Women Need To Date Multiple Men

Basica 1: Dates one man at a time because she doesn’t have the “energy” to meet new men… in reality she’s not too busy she’s just scared.

Basica 2: Thinks dating means “fucking” and treats the talking stage like it’s a real relationships because society has brainwashed her to be overly loyal.

Basica 3: Understands the concept of having options, but has low self-esteem or is extremely introverted, so she uses the excuse that she simply can’t find more than one man to date at a time.

All these Basicas will end up losing at love repeatedly until they wake up. How do I know? Because I’ve had advice sessions where I’ve seen these kinds of women go from making excuses as to why they don’t date multiple men, to seeing them Spartan Up and thank me for helping them open their eyes to a new way of living. Every woman should be playing the field, men do it by default, but women don’t. Instead they date one at a time and end up in these toxic relationships with men who know they have “you need me” leverage.

Think about The Male Power Dynamic. The book of Asshole teaches males that a woman will put up with whatever you throw at her if she has no one else to fall back on. Handsome guys, average guys, even ugly ones, are quick to remind a girl that there are other fish in the sea and that nothing about her can’t be replaced. All the stuff you say is special about you, a man will say grows on trees or will claim his last woman did better. Using this Red Pill or Pimp type mindfuck trick, guys convince women that they can’t do better, won’t do better, and should be thankful she found a great man like him. The result is that a woman stays with a man she could do better than, feeding herself the cliché of “the grass isn’t always greener, so I may as well stay with him…”. Spoiler, the grass is greener, matter of fact the shit is neon green compared to what you’re attracting.

-Who has time to date all those men? If you don’t shut your silly ass up. I don’t want to hear about how you don’t have time to date. You have time to play on the internet all day, experiment with a zillion different makeup products, and stalk IG stories. I’m sure you can find 2 hours out of the week to slide into a DM, swipe on an app, and finesse two dinner dates for the weekend. It’s not about time, it’s about fear. You don’t date around because you’re afraid that a man (who isn’t even your man yet) won’t like that.

What will they say. What will they think? Do I have to tell them I talk to other people? Da faq? Why are you so scared of what men you aren’t committed to think?  Competition breeds better results, always! Men don’t want you dating other guys because they want an easy road, but the moment they find out that they’re not your only choice that jealousy turns into a fire to lock you down. Women who get fast commitments have multiple guys interested. What do you have? That one fuck boy who wants to house date you because he knows you have ALL your eggs in his BASKET. Wake up ladies! I’m here to teach you how to secure the best man, not just any man, but it starts with following the rules I’m about to lay down…