The Seven Signs That He’s a Fuck Boy

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys… that was Katy Perry’s song about the pussification of today’s men, a tongue in cheek way of pointing out how straight men have regressed into a bunch of simps over the last two generations. It goes deeper than just being an emo hipster, a sensitive thug, or that one guy who prefers to sit down to pee because he doesn’t want backsplash getting on his new J’s. This is the age of the Fuck Boy. The term, like all words from the nig’tionary, has taken on way too many meanings to keep up with at this point. It’s kinda like “Ho” where people just throw it out there to and make it fit whatever they want. A girl can call a dude a Fuck Boy because he didn’t want to commit after sex, when a commitment wasn’t even discussed. One guy can call another a Fuck Boy for not wanting to put up money to invest in a business idea, even though that idea doesn’t even have a proper business plan. A misogynistic man or a bitter basica could even call me a Fuck Boy for exposing the Dick Tactics game men run or telling women that they can’t place blame on ain’t shit men for their poor romantic judgment. The point is, people love to throw out “Fuck Boy” to mean any and everything because their vocabulary is about as lite as the Real Redbones of Potomac.

I want to focus on Fuck Boys, meaning bitch-ass-male-behavior due to insecurity. That’s my definition, if you got your own then take your ass over to Urban Dictionary. A Fuck Boy is an insecure little boy who doesn’t know how to be a man, that hides behind ego and lies while utilizing manipulation tactics to make himself seem greater than what he truly is. Instead of looking inward to Man Up, he lives life like he’s always PMS’ing. I take that back, these dudes whine like babies when they catch a common cold, so they wouldn’t even be strong enough to handle cramps, but they do have mood swings. Fuck Boys lie about everything, make excuses instead of moves, always want to argue, and think that smashing random freaks makes up for the fact that his own vagina is showing. This isn’t aimed at actual gay dudes, those in touch with their feminine side, or any Drake-Esq male. At least those men are honest about who they are. This is strictly about those frauds that pretend to be hard, project this cocky attitude as if they’re the realest to ever breath air, yet the moment they’re put to the test, their skirt rises up. It’s time to take the tampon out, slap your mother’s tit from your mouth, return the maxi dress back to your bottom bitch, and understand that we as men, need to do better!

I want to address both the men and the women today. Authentic dudes, and you know who you are, may have grown up around a handful of Fuck Boys from elementary to high school. You may have kept one around for laughs or let him hang out because you were loyal, but Fuck Boys bring down the entire crew, and you need to get these clowns out your circle before it turns into a circus. Women have been doing battle with Fuck Boys longer than Israel vs. Palestine, and they have an entire block list of “Hey Stranger,” texts to prove it. We’re going to touch on that too. More importantly, I want every Fuck Boy who had this link sent to him, and is reading these words right now like, “I ain’t no Fuck Boy,” to drop that defensive attitude and understand there is nothing wrong with taking self-inventory. If everyone but you sees the bitch in you…then it doesn’t mean they’re hating, it means you’re in denial.


Crying Black Man

Y’all niggas deal with emotions like bitches…” Feel that Ether? It burns because it’s true. We all know how typical women act. They don’t think things through, they hold things in then blow up, or they act passive aggressive because they can’t communicate properly. They suck their teeth and get defensive and don’t want to hear any voice but their own saying, “Nope! Nope! So What? So What? I don’t care!” That’s bird bitch behavior, but in today’s world, Fuck Boys do it too. Fellas, remember that one little sucker ass dude that would take his video game home when he lost in Madden or throw the controller and scream about cheating? That dude has grown up, and his panties are still in a bunch. He’s the one at your job always complaining about shit not being fair, but he won’t quit or say it to his boss. He’s the one that you go out to the club with, and catches an attitude because every chick he tries to grind up on, moves away like “I’m not dancing right now.” He’s that little bitch that has one beer and half a cup of Henny and wants to get loud and abrasive because alcohol exposes how deep his vagina goes. You may get a few laughs out of him, but keep him at arm’s length. It’s only a matter of time before he says the wrong thing and you have to slap him in the mouth and humble his soft ass.

