The Founding Fathers faced a tough decision. I know Slavery is morally wrong, but fuck if I’m letting mine free. I read some vomit inducing quote that said for women love is like Slavery, she falls in love and loses free will. I’m not making excuses for the victims of heartbreak because unlike real slavery you do have the CHOICE of staying or going. If you’re in a fucked up situation man or woman, you should be strong enough to deal with the hurt of ending it and simply move on to the next one. However I did think it was an interesting analogy. There are a lot of females out here who can’t let go of their toxic relationships, so they go along for the ride hoping that their boo will change his ways. He cheats on me and lies to me, but in time he’ll give me his all because My Baby really does love me = He whips me and makes me pick cotton, but in time he’ll free me because Master really does love me. That’s brainwashing at its best. I’m guilty of holding girls hostage and brainwashing them because I wasn’t ready to break up with their vagina, and its only until recently that I realized the effects my greed had on them. I know guys are going to stand strong and maintain, “If that hoe is dumb enough to let me feed her bullshit then I’m going to keep shoveling it by the spoonful” so I’m going to give the men out here a few good reason to abolish “slavery” and let her go.

Drinking Expired Milk Is Hazardous

If you see her name pop up on your cell phone and instead of hitting “Accept” you think “This bitch again?” the honeymoon is over. When you’re first dating a girl it’s all good. You answer her calls, rush to return a text, and actually want to spend time with her. Maybe it’s lust because you want to smash. Maybe you really do like what she brings to the table. Regardless of why she got you excited, if she’s truly the one, you will stay excited no matter how much time passes. The average guy will continue to act out the “I love you” scene knowing damn well the director inside his heart yelled “CUT” a long time ago. Stop lying to yourself. This woman who you made your girlfriend was good while she lasted, now the spark is gone for whatever reason– it’s time to move on. Pussy being expired is different from a Woman who’s expired. When the pussy is expired you can still make it feel as exciting as the day you first took a dip in it because the love is deep. When a woman expires that means the love well has run dry, and you’re just going through the motions until you figure a way to end it. All the things you use to love about her, good and bad, just make you apathetic. The attitude she gives you when you mess up isn’t cute and sexy like it was 3 months ago, it’s annoying. The conversations you use to have late at night aren’t as stimulating, now you just want to go to bed or play Madden. The sex you’re having with her is good, but now you’re imagining it’s that chick from your job you’re hitting from the back, not her played out poon poon. The signs are obvious that it isn’t working out, but instead of being a man and having the balls to hurt her feelings with the classic, “I think we should move on” you drop little bitch ass hints that Sherlock Holmes couldn’t figure out. If you think you can start sabotaging the relationship hoping she’ll have the self-respect to find a guy who will treat her better, you’re sadly mistaken. Not every woman is on her Spartan shit, most of them have a high threshold for abuse and will put up with your passive aggressive behavior because she thinks it’s temporary or a part of being in love. Let her in on the secret that you don’t fuck with her like you once did because she’s spoiled milk. “I won’t return her calls for a few weeks and say I’m really busy, that will force her to cut me off” –FAIL.  “I’ll start leaving text messages on my phone that I sent my old bitch, she’ll find them and break up”—FAIL. “I’ll stop going out of my way to spend time with her, that’s the trick to making her want to leave me”—FAIL. There are a dozen things men try to do in an attempt to push a woman away both consciously and subconsciously, but it often backfires. Certain women will try and make the most fucked up relationship work because she loves her man more than she loves her self. The next thing you know she’s depressed, you’re frustrated, and you’re both fucking other people. Good times! As soon as your brain shows you signs that she’s expired, have “the talk” before you make each other sick.

The Pussy Is Free, The Headaches Cost

We as men hate to burn bridges and will put up with a woman we’re growing to hate as long as she’s taking care of our needs. But is it worth the stress? Your Bottom Bitch is at the crib cooking for you, your Jump Off is texting to see if you can slide through tonight, and your young bitch is trying to sing love songs to you on voxer.  You’re on the couch wondering if the new girl you’re trying to holla at inboxed you on Facebook yet. Juggling all those women can be fun, but when your main chick isn’t in on the joke you’re setting yourself up for Hiroshima, my dude. Here she is thinking she’s the love of your life, and maybe she is, but you’re giving her dick away like it’s a club flyer. How long can you keep up the lies? What’s going to happen when your young bitch starts tripping and hits your bottom bitch up on twitter wanting to fight? What happens when shorty gets a screen grab of you asking to eat out some donkey booty bitch you met at the club? You can talk that talk and try to convince her that your love is real, but your relationship will never go back to what it once was now that she knows what you’re capable of. Lies = Headaches. If this girl isn’t the one you really want to be with it then why put yourself through the drama? Because she loans you money, cleans your crib, and rides it good? You’re a grown ass man, stand on your own two and stop creating unnecessary stress because you want a “wifey type” to baby you. I don’t care how dumb you think your main chick is; she’s going to get her revenge. The next thing you know you’re beefing with another guy over a girl you were using as a coaster. If you’re going to play the field, play the field and get your rocks off, don’t drag a girl you care about down with you because you like the comfort of having a default girl to go back to when you get sick of the other hoes. If you like her enough to make her your main chick, but you don’t love her enough to make her your only chick, then keep looking.

