Grab your phone right now, go one by one through every man in your contacts, and place a check next to those who you know for a fact will do the following things:  Pick you up and take you out to any restaurant you want. Pay at least half your rent if you were in dire need. Give you, not loan you, more than $200 with no questions asked. If you’ve made it to the T’s and the only guy you can put a check next to is, “Daddy” or “Granddad” then you need to erase your fucking sim card. Most of you will proudly proclaim that you don’t need a man to do shit for you and list all your independent woman accomplishments. You can buy your own flowers and pay your own bills, but you shouldn’t have to do that 100% of the time. Being treated isn’t about needing a man; it’s about getting back the respect that’s been lost over the years.

Every woman, no matter how high she climbs in life, should be able to experience what it’s like to be taken care of without the pressure to pay a man back. There are women that get all kinds of gifts, trips, tuition paid, amazon Wishlist’s bought out, without even having sex with these guys because they know how to seduce and destroy. What do I mean by seduce? It isn’t about flirting, sending nudes and calling him “babe”. What do I mean by destroy? It isn’t about scamming money, breaking hearts, or being negative. The power that women have over men is that you can tap into our lust, lower our guards and bond with us in very short time. Once that bond is formed, that man will be obsessed with you to the point where he sees you as irreplaceable. Seduce & Destroy = Using your feminine wiles to form a connection where this man won’t say “no” to anything. How do you connect with a man on this level? Understand these things.

1)Personality is greater than pussy.

2)Males are ruled by their egos.

3)Males rarely experience deep conversations with females.

4) It’s not tricking if he has it to spend.

A man will fuck 40 women, and out of all of those bodies, he will always keep that one “best friend” type in his life. What did she do that was so special? She formed a bond based on conversation, shared interests, and allowed that man to lower his guard, drop his fake tough guy cool, and be vulnerable. Pussy comes and goes, but a woman who can allow a man to be himself, is priceless. Guys aren’t hard to understand, the chase for new pussy is lust. Go beyond that and you’ll discover that every man has a deeper need for someone that gets him on an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual level. When a guy is immature he follows his dick aka he’s caught up in lust, and as a result he rarely connects, he puts his trust in the wrong people, and his life becomes hollow outside of the thrill he gets when chasing. If you can use a man’s lust against him and tap into this thirst for a real connection, no man will ever be able to resist you. The problem becomes that typical women never raise above being a sexual object, they never earn a man’s trust nor respect, and they rarely develop the skills to seduce a man’s mind, only his dick. 

Ho Tactics is one of those topics I’m constantly contacted about and it recently went viral so today I want to talk about WHY I wrote it as some people get confused by the title. No matter if you’ve read the book or not, I need you to understand how fucked up the game has become and why those tactics will always be needed. Forget about the materialistic aspect and think about the world of dating. Hos know how to bond with men, they know how to excite a man, and they know how to make him feel like a little kid again. This has nothing to do with your pussy, and everything to do with your conversation skills. “He’s never going to find another woman like me… Her pussy isn’t built like my pussy… blah blah blah” Bitter women act like they’re special, but if your charisma were so amazing and your coochie could really cure cancer, why aren’t you winning on the same level as the Hos?

Guys ghost you because they don’t connect. Guys date you, but don’t truly open up, because they don’t connect. Guys will tell you they love you, yet won’t give you a dime, because they don’t connect, thus they don’t trust or value you as a woman. “G.L. isn’t it true that some men just don’t spend money on women let alone fall in love,” fuck no. Show me a man that wouldn’t buy you a bottle a water and I’ll show a woman that has made that man trick thousands. Show me a man that told you he wasn’t the relationship type, and I’ll show you a woman that could easily swoop into his life and have him on bended knees. I’ve seen the stories over the years that prove that it isn’t about the men, it’s about your inability to connect with him to the point where his pockets and heart open.

You’re Not As Bomb As You Think  

I had to turn my DMs off a long time ago because I would get bombarded by women ranging from retail workers to Hollywood actresses, telling me silly stories about how they fumbled the bag. In the era of The City Girls, so many people think gifts, trips, and money is easy or automatic. If anything, men have become smarter and stingier thanks to so-called “Ho Rap” which means that you have to be three steps ahead! “He should buy me a bag because he likes me and my body is bomb,” Earth to fucking Basica, why would he do that? A man scrolls through dozens of pretty women each day, what makes you stand out? There’s a woman with your same type of hair, your same type of boobs, your same type of vibe. You’re frustrated and bitter that all these women are getting tricked on, you think they’re all selling pussy, nah, they just know how to connect, how to ask, and how to submit in a way that finesses a man’s mind and stroke’s his little ego. You are a parody of every other woman, not someone who comes off as unique and until you upgrade your mindset, you will always be a have not, asking dumb shit like “where y’all find those kinds of men that buy you things?”