Ladies, when you talk to a guy you may see two emotional extremes. The first is the repress it all, emotionally unavailable type, that acts like he doesn’t care. He does care but he’s using his “I’m deep and tortured, nobody understands me” act to get you to run and jump on his dick. It’s a cry for attention, and most girls are too blind to see it. These fuck boys will do something wrong like stand you up for a date, ignore your calls for a few days, or if you’re in a relationship decides he wants to do him and not even let you in on his game plan. You get upset, you voice your beef with those kinds of actions, and what does he do? He sucks his teeth, “whatever,” then dodges the entire argument by making you feel guilty for even arguing with him in the first place. This is why I don’t get close to girls = Stop yelling at me, or I’m going to fall back. You don’t even understand what I’m going through = Don’t hate me hug me. I don’t have time for this, hit me when you calm down = I’m a spoiled brat that does what I want, once you accept that, then come back to me in check. Those are just a few of the reactions of over emotional men that play the cool role.

what-is-a-fuck-boyOn the other side of the emotional spectrum, you have the more extroverted drama kings. These are the men who in those same examples don’t just play it off nonchalantly, they argue their point like a ratchet girl, sometimes with hand claps and all. Come at this Fuck Boy’s throat about him being in the wrong, and he’s going to scream on your ass. Why you on that bullshit again? You ain’t my mother, you ain’t even my girl! = Bitch back up off me. I told you where I was going? Oh, so you calling me a liar? So you are calling me a liar? Yes *clap* Or *clap* No *clap*? = Don’t bring facts about what was said because I can run around the question like this all day. Delete my number! Don’t follow me on nothing, don’t call me crying, I’m done with your drama = Keep trying to tell me to do right and I’m just going to go do wrong with another girl. Two different ends of the emotional spectrum, but playing the same games by using techniques that either make you back off, make you guilty, or make you afraid he’s going to leave. More on these various games and how to answer them in MDL.

Places Blame 24-7

Fellas, you know that homeboy that always has a sob story about how he missed out on some form of money, how someone is holding him back from being great, how his girl is tripping and he needs more time to pay you that money he borrowed. Fuck Boys will sell you invites to every pity party they’re throwing. As a real man, you know that the same way you get money, the same way you rise above, the same way you don’t let anyone stand in your fucking way, he could too…but he doesn’t because he’s pussy. It’s annoying to sit and listen to a grown ass man cry about discrimination all day and find external excuses for why he’s broke. A Fuck Boy will even try to connect the fact that he has to pay high child support to the Illuminati keeping him down. Really? Shadow organizations made condoms so expensive that you were forced to bust in a girl you didn’t even want, have a kid you couldn’t afford, and that’s why you’re living paycheck to paycheck? There is no conspiracy theory, nigga. You’re just an idiot that makes bad decisions and doesn’t have the balls to look in the mirror and correct that. Other men may blame their troubles on childhood trauma, ex-girlfriends, and even their current women. It’s never him, it’s how his father treated him, it’s how his boss rides him, it’s your smart mouth that gives him the right to react like a little bitch and scream at a woman or even hit her. These Fuck Boys are the worst because their attitudes don’t allow them to admit any wrong.

black-girls-are-difficultStill he rises… because there are ladies that love Fuck Boy dick and can’t wait to take on those “my day is coming” or “I just need emotional support, baby” fixer upper men. A woman like this plays into a Fuck Boy’s blame game because it gives her a chance to rub his back and tell him it’s going to be better aka be a nurturer. Women babying grown men seems to be the rage these days. The same way that females are always the first ones on the front line when social injustice happens, there are women on the Fuck Boy frontlines to protest on his behalf, “It’s not his fault,” any time her bae fails or gets caught doing something he had no business doing. I once had this girl email me about her deadbeat boyfriend. This nigga spent three years talking about he couldn’t find a job because the people in the town didn’t like his father because good old Dad robbed a bank in the 90’s. She believed him, took care of him, let him stay with her, and even admitted to cursing out her own sister who tried to warn her he was a lazy bum. In the end, he found a woman that was making better money and moved in with that new bottom bitch, and here she was asking me how to get this clown back. Fuck Boy Magic! When a man paints a picture that he’s a victim, look at the other men around him. If you see other males doing it big in your same city, under those same conditions, in that same age range, then common sense tells you that he’s a Fuck Boy looking to sit on his ass and wait for Bernie Sanders to cut some imaginary check.

He Overcompensates

You ever meet the type of guy that lived in NY for a hot minute and came back, calling everybody “B” like he was with Cam and Ma$e shooting in the gym. Or a guy who always has to rock designer everything, but he’s not balling? That dude that goes to Flea Markets, Swap Meets, or snatches up used shit from EBay, to keep up with the guys that are actually doing it? Everywhere he goes he has to be loud, in an attempt to bring attention to himself like he’s Angelica from Rugrats. Every conversation he has, he’s always dropping names of people he knows to try and make it seem as if he’s just an important as those names he’s mentioning. He’s always woman bashing, and has to remind everyone “I get pussy,” but you never see this guy with any chicks. These are your typical Fuck Boys, as seen in every city; the ones that are trying to cover up for their inferiority complex by being extra. Claiming another city makes him feel like a somebody. Talking loud every time he steps in a room makes him feel like the commanding man he wants to be. Being a peacock is an easy way to get attention, so he’s always shining in CZs or looking for a way to hang on to someone else with status so the world won’t see him the same way he sees himself when he’s alone, like a loser barely holding on.

