For those of you that have met me in person, you already know that my favorite question is, “What’s your favorite BGAE post?” I don’t ask for praise, I ask because I’m always curious to see what topics connect the most. From that one question I can usually tell what kind of relationship problem a woman has been in… or is still going through. One girl squeezed the hell out of my arm once and yelled, “Pussy Until Proven Wifey is my shit!” and went on to tell me how she didn’t think a lot of what I said applied until after she got her heart broken, and going back through the archives that particular article seemed to predict all the ways her own ego lead her into mistake after mistake. One of the funniest was this woman who worked at a DMV who said, “Her Ex-Boyfriend Is Not Off Limits,” was life changing. Miss Thang swung that Malaysian straight in my face and proceeded to tell me about how the bitches on her job hate her, and it’s all my fault cus she’s a full blown Spartan who only gives these hoes their boyfriends back when she’s done with them. I never go back and re-read what I write unless I’m referencing it, but I literally have a story to tell based off nearly every entry because each one connects on a certain level depending on the person. For most “Are You Wifey or Pussy” was their first introduction to this site, most recently “Are Today’s Men Scared of Pussy” and “Why Can’t Women Handle Dick,” lead a lot of people here. There’s so much I’ve touched on that you can get lost trying to go back and dig through the crates, so for the 5th anniversary I thought that I would do my personal Top Five with links to my past favorites and why I chose them:


5) Why Your Relationship Is a Lie:

My girl RayeFemmeFatale always pulls my card about how someone must have made me mad before I started writing, and she’s right. I usually write when some story or conversation irritates the hell out of me. I can have three girls tell me they found a boyfriend and ONE tell me some bullshit about how she wants to fix something that’s embarrassingly broken, and I forget all the positive I did, and get frustrated by the one girl who can’t get it together. In my mind I want ALL WOMEN to comprehend what I’m saying, I need 100% not 90% or I feel as if I didn’t do my job. I realized that it wasn’t comprehension that was lacking in a lot of these women, it was straight up denial! Although the title was similar to “Are You Girlfriend Pretty” in that it was going to make a lot of nervous women skip over it, I had to write it because there are so many fraud ass relationships where people cover their eyes and hope for the best when they should be breaking away and getting something worth their time. Besides the Nemo retarded fin reference this was my favorite line: In a healthy relationship, a man meets a woman half way, not some of the way, not a few steps, all that remaining way. CLICK TO READ

4) Educated Fool:

Empire-fox-blackgirlsareeasyI’m proud to say that this isn’t a website where ratchets go to learn to be more ratchet, and that most of my demographic are college educated women who have their own. I don’t take that lightly, and the reason I am so harsh in my delivery is that a lot of these prize catches lower the bar in terms of men. Nice car, nice crib, walking around with your nose in the air like Boo Boo Kitty, then at night you go home to Davon who is breaking up blunts on your Williams-Sonoma place mats, the Jordans you brought him in the middle of the floor, greeting you from your couch with a X-Box controller in his hand like, “What’s for dinner, bae?” Furthermore I was sick of this idea that for Black women in particular, there are so little Black men making the same amount of money or more. That because of “Amerikkk” the sisters only have these “Let me fix him” projects to choose from which means they will have to settle for less by default. Like Tyga saying he and Kylie are just cool, I ain’t buying that shit. Fuck those lame excuses as if there are only ten niggas in each state making over 100k a year. Last I check there is income inequality between the sexes because MEN are still earning like crazy. What it really boils down to is that educated women would rather date down, because those guys are the rivers and the lakes that they’re used to. You didn’t go through all that schooling to become the RN married to the BUM. You didn’t climb the corporate ladder and get promoted just so you can bust it open for a nigga that promotes a mixtape. This article is my kick in the ass to women who are so smart but act so damn dumb. My favorite Line: These niggas don’t give a fuck if you graduated Summa Cum Laude– excel at sucking this dick. CLICK TO READ

3) Why Are Black Women So Difficult:

I’m always asked, “Why did you call it Black Girls Are Easy?” And my smart ass, sick of answering that question response is, “Because you wouldn’t have clicked the link if I called it, Black women are great.” But the true definition comes in the form of one of my all-time favs. So read this, and never ever fix your mouth to ask me what the meaning of the title is again. CLICK TO READ

Black women silenced

2) Weak Bitch Ways:

If you want to point to one post that epitomizes Spartanhood, it’s not “Duh Spartan!” It’s WBW, because it gives you direct examples of what really stands in your way—your mindset. In the future I know I’m going to tackle the philosophy of negative and positive thinking, but the down and dirty take on it is that everything that goes wrong in your life is because of a weak and timid psyche that leads to indecisive and exploiting behavior. A man can’t game a woman that’s thinking straight, but he can work a number on a woman that’s confused, lonely, and full of a want to be loved. CLICK TO READ

Solving Single:

black-girls-rockI remember someone telling me how they printed out damn near every post… and while people told me before that I needed all of these lessons in a book, the fact that someone was sitting on the train to work flipping through printed out sheets really made me get it in gear. One day this site won’t exist, (don’t cry, I’m here now) and all of these things that have helped so many people won’t be able to be pulled up on a phone or computer. I wanted Solving Single to be the greatest hits of Black Girls Are Easy, but not just the stuff on this website that you’ve already read. I consider a lot of those earlier entries to be rough drafts, Solving Single is the final product, expanded and revised to all fit together in a way that could serve as a Bible for anyone who was struggling or needed a reminder that women will always be the most powerful force in this universe. What I found going back through old entries was that some of my ideas changed, while others had been reinforced to the point where I could add more based on things I’d personally seen or heard. Over the years I saw women who read this site regain or discover their power, and realized that there was a formula for success with love. Solving Single: How To Get The Ring Not The Run Around is what it proclaims to be. From Stop Being The Bottom Bitch, Dating as a Virgin, The Laws of Being A Spartan, Dating Vs Coming Over To Chill, it’s all there and fully realized in a way that the old posts aren’t. This is the book that needs to be on your nightstand no matter if you’re single or involved. CLICK TO READ

…Ho Tactics:

tacticsCall this 1-B, because Ho Tactics: How To MindFuck… is truly “The Secret” of relationship books and has given way to real breakthrough moments where women have regained their confidence in a practical way that they couldn’t with Solving Single. I set out to make an Ikea like easy to follow guide, and those that had the courage to follow the steps, have done it! Someone in London asked me if Ho Tactics was like Black Girls Are Easy, and I said, “It’s the stuff I could never write on Black Girls Are Easy.” It really is unlike anything I had written before. At first the title threw people off as if I was going against my Girl Power beliefs, but for any woman that’s read it, Ho Tactics has nothing to do with prostituting yourself out, but reaffirming how to mentally take control over any situation. It started off with me interviewing a bunch of intelligent women… who some men would refer to as Hofessionals, to shed a light on how to get what you want from whoever, without trading sex. Hearing their stories and then adding what I know as a man, I exposed the game and how easy it is for any woman to master. As my ride or die J-Nice told me after she inhaled the book in two days, “I’m not going to set out to use Ho Tactics, but I don’t think I can help myself from using it just a little.” And that’s what I wanted,  something that sticks in your head for life and even when you’re not thinking about it, you are using that female power to channel that inner Maria and take control of the situation. Men use Dick Tactics every day to run game, I figured it was time to even up the playing field, so even the women with the lowest self esteem could get their WORTH! From the response—mission accomplished. CLICK TO READ

Honorable mention: UnitedFanBoyz, and the extremely fucked up Death of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

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