I’ve helped so many ladies secure the bag but it still frustrates me to see women read my work but not get the psychology behind it. You don’t have to be anything except SMART and OBSERVANT to win when it comes at the Money Game. I know you’re smart, but are you observant? Can you listen, analyze, and converse on a label that has a man feeling as if he knows you forever? Are you a seductress? I’m not talking about the amateurs that sign up for these Sugar Daddy sites and come away with pay for play money, I’m talking about smart women who know how to get showered with things just because a man feels she’s worth it. Why can’t YOU, the average woman who isn’t a gold digger, get the men you date, commit to, and sleep with, to spoil you like a princess? The era of hos winning, has lasted far too long. It’s been time for non-hos to rise up. If a man has love for you, he looks out for you—there is no ummm I got you next week when I get paid

When your rent is due why can’t your man help? When you’re going out with the girls why can’t your man Venmo you money just because? So many of you are loyal to the struggle and would rather take care of a man to prove that you’re worthy of love than to recognize that romance is a part of relationships and a huge part of romance is SPOILING our women. I don’t expect a 20 year old to give you what he doesn’t have or a college student to take you on a vacation, but I do expect you ladies who are dating men 25+ to get more from him than a wet rag after sex! There’s a difference between not being able to take care of a woman and not wanting to take care of a woman. The dudes that most of you fall for aren’t disabled, they are capable of putting in work, but they’re entitled, and would rather you take care of them. Seven out of ten men operating in the 21st century fuck for free because women don’t make them put their money where their mouth wants to be.

There are egotistical women who brag that men want them and blow up their phones, but realistically it costs nothing for a man to pursue you if all he’s expending is text messages and compliments. Few women know what it’s like to be legitimately pursued. Girls today don’t even understand what dating is, they think it’s something you only do after you get a boyfriend. Many girls are willing to sponsor and spoil men because they want to be loved back. They find these low income dudes and make it work because they don’t believe they can find a King. Most men, in response, have become lazy. All he has to do is text you consistently, ask you to come through, roll something or pour something, and you’re in love. What the fuck is wrong with you!?! A Queen doesn’t sit on the edge of a bed and drink Henny with a peasant, but you do! Defensive women say shit like, “Men don’t date anymore, how can I get value when men don’t value us,” bullshit. I have a phone filled with women that don’t pay for shit and get spoiled on the regular, and they don’t look better than you.


Sis, he doesn’t have anything going on for himself and you’re checking your phone every other minute to see if he texted you. Sis, he flashes money and buys himself every dumb thing he desires, but when it comes to you he’s filled with excuses about why he doesn’t have the money. STILL, you see that man as bae, you stalk his IG stories, and you race to bust that pussy open the moment he calls. Why? Because you value male attention above all else! It’s not about dumb girls vs Smart Women, it’s about the standards of expectations being so low that women sell themselves short. What makes you want to fuck a guy? How he looks, how you two vibe, the effort he’s putting in to prove he likes you. Plot twist, guys fake like they like you, put in half-ass effort, and you give up pussy based on potential and a smile. You’re not 17 years old. Shouldn’t you have a standard in terms of who gets to take you out let alone take a dip in your vagina? One girl told me how nervous she gets when she goes on dates because she’s not sure if the man expects her to pay half, and she doesn’t always have money to cover it. Reread that shit, and tell me that men aren’t out here winning. A man who you don’t even like can apply pressure, sell you on himself enough for a date, take you out, and then ask you to pay half and you do it? Some of you even agree to another date or even have sex with these kinds of guys because you’re bored or lonely. Think about that hustle! You’re a woman, the center of the male universe, yet you’ve all been devalued to the point where you are literally paying to spend time with a man.

Ladies, don’t let your pride and ego fool you into believing you should be going Dutch with these fools. You live in a man’s world where they don’t want to give you equal pay, talk about your stupidity behind closed doors, and brainwash you into staying in a kitchen bitch mindset, but as soon as it’s time to show you a good time, men want to remind you that you’re an independent woman and should split the price of movie tickets and buy your own popcorn. How is this acceptable? You’re not earning points by being humble, by talking about how much you bring to the table, what you’re doing is making him salivate at the thought of fucking you based on a coffee date. “G.L. how can I make him start valuing me,” You mean AFTER you’ve fucked him, sucked him, and bought him expensive birthday gifts? That man will go blow his money on a girl he’s known for two weeks and hasn’t even kissed before he spends money on a woman who has already played herself. I don’t know who lowered your self-esteem, but trying to convince somebody to treat you special after the fact, isn’t the solution. The solution to reset a relationship like that is to Spartan the fuck up, and show this man that you don’t need him anymore. 

The Dark Side of Spartanhood

I was doing an interview with this woman and she asked me about the Spartan code and was really into taking control and being fearless aspects. She asked if she could Spartan Up and get a few dollars out of these men to pay bills or even get a vacation because she was taking a break from love. My aim is for women to Spartan up to take control of their own life, not to take control of someone else’s wallet. Spartans don’t beg for dates, they have too many other options to be pressed over why a broke dude won’t take her out. Nevertheless, the interviewer was on to something… what’s the dark side of that Spartan power, when you use your electrifying personality, extreme confidence, sexy charm, and no fucks given aggression to get material things? You become a Ho. It’s like being either a Jedi or Sith in Star Wars, same power, vastly different aim. A Ho isn’t a woman that just sleeps around and fucks dudes for free, the very origin of the word points to those ladies that “worked” men for money. That was often sex, sometimes conversation, or just company. When I talk about “Ho Tactics” it’s not about signing up for a website and letting a man smash you for $1200, it’s about sliding in a man’s ear, flossing your sex appeal, and getting him to give you gifts or money before you even go on a date with him. See the difference?