Queen BFuck Boys overcompensate in a number of ways, not just in an over the top fake-Kanye personality or by breaking their bank trying to be super fresh, but also in terms of sexual conquest. Women often ask why men work so hard to win them over, only to discard them or shut them out after a time. To them, if it’s only about pussy, why did he put in all that effort. I’m not talking about the Basica Netflix & Chill, but the real deal trick on you for a few months variety of effort. A man will see a woman as a trophy, a representation of something he couldn’t have back in the day or something he still doesn’t see himself worthy of now, and go super hard to impress her. He’s talking about his job, his car, the trips he wants to take her on, all to seem like a bigger man than he is internally. The longer you deal with a Fuck Boy like this the closer you get to exposing his insecurities, so he has to fall back from you before you get too close to his secret, and then he repeats this with another woman. It’s like a con man that has to go from town to town once his tricks start being transparent.

Note, that this isn’t just about the broke dudes, there are men with real money who do the same bullshit. An athlete who still carries baggage from when he was younger will surround himself with all the IG pussy a plane can fly out, not because he wants to get a nut, but because he wants to prove that he has power. It’s not enough to actually have money, people side eye the rich these days, but having a bad bitch is always a status symbol he can use as a crutch. A lot of these chicks end up falling for it because they don’t see through the red flags, they just see a guy with money that likes them. All these Fuck Boys attract is Pussy posing as Wifey, and all those girls see is a big timer that wants to treat her to the world. They never even go deep enough to see that this man is full of self-loathing or realize that she’s just another typical bitch that’s going to get ran through. They live out the Cinderella fantasy with him, then cry later. In the end, no woman is enough, and he repeats this cycle with the Fuck Boy attitude that “I don’t want to be hurt,” or “No one loves me for me.” It’s all a cry for help. No matter the level the Fuck Boy is at, true baller or faking it until he makes it, his insecurities are the same.

He Lies When There Is No Reason to Lie

Diamond-CiscoSimilar to the theme of overcompensating, is the need to lie just to fucking lie. This is the easiest sign to pick up on because the thing about lies is, the longer you know a person, the more you will see that things never pan out like they claimed. There will always be a new excuse because Fuck Boys never own up to lies, they pile more on top. There are three main reasons these type of dudes lie: To Fit In. To Seem Impressive. To Cover Up for The First Two. Everyone lies at some point, but it’s usually a good reason. These aren’t dudes lying to spare feelings, to take up for someone else, or anything connected to real emotions, they lie just to do it. For example, if a Fuck Boy is in a group of Alpha Males, he’s going to feel like the beta he is, so to make up for that he will come up with all kinds of stories to fit in. “Oh, you just bought the new BMW, I’m getting that Audi A8, next month. Oh, you guys are going to Dubai this summer, let me know, I have friends over there that can hook us up with a Penthouse suite. Oh, shorty’s cute and all, but you gotta see my bitch from up north, she’s half Puerto Rican half Asian, with an ass like Nicki.” It’s all bullshit meant to make him seem as if he’s doing it on another level.

Remember the story about my friend from Baltimore who claimed he was going to use his Tax return to buy a summer home…when the nigga didn’t even own a year round home. This is the type of Fuck Boy, I’m talking about. We as men listen, nod along, but we don’t believe shit he says because nothing ever materializes. By the next year, he will be onto another lie, telling you that his Audi money had to be spent on a medical emergency for his mother. You plan a trip, and he’s talking about how he had to let his girl have his ticket money, and that his hookup with the hotel got fired. You see him talk shit and put women down for no reason, then ask him where his imaginary super exotic is, and he’s talking about how he had to cut her off for being too clingy. Fuck Boys lie like fish swim, it’s all they know how to do. For we men, it’s annoying but funny, because we know the deal with these lames. For women, it’s more serious because a lot of you buy the dreams these clowns sell you. He texts and talks to you all week about taking you out to the best restaurant in town, date night, he’s asking you to pick him up because his car is in the shop. The bill comes, he’s asking you to pay it because Wells Fargo put a freeze on his assets. This nigga doesn’t have assets, he has excuses! And so many women fall for it because Fuck Boys spit good game. Of course, his verbal skills are epic, that’s all he’s been practicing his entire life. How to blow smoke up people’s asses.

