The inbox is blowing up with this “Little Wayne doesn’t like Darkskin Girls” thing so I guess I have to address this for a second time. Let’s catch up with the facts.
“Beautiful black women, I bet that bitch look better red”
We met up with Mack Maine from Young Money, he then took us to a hotel a couple of other girls were there and so was Lil Wayne, Guda Guda, Lil Chuckee, and Birdman. When we entered the room Guda was like “Damn, y’all pretty, to be dark skin.” And then Wayne quoted a verse from his song [“Right Above”]. I heard the song before and I was offended when I heard the lyrics, but I brushed my feelings off and forgot about what the gremlin said. But him saying it over again made me angry as hell. So me being the outspoken person that I am, I said, “Wayne, your daughter is dark skin so why would you say such ignorance?” He said ‘My daughter is a dark skinned millionaire, that’s the difference between her and you.” I can tell he was very upset because i bought his daughter up but that is no excuse for what he said. Next he stated, “MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child I’m having. The rest of my baby moms [are] light skinned chicks. I even got an Asian baby moms to make sure I have a daughter with good hair. Too bad we had a son.
Weezy F Baby posted on twitter that “Y’all know I didn’t say that shit”.
In his next video the principal model will be darkskin and he’ll be kissing on her, and all of his female fans with chocolate complexions will say, “I knew he liked dark girls”, forgive him and buy the Carter IV. *claps hands* and that’s how multi-millionaires defuse a situation without losing money.
But you know and I know that Wayne is color stroked. I like a long haired thick red bone…” is only one of his many, and I mean MANY, references to lightskin chicks he makes in his songs. I’m a huge Wayne fan and I never remember him coming up with a witty metaphor for an attractive darkskin chick. The Point is Wayne likes yella bitches, he wants his daughters to have lighter skin and straight hair so he’s only knocking up those types of chicks. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! But the thing that upsets darkskin women is that he went to the extreme of telling that freak that came to his smut hotel that she’d look better a few shades lighter. Now that’s a slap in the face. Not because Wayne said it, but because a lot of Black Men THINK IT.
Niggas love light skin and straight hair. It’s no secret. I’m a guy; all of my friends are guys. I’ve been in the room where niggas have straight shitted on darkskin girls just because they’re dark. Those same niggas will crack jokes all night, then go holla at a darkskin chick the next night. It’s hypocritical, but that’s Black America. I have no problem either way, I’m not moved by yella bones the same way T.I. and Biggie Smalls were moved by yella bones. Honestly I would take Wayne’s baby mamma Toya over Nivea, but I’m in the minority. Lil Wayne and Young Money are just like any other niggas who hang around and watch TV and talk about girls. If the conversation comes to chicks, and a dudes says, “she’d be bad lightskin” 9 out of 10 niggas in that room would agree. Why? You know why. Black Men are influenced by pop culture and their environment. TV says light is right and so does the hood. If a local dope boy pull up in the Lexus with rims and a bitch so red she would have never had to go to the back of the bus, every little boy wants that. That’s what turns Black men on to lighter skin. It’s used as a status symbol at the base level. That little black ass, nappy headed boy from the projects may not be able to get that Lexus, but he can obtain the redbone, so that’s what he aims for.
My little brother doesn’t like darkskin girls, I thought it was a phase but as he got older he still wouldn’t mess with a darkskin girl. I use to try and tell him that they’re just as pretty, he doesn’t want to hear that, what i think is pretty he doesn’t– that’s life. He has a type that he doesn’t stray from. More power to him. When I was in Vegas last week I went to this Black club, the first time I’ve been to one in Vegas. The Ratchet to 5 Star ratio was probably 80-20% but there were some sexy black chicks in the building. They were filming some kind of video for TV or a DVD, so a camera crew was roaming the dance floor. There was this one white girl breaking it down on the floor and once the camera found her, they rarely left her side. I laughed it off… in a club full of Black women; this entire video is going to be a White Girl shaking her ass. Really? My boy who I was with didn’t holla at any of the girls but one. The one girl he finally decided to speak to happened to be the only Asian chick in the place. And I feel guilty, because I nudged him like, “There go an Asian, better get on it fast”. And he pushed his way over to her. While he talked to her I watched the niggas around him. All eyes were on her, they too were waiting in line to talk to her. Every time I saw her for the rest of the night she had niggas in her face. Is that disrespectful to Black Women that my boy and a ton of other dudes bypassed them in favor of the Asian and White Girls? Hell yeah it is.
If I was a Black girl would I be pissed? Hmmm. The politically correct answer is, “don’t worry about another bitch, you’re just as pretty”. But that’s bullshit. If I was a Black Girl, a darkskin one at that, and I saw niggas breaking their necks running at lightskin chicks like they’re the last pair of Jordan’s on the shelf, I’d be bitter as hell and ready to date a White Man. Would I stop buying Lil Wayne CD’s just because the F is for Field Nigras not allowed? No. Liking Wayne’s music has nothing to do with who he likes to fuck. If Nicki Minaj (who I actually got to meet last Weds; that’s a blog for another day) said she didn’t like medium brown skinned dudes I wouldn’t give a damn, I’m never going to fuck her, I’m not a fan because I want the pussy, I like the music, so what does it matter? If you’re a fan of Wayne because, for some crazy reason, you find him attractive, and your dream is to get smutted out by him, then you’re an idiot and deserve to have your feelings hurt by those comments. These people are entertainers; they shouldn’t be seen as potential lovers. But if you’re a darkskin Lil Wayne groupie now may be the time to try and sneak on his tour bus and get skeeted on, he can’t turn you down with all this controversy swirling, he’ll look like a racist.
This debate will go on for years, and people will always make these types of statements. There is nothing you can do to change someone’s opinion on what beauty is. If you meet a dude who tells you how sexy you are, and how he loves darker skinned women– that’s great. Don’t be surprised if you’re kicking it at his crib, go the bathroom and over hear his homeboy say, “I thought you didn’t like black ass chicks”. All men have an ideal girl who they want to wife, most settle for a variation, others go the opposite. But at the same time you can’t assume that all Black Men are color struck.

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