How To Upgrade A Situationship

How the fuck do you even spread your legs to give your powerful pussy to someone who won’t even put a title on you?

I don’t want to hear “I don’t want anything serious” you sound basic. You’re giving away your vagina as a sport to someone who doesn’t even respect you? Do you know what value is, beloved? Have you not read this website or any of my books?

A situationship is a relationship without a label where two people are more than platonic friends, but haven’t committed to being anything official for various reasons. What’s the difference between a situationship and just taking it slow with someone you want to eventually commit to? Treatment. Choice. Time Elapsed. A man who Treats you like a girlfriend, fucks you like a girlfriend, but doesn’t want to give you the title or commit to anything serious has no excuse for not committing. He’s using the lack of label as a loophole so he can exit whenever he wants. That’s like someone saying they don’t have a job because they don’t want to pay the IRS, but they wake up at 8am, got to the mall, pull an 8 hour shift, and collect a check at the end of the week.

If you’re letting this man use you like a girlfriend then you need to actually have something to show for it! Today I’m going to show you how to upgrade a situationship by first…