Fake Mysterious

DEAD PRESIDENTS, Larenz Tate, Rose Jackson, 1995, (c)Buena Vista Pictures

Where do you do for a living? I get money. What’s your job? I do a lot of things Do you have a girlfriend? I have girls that are friends. Where do you live? Sometimes I’m over east, sometimes I’m on the west side. This is real shit that Fuck Boys say, in an attempt to hide their bullshit life. Ask them a direct question, they dodge it like Neo in The Matrix. Privacy is one thing, trying to promote this life where you’re fucking CEO of Samsung at night is another. I knew this guy who got money from being in an accident, was fresh all day, and purposely made it seem as if his money came from hustling because women in that area romanticized D-Boys, not niggas that broke their arms in a car crash and got a couple of stacks. It’s the insecure feeling that he has to be cooler than what he is to be accepted by the community. The fear of being seen as a square by the cool kids puts pressure on weak men, and while the Donald Glover’s of the world prove that you don’t have to try so hard to be accepted, these Fuck Boys can’t be themselves even if they tried. When you live the lie long enough, it feels like reality. That’s why Fuck Boys, keep perpetrating. You’re not a gangster, you’re not moving packs, you’re not getting non-ratchet pussy, and you’re not cool. And that’s okay. Nobody cares!

Smart women see through this shit, I get so many girls showing me text messages where the guy is trying to come off like 007, when all she did was ask him his age, “Old enough to know how to treat a woman like you,” bruh who asked you all that? On the other hand, Fuck Boys who look the right way can get away with the Ninja act if a girl is thirsty enough. What does your boyfriend do for a living? I think he works in promo… What does he like about you? He says I’m not like other girls. Where does he see his life going? He says he wants it all, and a girl like me by his side. You may laugh if you have common sense, but this is real life shit that has been said and women in real life get brainwashed by this game. Mysterious Fuck Boys don’t give straight answers, yet these girls are so in lust with whatever he has going on that makes him “Bae as fuck“, be it looks or charisma, that she ignores the signs and stays out of his business. When the truth about him begins to come out, she plays the victim role as if she was fooled by his vast ploy. When he ends up doing something out of character to hurt her, she plays as if she is shocked that he had it in him. She never even knew him to begin with, she knew his representative—difference! The reality is, you allowed him to appease you with counterfeit words and half-ass actions, and never bothered to hold his ass up to the light to see if he was a real dude.


India-hateMen shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait,” was Jay-Z’s famous proclamation. Here we are over ten years later and men are more jealous than today’s women are. We live in a world where the average income has dwindled but where certain people are still making more money than ever. Where top shelf women are a click of an app away, where someone who’s smart will always find a way to beat the odds, and where you can no longer point to having shit like cars, clothes, or phones as proof that you get money. Success, even in downtimes, is still in your face, and you can’t get it. The women you want, no matter what city you live in, are flashing their beauty in your face, and you can’t get them. I saw some dork write something like, “Why y’all faggots all in her ass, she’s just a regular bitch,” under India Westbrook’s Instagram picture. Who does that? A Fuck Boy, that’s who. They hate women they can’t have, and they hate men that compliment women they can’t have. They hate men that are doing something with their lives and try to find backhanded points to make as to why they’re no better. Envy is their disease.

Walk-away-from-himFuck Boys struggle with competition, and when there is no excuse left to blame their lack of success on, they hate. I don’t care if he’s the dirtball on the block selling nicks or the white collar dork working in human resources with no promotion in site; a man who sees other men win and doesn’t congratulate or take pride in his brother, is a Fuck Boy. Where does snitching come from? Where does gossip come from? Where does this idea to expose a person come from? Fuck Boys. They hate to see another man make it, so they look to bring him down. They don’t like to see another man getting the women he wants, so they spill tea about “you know he has another girl,” as if a girl will ever be dumb enough to start fucking a snitch ass dude. Log onto social media, it’s so much jealousy. It’s one thing to hate The Giants as a sports fan, but these Fuck Boys hate OBJ because girls like his looks. It makes them uncomfortable that another man is getting shine, why? Because they’re insecure about their own looks! A real man doesn’t give a damn how another man looks. A real man doesn’t count another man’s money. A real man doesn’t try to slander another man to make himself look better. Yet here we are in 2016, and all you have is these dudes with no life, an internet connection, and hate in their blood, trying to bring their brothers down. I talk a lot about men who compete with women, overly jealous guys who try to control where a girl goes and what she wears, as well as the passive aggressive things these types do to kill a girl’s self-esteem in MDL…so I won’t go on a long rant. The thing I want you women to understand is that jealousy isn’t cute. That kind of angry passion doesn’t mean he’s in love, it means he’s afraid. A man should never fear losing a woman and a woman should never fear losing a man, the very existence of paranoia in a person is proof that they don’t think they have what it takes to keep someone.