Library Card

You left your ex-girlfriend alone after she expired, nice. You had the heart to stop leaning on your Bottom Bitch for support, cool. But here is the tricky part. You still get lonely, bored, and horny, and they still have feeling for you. It’s so easy to make that call, talk about old times, and end up at her crib an hour later beating it up like nothing’s changed. Her pussy isn’t a library book; you can’t check it out every time you want to revisit a chapter. If the book was that good you would own it, clearly you didn’t think it was well written, so leave it on the shelf. Again as men we fall into the “if she don’t want this dick, then don’t take it” mindset, but you know and I know how easy it is to make a girl who’s still feeling you change her “No” into an “I guess”. If your game is that tight start fucking new girls and get your stable up, stop going back to vulnerable women who can’t say no. You’re being a Neo Slave Owner now; instead of making them work the fields for free you’re convincing them that working in the field because its familiar is better than looking for something new. Of course she’s going to go back to Master every time he calls, you tattooed her brain. If you were decent enough to break up with a girl you didn’t love, then be decent enough to stop calling her as if you two are still together.

Your Wife Is Waiting

I remember telling a homie how cool his girlfriend was when they invited me over to their place, and his response was “She’s great, wouldn’t marry her though” and we both laughed because men don’t bullshit with each other when it comes to that type of thing. Here he was playing good boyfriend counting down the day to his girlfriend’s expiration date so he could continue his quest for his perfect woman. When it comes to a lot of guys there is no 50% sure, either she’s the one or she’s just holding me over. Women are forced to live in this world where the answer to “Would you marry him” is: “if he asks me…”. Men live in this world of “Yes I will” or “No I won’t”. How crazy is that shit? It’s our choice, and until we make that choice a woman will have to go along for the ride and hope that our intentions are legit. With that power comes a responsibility not to waste too much time with disposable broads or sell them tickets to a life you don’t plan on giving her. Don’t get me wrong there will be one or two women you’ll come across who seem like “the one” and it may not work out for various reasons, but for the most part we know pretty early on in the relationship if she’s going to be special or if we’re just going to fuck with her until something better comes along.

I have no problem with guys being in a relationship with rehearsal chicks. We all need seat fillers, but when you see that things are getting more serious than you want; know when it’s time to usher her out of that seat! Four months with a girl, it didn’t work out, you both moved one— that’s life. But if you’re YEARS in with a girl who is merely a Seat Filler think about this—the clock is ticking and she is becoming attached. You’re killing time with her while the type of girl you want to marry is out there living her life, but it’s all good because you’re not ready to settle down anyway… tic tic tic. You keep telling yourself you’ll end it after her birthday then you don’t… tic tic tic… next thing you know she’s pregnant. Niggas today don’t sweat having a baby with a Seat Filler because they know modern women don’t care about dating a guy with a kid. A year after the baby you still haven’t left because she CGFG (cook good fuck good), you still want something better than her, but you figure you’ll wait until the baby is walking better to go find your dream girl… tic tic tic. Another year gone by, now your Seat Filler is ready to kick you out of the apartment unless you give her a ring. Damn! You need more time to stack your paper for when that perfect girl comes along, so you give the Seat Filler a ring to shut her up knowing that you won’t go through with a wedding. This gives you at least two more years to go through with your exit strategy. WTF? Look up at your life you lazy bastard. You’ve been with this girl for four years, have a kid, and now you’re engaged knowing damn well you’re not in love with her. The Woman you’re with doesn’t know you think of her as temporary, that you refer to your child as an “accident”, or that her engagement ring was a pacifier. This Seat Filler who’s been there through thick and thin with you thinks you love her and that she’s your dream girl, how can you look her in the eye knowing how you really feel about her? This example happens all the time, and the number of Baby Mamas and Bottom Bitches will keep rising unless men learn how to say goodbye to those girls he sees as pass time pussy rather than a long term soul mate. Staying in a relationship with a girl you’re not in love with out of comfort is morally wrong, and like George Washington you’re afraid of what will happen if you do what’s right. Why Are You So Fucking Selfish!?! You’re ruining her life and wasting your time because you don’t have the courage to tell her she wasn’t what you wanted. Stop being comfortable with these girls, and be honest with them before you get in too deep. You know what kind of girl you want, so the moment you realize she doesn’t fit the bill– Emancipate!

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