One of my friends has a 60 something year old man that put her in a house and gives her an allowance and all he wants is to take her out when he’s in town. Meanwhile she has a 20 something year old athlete whose funding her business. In the future she’ll find and marry a man whom she actually wants, but for now she’s building a fortune just off the strength of her personality and sex appeal. Is she right for this? Right is a fucking direction! This is your world, and you would be a fool to sit there, struggling, when you can make “friends” that will look out for you and help you reach your goals.

Is it wrong to flirt with a man, and get gifts, dates, and luxury treatment even if you don’t like him? No.

Is it wrong to pick your future husband based not only on his personality but on how much money he makes and how much of that he’s willing to spend on you? No.

If you’re a woman who has her own money is it wrong to expect men to spend money paying your bills, while you sit and grow your bank account. Fuck No.

In the years I’ve written this site and all the countless emails I’ve answered, the common denominator when it comes to relationships is that MONEY MATTERS. Sit there and lie to yourself about how all you need is a good, loyal, and honest man, but I know women just like you who get that kind of man who happens to also be broke, paycheck to paycheck, or super cheap and it all crumbles because money isn’t just a materialistic shallow want, it determines what kind of life you lead as a couple. All women crave security and even if you have your own money, you will resent a man who can’t bring you that security of being financially thriving. So, if dating for money isn’t your thing, I get it, but are you saying that because it’s true or are you pretending to think that way because of guilt? 

The Spartan life is about finding a partner that’s worthy and equal. If you don’t give a fuck about love or finding a partner, and you just want to live the good life, take those trips Greece, and never have to pay another care note again, then you have that right. If I judged women for wanting to be taken care of and spoiled, then I would have to judge my homeboys who live off their bottom bitches and don’t pay a dime. I don’t judge my boys who have player mentalities so I can’t judge those girls who want to be on that same grind. Males use dick tactics, they use red pill propaganda to hustle women out of pussy and gaslight them. Women use what? They didn’t use anything they just played the game fair. Fuck fair. You fight fire with a nuclear bomb, and that’s why I created Ho Tactics

I know you’re not a “Ho” in the dictionary sense of the word, you’re not trading sex for money. But no matter if you’re an IG model hustling her OnlyFans, a dancer in the club trying to earn more tips, or a woman in a relationship who just wants to be appreciated and spoiled by her man, it’s in your best interest to learn Ho Tactics, understand the psychology of why males spend or don’t spend, and put it into action in your own life!  

Basicas call every girl who dresses sexy a “Ho” but fuck the haters. Real women who practice Ho Tactics come in every shape and form. They’re not the ones posing with their ass out, they’re the ones posting their degrees online, baiting in a mark who thinks she’s a nice school girl, then breaking his pockets. While the basic bitches were racing off to spend their stimulus at the NBA All Star Game, Smart women were studying Ho Tactics because they know men respect seduction skills not Groupie thirst. The nurse that took your blood pressure during your last physical was probably a Ho, milking that doctor for all kinds of money so she doesn’t have to spend hers. You’re probably sitting in class next to a Ho that has a sponsor paying for all the classes that you needed loans for. Hos are anonymous; they aren’t cartoon characters that you can easily spot on Instagram or in the club because real Hos move in silence. Hos don’t like to share secrets, they don’t even like to talk about their motives aloud, but I think a lot of you non-Hos could learn a lot about the mentality of men from them.




There is no such thing as luck. Finding a guy who freely spends on you or finding a guy who doesn’t mind sponsoring you while you get your shit in order isn’t a roll of the dice. It’s the direct result of actions that attract those types of men. I’ve seen the bitterness online when certain women showcase the things they get from guys or the places they are taken, and as another woman, you shouldn’t have to be envious. All of you have the ability to do the same shit those women do, the same way dudes can learn how to play girls for pussy, all it takes is the ability to learn the tactics and apply them. It has nothing to do with you not looking a certain way or living in a trash city, and everything to do with utilizing Ho Tactics the smart way. In the years since I first wrote Ho Tactics, I expanded it, then I updated it into a Savage Edition. Why? Because technology changed and it made working these marks easier. I also received new emails, held private discussion groups, and made friend with women who literally became rich by understanding their power over men. If you haven’t read Ho Tactics or listened to the audiobook then now is the time. 

Not only does it show all the proven ways these girls have won, it outlines how to do all of it without having sex. I repeat—not once does it require sex! Go to solvingsingle.com to get a signed copy or to email me directly. Or go to one of the sites below:

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“Pretty hurts and pussy costs, so why get all dressed up, waxed
up, and made up to go sit in some nigga’s house.” -Ho Tactics

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