He Attracts Fuck Girls

bonnie-cryingIf you’re crying about how all men are Fuck Boys, that doesn’t mean all the men in your city are tainted, it means all you attract are fuck boys. Why is that? Don’t reach for your defensive response, it’s rhetorical. Sleep on it and ponder… A woman will only care about how a man acts if that man is someone she has an interest in. If the guy at work is a Fuck Boy, you laugh about it, shake your head, and it becomes anecdotal, not personal. If a man that you are dating, in a relationship with, or crushing on displays Fuck Boy behavior, it’s “These men need to change, it’s a sad world we live in,” because it is directly affecting your desires. See the difference? You want to cure men of their Fuck Boy ways because you want them to go from a boy that plays games to a man that settles down with you. The truth is you subconsciously love Fuck Boys! It’s a bias that points to a deeper problem. To the men reading this, you most likely have a platonic female friend or a girl you call your sister, and you know how surprising it is to see her point to a dog, then go chase that dog’s tail, not once, not twice, but for years. Fuck Boys aren’t dying out because there are so many women that are turned on by them. All of the stories I shared above happened because women entertain these type of men more than they dismiss. You are what you attract, and if you only attract clowns what does that make you?

datebaitFuck Boys come in all shapes and sizes, all financial brackets, and all it takes is for one to look the way you like him to look or project the image you think is sexy, and you will fall for him. His over-emotional behavior, you are willing to deal with it. His dumb lies, you are willing to swallow them. His blame based ideology, you buy into it. A cocky attitude, narcissistic entitlement, even jealous arguments, are put up with by very intelligent women because they just want to be loved by a man that she sees something special in. When the relationship ends, then they say, “Oh, he was a Fuck Boy.” Hindsight is 20/20, Basica, why didn’t you see that a month into the relationship? Why are you crying over the behavior of a man that you would still talk to if he promised to do better? Why do you still stalk the social media pages of Fuck Boys who you tell everyone you hate? You have a soft spot for these men because the Fuck Girl inside of you that is just as insecure as they are. Insecurity attracts insecurity. We live in a world where men and women carry around more baggage than they will ever admit, and then foolishly try to enter into relationships that require communication, knowing that they don’t know how to be authentic. Sensitive men attract overly guarded women, and vice versa, and together they push each other’s button’s because they secretly hate what each other represents. Lying men attract overly forgiving women, and they keep playing the breakup-get back-breakup-get back game because they get off on each other’s flaws. Jealous and controlling men attract women that are damaged and used to not being loved because his brand of hurtful affection makes is what she thinks she deserves.

When you don’t love yourself, you attract others who share in that feeling. Fuck Boys and Fuck Girls alike, they complain about each other, but continue to be drawn to one another. I said I wanted this to be a mirror for Fuck Boys to see themselves, to understand that they need to do better and can be better. I also wanted to show the girls out there the hypocrisy of complaining about this type of man. There are more Fuck Boys than ever in this world, but they aren’t land mines that are hidden away from you, these men are glowing with red flags. To even make it to a first date with a Fuck Boy who will make you split the bill, proves that you didn’t do your date like a Spartan homework. To make it to the point where you have sex with a Fuck Boy proves that you didn’t take the time to uncover his fake mystery or scrutinize his life story. To make it to a relationship with a Fuck Boy proves that you were attracted to the bitch in him because it matches it up with the bitch in you. A Spartan does not entertain Fuck Boys; she can smell his pussy the moment he comes at her with those typical tactics.

If you find yourself constantly frustrated with the level of men you are attracting into your life, stressed over clowns, or giving second chances to guys who didn’t even earn a first chance, then you are just another typical woman who will always get these typical results. Fellas, if you know a smart woman being dumbed down by her love of Fuck Boys, and her only response is defensive excuses, send her here. Ladies, if you have a friend who can’t let a Fuck Boy go, yet does nothing to improve her life other than complain, send her here. I want every weak woman and formerly strong girl that has relapsed into just another average chick in the struggle to understand that she has the power to not only get a better breed of man, but live a stronger life! Spartanhood is attainable, which is why I created:


Men Don’t Love Women Like You. The step by step guide to developing the confidence of a Spartan, dating like a Spartan, entering into a relationship like a Spartan, and succeeding in a relationship like a Spartan! Read it, learn it, live it.

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