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What is Far From Basyc?

For over 10 years this website has helped women heal, level up, and achieve their goals. Formerly known as BLACK GIRLS ARE EASY, this site has evolved and spun off books, a podcast, even a TV show!

Name your favorite relationship Life Coaches, YouTube Influencers, or Podcasters, and it’s a 99% chance that they STOLE their material from this website!

Far From Basyc is the original source of some of the most popular dating advice tactics and terms. With over a million books sold, G.L. Lambert has changed the dating game and if you read through the archives you’ll understand why this advice has worked for over TEN YEARS.  

If you’re struggling with any issue read through the this website and the answers will find you! Women have gotten married, gained wealth, and most importantly grown stronger from this site and those are FACTS! Bookmark this site and make it a part of your week!

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One Man. G.L. Lambert.

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Of course I can. One on One Coaching is available!

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Glossary of Terms…

This website has it’s own lingo, keep up!

Ratchet:   Those who behave in an undignified and unruly manner with little or no regard for class. Most Ratchets are generally ignorant to the fact that their behavior is unrefined; hence, Ratchets will ironically refer to others as Ratchet when they in fact exhibit qualities just as tasteless. See: How To Train Your Ratchet
Spartan:  Confident women who refuse to let others stand in the way of what they want. Spartans are fearless in their pursuit of success; they wait for no man, and apologize to no woman. SeeHow To Be A Spartan
Basica:   A Baisc Bitch who follows the lead of others and holds on to old-fashion ideals of how a woman should act as dictated by past generations. Basicas conform to a style of behavior and dress that society tells them is right without regard for individuality. See: Are You A Basic Bitch
Situationship:   A non official relationship. See: Situationships
Hoes:   A subculture of people who prostitute themselves for various superficial things such as money, affection, or popularity. See: Are You A Hoe
BUD:     Back-Up Dick. A non-platonic boyfriend in training. You do not have sex with your BUD as you would a friend with benefits; instead you develop a non-sexual friendship that will allow you to easily rebound into a new relationship with him in case your first choice boyfriend doesn’t work out. See:You Need A Back-Up Dick
Chris Brown Proof: Being able to resist an attractive man, control your thirst, and treat him as normal as you would the ugly dude who’s trying to get in your panties. See: Is Your Pussy Chris Brown Proof
Associate:     A person you hang with sometimes but isn’t a true ride or die friend. If they died you may feel a little bad but you wouldn’t go to their damn funeral. See: Is It Right To Take Another Girl’s Man
Tina Typical:  Any woman who hasn’t read my books. See: Solving Single.