bad and have the charisma of a Martian. If a Spartan decides that she’s through being fuck buddies and wants her friend as her man, she plants her flag in his dick, then tells him to leave it there or get the fuck out. C.O.N.T.R.O.L! You hold the pussy so you control the situation, always. Stop getting gassed by these guys who tell you, “You’re mad cool, every girl should be like you” because I bet that same nigga who feeds you that cool shit, hasn’t made you his girlfriend. What he’s really saying is, “You’re mad dumb, every girl should be like you because I don’t have to put in any work”.

Women love telling men that they don’t have to lie to kick it. Practice what you preach. I think women should have FWB if they are emotionally capable of sticking to the script. Sex is fun, get your fuck on and let the Kegels snap it back when it’s time to settle down. However, I can count on my fingers the women I’ve actually come across that are truly bout that life. Those girls who pretend to be above love are worse than the coons on black twitter who front like they’re bosses. Those clowns don’t sign payroll checks and you still fantasize about wedding colors, so stop fronting! It’s okay to embrace your romantic side and be a girly girl in the 21st century. Yeah you’re focused on money, school, family, and whatever but don’t blow smoke up your own ass. If you were to meet a nice guy who asked you to be his girl, would you agree or would you tell him to know his role and be happy as your part-time penis? Answer that question privately and keep it real with yourself. Don’t walk around pretending to be single and loving it when you’re single and looking.

You Have No Leverage

Swag on 100You know why men will always have their pick of damn near any woman they want while women will continue to sit and wait to be chosen? We understand the concept of leverage. Leverage is our Infinity Gauntlet, with it we control women who are way out of our leagues, bend the will of bottom bitches, and bust open Basicas. We bait women with whatever our best asset is and make her feel as though we’re an upgrade from all the bums she usually deals with. By coming in with our sales pitch of “Best in the world”, we mind fuck her into believing that she’s finally found a good one. Go ahead and say how you were hurt before or how you’re celibate, and you don’t want a relationship—it doesn’t matter. That guy knows you like him a lot, and all he has to do is pretend to want the same thing you do—friendship. He says he wants friendship but he’s treating you like a girlfriend because men know attention is the key. Girls say shit like, “I didn’t even like him when we first met, he was on me“. His ugly ass didn’t have a gun to your head, he just showed you attention under the guise of being a friend and you cracked. Once a man hooks you, the infatuation sets in. Not only do you dig this guy, you are consumed by him morning, noon, and night. Even though you’re crushing hard on homie, you still have the power because you control the thing he’s most attracted to– new pussy. Here’s where the reverse psychology of a man who has good game comes in. You said you were only looking for a friendship, now we’re friends. I’m horny, you’re horny, adult friends can fuck. Why not have sex, it’s not like you’re holding out for anything serious because you’re not into that mushy stuff, right? See what I did? I used your own status of “nothing serious” to get free pussy. Now that new pussy shotgun becomes an old pussy pellet gun, and your power is gone. We men know the difference between a girl who can handle casual sex and one who can’t by the way she reacts after the sex. No matter how loud you scream, “I’m doing me!”, we see through it by the emojicons you send, the way you stalk on social media, and how you catch attitudes over things “friends” shouldn’t catch feelings over. The girls who can truly handle casual sex are the ones whose clits we ride the hardest and try to lock down immediately because they really can take us or leave us, and that drives our egos crazy and maintains her power over us. The ones who are just playing that role, we game the hell out of for as long as we can, and say shit like, “but you’re the one who said you liked your freedom”, because we know you’re dependent on us. That’s the power of leverage.

You Want MoreSo what’s holding him to you after sex? Repeat pussy and convenience which isn’t hard to find. What’s holding you to him? Companionship and orgasms aka a woman’s best friend and worst nightmare. You can claim it’s just the sex that has you sprung, but it’s also the bond you have with him. He has leverage over you because you are comfortable, happy, and like having someone around to both talk to and have sex with. On the other hand, dude can bounce at any time without notice because newer pussy and better challenges switch by him every day. This is the point in the relationship where most of you are. You are afraid to redefine the rules of your relationship, because you have no leverage. You know and he knows that there is nothing really keeping him from going off to his next “friend” and leaving you lonely again so you play along. Here’s what the victim says: “But NC, I didn’t want anything serious, I swear, he’s the one that kept talking that love stuff and saying we should be exclusive.” Do you blame the salesmen for telling you how sexy you look on a motorcycle or do you blame yourself for buying a fucking motorcycle when you were really shopping for a car? Your IQ is bigger than your shoe size so save that victim shit. If you were trying to protect your heart from a serious relationship you would have kept him at a distance, been out meeting other men as well, and only talking to him when it suited you. Instead of continuing to be single, you let a wolf in sheep’s clothing tell you that you’re pretty, put the tip in, and expose you for the lonely love-sick woman that you are. And now here you are, unsure of what he wants from you, trying to hide what you want from him, and stressed because you don’t know what you should do next. You’re not Friends With Benefits, You’re his Dumb Bitch On Lock.

Enough of The Bullshit

pump pump it up!How do you get this guy you’ve fallen for to see you in a different light and regain that power once you’ve lost it? Study THIS. But I will leave you all with one o the first steps for now: Work on communicating at every step of the relationship no matter how scared you are that he may not like it. Men are like kids, they may have good hearts, but they will always take advantage of stupidity. Are you really going to waste weeks, months, or years letting some guy dictate if you’re single, involved, exclusive, or just friends? Or are you prepared to Spartan up and take control of your own life. Remember, you don’t have to pressure any man for a relationship. If he’s already been dealing with you then he should already be impressed, your personality should shine so bright that he thinks you shit glitter. I’m not saying that if he hasn’t claimed you then you’re corny… you may be, but sometimes it’s a case of a man having his cake, eating it too, and not trying to trade that easy life in for a title until he’s confronted. The hints, the indirect questions, the passive aggressiveness, we men know when you’re sick of being in relationship purgatory, but we’re going to play dumb like we don’t understand what you really want for as long as you pretend that you are content with being merely exclusive. Ladies you have to stop beating around the bush like little ass girls, stop shying away from confrontation, and stop being afraid to lose him like he’s the last real nigga alive. If you give everything to a man under the cover of not wanting anything serious, he’s going to take your word for it, milk you dry, and then move on to a woman who actually knows her value. Get what you want, not what he’s willing to give. Stop assuming that to know you is to love you because someone else may not think you’re as bomb as you say you are. There is no backdoor into a relationship, so go through the front by laying your expectations out there the moment you start to like him. I’m not looking to jump into a relationship, but I’m open to one. That’s authentic. I want all of you to walk into a bank and ask for a handshake loan because you’re not comfortable with the paperwork, then take note as they look at you like you’re the dumbest person on earth. That’s the same look you should give to these fools who tell you they want you all to themselves, but not officially.

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