Black Girls Are Easy

Black Girls Are Easy… To Love, if you take your time to understand their unique life experiences of this world. For years I’ve dedicated myself to helping black women avoid the games men play and get the value they deserve. Of course I wasn’t just writing for black women, but for women of all shades. As I met more women from across the globe, and learned more about the mistakes they made, this site truly became about ALL WOMEN (and of course men) so it’s time to let the title reflect that. Even as this website evolves it shall remain a love letter to all the girls who have grown into women and the countless more who will one day use this advice to rise above their current situations on their road to becoming a Spartan…


Spartan 101:

Why Can’t Women Handle Dick?

Spoiler Alert: He Doesn’t Want You!

Is It Right To Take Another Girl’s Man

Spartan Advanced Course:

How To Upgrade A Situationship

Ghosting, Guilting, and other Mind Games – How To Guard Against Gaslighting

Spartan Master Level:

Women: How To Build Your Roster