The man who you want to end up with when you're 19 versus the guy you end up dating when you're 29 or into your 30s are like night and day. Mandatory looks, height, swagger, and financial status gets replaced with, "He has a job and is nice to me, so that's good enough." Why? Because during your 20s you meet men who are your type, but end up crushing your dreams. Dudes play you, manipulate you, pick you up and put you back down, and some even cheat or are abusive. The average woman is TIRED if she's still single after the age of 27 because she's dealt with a string of toxic men. When your "type" has done nothing but hurt you, the bar gets lowered. Once that bar gets lowered, you open yourself up to dating for companionship, with no real standards other than "does he like me back". And that, beloved, is where you fuck up.

Male Options: It doesn't matter how I look or what I have, the older a woman gets the more humble she becomes because she realizes that she isn't good enough to get or keep the men she fantasies about. 
Male Timetable: I'm in no rush to settle down because even when I'm 40, the handful of women I loved in my 20s will still be available or will be in unhappy relationships that I can easily interrupt.
Men aren't in a hurry because they have girls they used to date who will always be on the table and younger girls who prefer to date older men. "Why do men play so many games," because the game has no negative effect on their happy ending. Guys are free to chase money, chase new pussy, even have a few kids on the side, and can still end up with his Game Changer who won't judge him for being a whore most of his life or being older.
Women on the other hand are under pressure to get chose and get chose fast. I specify "chose" and not "picked," because men are the gatekeepers to your happy ending. Wedding, family, house, endless baecations and that feeling of being wanted and loved, only happens if that man decides to settle down with you over the next woman. Each year that you date without anything serious or each year that you waste with someone who doesn't want to fully commit is torture because the clock is ticking and your chances of being chosen by someone decent begins to slip away. It's better to marry late, then marry wrong, but emotions get in the way of your common sense, and you end up giving your heart to the wrong person.
As a woman, what choice do you have in your romantic life? Men decide if they want to commit. Men decide if they want to stay faithful to you. Some men even decide if you keep his baby or not. This is a fucked up world where women are always reacting to what men want.
The only real choice a woman seems to have, and where the power is established is: Should I or shouldn't I have sex with him.
Men try so hard to fuck you, but why don't they put that same effort into keeping you? The reason you fall in love is because of a male's pressure. Those first 2-4 months, he's doing everything right, and it's within this period you can establish your power over him, instead you give him your power and then cry wolf because he's now acting different.
Men choose, and women settle. Every man is aware that he can overshoot his shot and get a woman out of his league, but few women want to acknowledge that they rarely come away with what they want in terms of love, they ...

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