A guy walks into a bar, approaches two women, one black the other white. Which one is more likely to suck his dick?

If you’re a Black Woman you’re going to say “The White Girl”. As far as I can remember there has always been some sort of side eyed resentment from Black Girls towards White Girls. It’s fucking strange. I’ve known girls from the hood who have absolutely no interaction with white women with the exception of past school teachers yet they speak about them like they have the entire race figured out. The consensus is “fuck that white bitch” simply because she’s white—wow. Surly Black Women, after all we’ve been through, can’t be that racist? I don’t think it comes from bigotry, I think it comes from jealously. Black Women will quick to check you and say “I ain’t jealous of no bitch”. But everyone no matter who you are feels jealously at some level towards someone, it’s a human emotion that you can’t turn off. All of this resentment, none of this shit is about White Women at all. It’s all about Black Men.

A girl told me yesterday that “I feel a black man want a submissive woman and he know black women are strong so she won’t be submissive”. She may be right about submissive or more specifically the feeling of being in control. Men like control, point blank. But black women can be dominated and dick whipped just as easily as a White women. The stereotype is true: Black Men Love White Women—because they’re different. This bullshit a guy may tell you about “she does what I say” or “she gives me money” is game. The worst thing you can be is a Black man in a room with Black woman and having to explain your relationship with a white chick. You can’t come out and say, “Amber is sexy as hell” because they’ll jump all over you. So Black Men have to add that extra, i.e. she’s obedient or she gives me dough. It’s not a secret that straight hair and light skin has been the Black races Achilles heel no matter if you’re a man or woman. So let’s get rid of this theory that Black Men want White Women because they’re “easier than black ones” because everyone reading this knows that a girl is as easy as the guy standing in front of her.

White Girls are like English. There are tons of other languages but English is the default #1 that everyone wants to learn. The White Girl is the universal standard in beauty. Are they the most beautiful? Hell no. No single race can claim that they have the hotter people, because for every bad Asian bitch you can find an even badder Indian bitch and so on and so forth. You can sit a Black dude from Watts, a French painter, and a Guy from Cambodia in front of a picture of Scarlett Johansen and a picture of say a non-light skin Black girl like Kelly Rowland and tell them to pick who they want to fuck– 3 out of 3 would go for the ScarJo picture. It’s fucked up, and if you see these Maxim polls that are void of non light skin Black chicks it’s kind of upsetting. In the club my boy once whispered to me while drunk, “I’m trying to get some white pussy tonight”. All pussy is the same in the dark! But clearly he had a preference that night. I’m not snitching on my brothers—Black Girls aren’t dumb they know this is how guys think. This fucked up Americanized notion of beauty constantly kicks our beautiful Black Women in the ass. So if I put myself in the shoes of a Black Girl—fuck—I’d have a chip on my shoulder towards white girls too. Society tells them that no matter how sexy they are, it’s likely that her boo would pick a white girl over her.


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White Girls Are Dumb: I agree that most white girls lack “street smarts”. If you were raised in a household where your mother has no fear of you having a “G ran on you” you’re not going to get the terms “Niggas ain’t shit” and “don’t be fucking these nappy head bastards” drilled in your head from the age of 5. Suburban parents don’t worry about the nasty shit that hood parents worry about, so a lot of times they don’t prepare them for the fact that guys are con artists who want to use and abuse them. College is the most important thing in a White Girl’s life because in those 4 years she’ll get date raped, get her heart broken, have a lesbian experience, and by the time she gets that degree in Business she’ll have a PHD in being fucked over. I give WG’s a whore pass depending on age. I hold Black Girls at a higher standard because their “Auntie and them” tell her from jump about Craig only wanting the coochie, and she will still let Craig get the coochie. Yes some white girls are dumb as bricks. But girls of all races seem to lack common sense when in the presence of a hard dick and a smile.

White Girls Don’t Talk Back: Someone asking you “Where were you last night” In proper English several hundred times in a row may not be as bad as LaCoya pointing her finger in your face screaming “Fuck you been nigga!” but white girls can hit you with the Race card that Black women can’t. OJ Simpson’s first wife could call him all the names in the book, talk about his dick, his hairline, whatever—Nicole Brown Simpson had one time to call him an ignorant nigger who wouldn’t be shit without football—and 911 was called. Black Women can push buttons all night long. But White Women only need to push one button to get that five finger and a palm. Ask any pro athlete who’s been married to or dated a white woman—they talk back, but unlike black women they won’t cut you—they’ll call the police and get your ass on TMZ.

White Girls Let Anybody fuck: No girl lets anybody fuck. It’s like your homeboy who hears that so and so from around the block is a freak and tries to holla. She’s not feeling him so she doesn’t fuck him. Does that make her less of a freak? Girls will pop off with who they want to, and turn down those they don’t like.

White Girls Suck Dick: Yes they do and so do Black Girls, Yellow girls, and Navi girls. Funny thing about the infamous Becky Blow Job is that White Girls don’t put any stock on sucking dick. It’s as normal as tongue kissing a guy, I had a WG tell me in college “It was just a blow job” meaning that I didn’t have to worry about her liking me like that. Black girls suck just as much dick… but they don’t speak on it. A White Girl will say “I went down on Tom” and shrug. A Black Girl will be like “Don’t tell nobody I did that”.

White Girls Talk like White Girls: Like oh my gawd, they totally do and stuff! But that isn’t a reason to dislike them.



You can’t control how another girl looks. You can’t change the fact that some Black Men are color stroked. If anything talking shit about White Girls makes you seem jealous, and even if you are, why let it show? I say shake hands with your blue eyed sisters and go see Sex and The City, why waste your energy rolling your eyes at that one token blonde bitch in the hip hop club; she’s not a threat unless you allow her to be a threat. Saying she’s dumb, easy, or is going to give him money, is an excuse for not being able to keep your man on the leash.

Are White Girls Easy? As easy as an any other girl who finds you attractive and wants to fuck you. I assure you a bad chick that looks like Paris Hilton is not going to fuck your bum ass boyfriend JUST because he’s Black—that’s a gross stereotype. If you’re dirty drug dealer Joe Roc from Park Heights Baltimore and you’re trying to fuck Rebecca from Aberdeen, she’s not going to fuck you because of your Hood Status. Rubber band knots and rims on your Lexus don’t work on suburban white girls because her dad probably has the same car in a newer model. If you’re Korey Stevenson from Cherry Hill, mild mannered, inoffensive, and know how to dance to Nickelback—after a few shots you’re going to get in Becca’s ass. For that Gangsta Joe Roc he’s stuck with smashing Tabitha the local White Girl from Glen Burnie who talks like she’s black and listens to Gucci Mane—and anyone can tell you White ghetto girls don’t really count.

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