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orignal Ho Marilyn

You sit around talking about Hos but secretly admire their power. You look for any occasion to party and lose yourself so you can be less of a prude and have fun like The Hos. You go shopping for a Thot-fit that hugs your body in order to emulate the sexiness and attention received by The Hos. Like a little girl that plays dress up in her Halloween costume when it’s not Halloween, the high of saying, “I’m dressing like such a Ho tonight,” is the only way you can feel powerful and sexy. You drink too much, flirt too hard, and end up having sex under the cover of, “I felt like being a Ho for tonight.” Only to wake up the next morning, back to talking shit about the women who did the same things you did the night before, but with better results. It’s time to be honest about what you lack in life, and stop hiding behind this wall of elitism. You downgrade yourself for love and affection, and then blame everyone but the person in the mirror.

Look at Ms. Educated and thirsty… your life is so boring, so predictable, and so by the book that every weekend, summer, birthday, or special occasion you have to go act out like the type of woman you hate just so you can feel alive inside. In the end you won’t find love, you’ll find dick and excuses. After the alcohol wears off you’re back to reality… back to hating on girls who don’t have to try as hard as you, and back to resenting the men that covet them. You wish you could be a real Ho, but the problem is that you don’t understand what that truly means. You can dress like a Ho, dance like a Ho, and fuck like a Ho, but you are missing one huge characteristic, Hos get paid.

You’re doing this for self-esteem, you’re doing it for attention, you’re doing it for the ‘gram, but these real Hos are out here doing it for the cars, cribs, clothes, and money. Stop shifting focus to these cheap ratchets that are grinding ass in the club or fucking in the back of cars after the Hookah Lounge lets out. You aren’t as bad as them, but not being as bad doesn’t make you any better. Those women are pretenders just like you, looking for approval from a handsome man that just wants a nut. Those thots that shove themselves into cheap outfits and clutch on to bargain designer bags aren’t about Smart Ho life. They are running jokes that will never be in on the punchline that no man thinks they’re cute, just an easy target with their only appeal being that of a sperm dumpster.

There’s A Difference Between Not Needing A Man To Spoil You, and Not Being Able To Get One To Spoil You


These Happy Hour Divas and Pat My Weave Ratchets know nothing about power, they simply want to get a few numbers and be told they look sexy. Those women are pathetic and will always be exploited. Smart Hos, the ones I wrote about in these past chapters, they don’t go out to clubs to dance, they have no need to get white girl wasted in order to kill nerves before talking to cute guys—they hunt! A woman’s appearance is the bait, and her conversation is the hook. Smart Hos know this, and at the end of the night when you’re trying to get Larry Lame to put your number in his phone, she’s at home in bed hitting ignore because she recognizes that men lust after a challenge almost as hard as they lust after new pussy. By now you understand that Hos are not whores, they don’t fuck for money; they fuck minds until they get whatever they ask for.

To all of the women that throw the term “Ho” out there without understanding what it truly means, then turn around and go Dutch with Dante or settle for house dates with Daquan because he’s tall with light eyes, you have no right to judge. The moment you let these men brainwash you with fast talk and handsome grins, you become the mark! Men invented the art of manipulation because pussy is highly coveted. Lie, steal, cheat, lie some more… guys are willing to break all rules in pursuit of women. Men you swear are down for you are using Dick Tactics on you right now, and you’re too prideful to see it. Read and re-read the previous chapters until you understand how to win the way I laid out, or you will continue in the struggle cycle until you end up settling like so many women before you…

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From Chapter 15: Turning Old Pussy Into New Money


…your personality wasn’t what was driving him to call and take you out; it was your unexplored pussy that had him blowing up your phone and dying to see you. Only after sex can he lay in bed the next night by himself and be honest about how he views you—“She’s not all that.” Hos are always “all that” because they operate on the mental plane more so than the physical. Hos exploit lust courting because they recognize that it’s all a male game, and understand that even after sex, they can still regain their balance like Gabby Douglas teetering on that beam. The secret weapon isn’t to have more sex or cross the line into fetish sex; it’s the ability to go beyond the physical, and jerk a man off mentally to the point of no return. It’s no longer about the mystery of your box; it’s about the magic inside. Any smart person understands that real magic is nothing more than a well-executed illusion.

You All Fuck the Same

All women fuck the same way. Yes, even you Ms. “I made him bust in 13 seconds” and you Ms. “All I did was let him stick the tip in and zzzzz,” your vaginas don’t do anything new or innovative. The same way you ride dick, your grandmother rode dick. The same way you slurp on a penis head will be just as effective as the way your niece will slurp on one after prom in five years. Don’t suck your teeth or search your phone for some guy to prove that I’m wrong, because any man that has fucked you or will possibly fuck you will side with you having a magical pussy. Take men for instance, do you know why we don’t really have penis envy? Because no matter if it’s a little, medium, or big dick, girls say the same thing in order to make a man feel good, “That was so bomb,” or “You did that, daddy.” It doesn’t matter if it’s true, all that matters is that a man will go into new pussy sure of himself and not afraid if the guy before him was better. Unlike men, there is no “bigger is better” or “motion in the ocean” debate with women. Tight vagina or loose vagina doesn’t even matter because kegels or six months of penis detox can get you back to 22-year-old pussy status. You can ride it from the back, front, sit on furniture, bend over backseats, or dig nails into his back, but what you are doing can be replicated by any woman that has seen porn, show him something those other bitches can’t do!

Instead of tooting your horn about how fast you made some lame bust a nut, figure out how you can further separate yourself from the pack. I’m not referring to gimmicks like toys or squirting, I’m talking about what you do before, during, and after sex to set this man on fire! In the kingdom of shy submissive, lay me on my back and give it to me, women—the verbalizer is Queen. Hos aren’t afraid to talk, not only does this help when it comes time to walk over and pull a mark or ask for favors from that trick, it sets her apart from the average boring lay. This isn’t about talking dirty; that’s only one aspect of Ho sex game, in order to conquer his mind and become the most memorable sex he’s ever had you have to set him up and then finish him with certain techniques. What are these before, during, and after techniques?…continue reading the book and find out the answers.

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