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Friend With Benefit not trying to take it to the next level.

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Ratchet:   Those who behave in an undignified and unruly manner with little or no regard for class. Most Ratchets are generally ignorant to the fact that their behavior is unrefined; hence, Ratchets will ironically refer to others as Ratchet when they in fact exhibit qualities just as tasteless. See: How To Train Your Ratchet
Spartan:  Confident women who refuse to let others stand in the way of what they want. Spartans are fearless in their pursuit of success; they wait for no man, and apologize to no woman. SeeHow To Be A Spartan
Basica:   A Baisc Bitch who follows the lead of others and holds on to old-fashion ideals of how a woman should act as dictated by past generations. Basicas conform to a style of behavior and dress that society tells them is right without regard for individuality. See: Are You A Basic Bitch
Situationship:   A non official relationship. See: Situationships
Hoes:   A subculture of people who prostitute themselves for various superficial things such as money, affection, or popularity. See: Are You A Hoe
BUD:     Back-Up Dick. A non-platonic boyfriend in training. You do not have sex with your BUD as you would a friend with benefits; instead you develop a non-sexual friendship that will allow you to easily rebound into a new relationship with him in case your first choice boyfriend doesn’t work out. See:You Need A Back-Up Dick
Chris Brown Proof:Being able to resist an attractive man, control your thirst, and treat him as normal as you would the ugly dude who’s trying to get in your panties. See: Is Your Pussy Chris Brown Proof
Associate:     A person you hang with sometimes but isn’t a true ride or die friend. If they died you may feel a little bad but you wouldn’t go to their damn funeral. See: Is It Right To Take Another Girl’s Man
Why Am I Single:   Because you haven’t read my books. See: Solving Single.