Stop Being Loyal To Single People

Year in and year out, I see the same exact fallout when men and women date as if it’s the finish line, not the starting line. You meet someone that checks a few boxes on your list, begin to see them weekly, the butterflies give way to smiles, and for the first time in months you’re happy so you put your feet up like—that’s bae y’all! They fall back on your happy ass, often without reason, and you feel that you just wasted all that time on someone who misled you. Go boo-hoo to your friends that you’re the victim of yet another immature asshole, go swear off love and fake pretend to be working on yourself, doesn’t matter what your initial reaction is, next year is going to be more of the same as you fall into the same exact trap. Every email I read or conversation I have where this happens has one common denominator—It was never official, but you took yourself off the market and were doing the most as if someone agreed to a genuine commitment.

Dating is not an official relationship

Talking is not an official relationship

You are SINGLE, no one has exclusive rights until YOU make it official

Until then, stop feeling guilty for dating more than one person at a time

By “official” I mean that you two have agreed to be in a monogamous romantic relationship. Today I’m going to breakdown how to get a REAL relationship by first…