I’ve helped countless women find love, marriage, and most importantly self-confidence… most of you have seen the success stories from my books. Yet the questions I get from people who are new to my work is: How can we as women win at dating. I’m always asked about first date procedure, how a man wants a woman to look, what a man wants to talk about, how to make any guy chase no matter how introverted or how bad you are at ice breaking conversations. Of course I can help you with those basics, it’s not hard to make a man chase you if you push the right buttons. The problem I have is that your thirst for a man’s attention is coming from a WEAK BITCH PLACE. Basicas (aka basic bitches) overthink men, because they have put DICK ON A PEDESTAL. We males aren’t the trophy ma’am, you women are!

I teach women how to date like Spartans, extremely confident, bad ass women. You aren’t a Spartan, what you are is someone who wants marriage so bad that you’re willing to submit and become anything these men want you to be. All that shit you talk to your friends or post online, but when a handsome guy is in front of you, where is the energy?

Are you going to split the check on a date? Are you going to accept house dates? Are you going to let a man lead you into a “situationship” where he doesn’t specify if you’re exclusive or not? Yes you are because you think by being low maintenance you can win men over. Trust me, we men don’t respect that, we see you as fools who will give us pussy quick. Ask yourself: Am I A Pick Me? You don’t even know because you probably don’t take a hard look at why you’re failing at love, you just place blame. There are a lot of women who swear by this Pick Me aka “Make A Man Want Me By Any Means…” mentality. Most Pick Me’s don’t even know they’re Pick Me’s, it’s a reaction caused by subconscious desires and conscious anxiety. It’s hard to totally shake off years of basic bitch brainwashing about how you should be for a man as opposed to understanding your power and how a man should be for you. “What kind of girl does he like and how can I be like that” is how you think because you don’t know how to date.

Come over to my house to chill you accept that basica shit because you like him and don’t want to seem stuck up or high maintenance.

Let’s grab coffee – you accept that low vibrational shit as a date because you feel a need to prove to a man that you are a team player.

I don’t believe in titles or I’m not looking for anything serious – you cling to guys who tell you these things because you see him as a catch and are delusional enough to think that if you submit long enough, fuck him good enough, and stay loyal to a non-relationship he will reward you with love.

I get it, you aren’t good with men. You’re chasing the love you never got from Daddy or you’re trying to make up for the rejection that happened with an ex boyfriend. Whatever your past trauma is, it has damaged you and made you the type of woman that men fuck over not fall for… 

What the fuck is a nap and shower date? What the fuck is exclusive but not official? What the fuck is a talking stage? How many times are you going to let these men rob you of time, pussy, and emotional bandwidth before you realize that they are making up these new rules to keep you obedient. You’re a woman, a trophy! Yet, here you are letting these men put you on a leash. Scared little girl, being controlled and mindfucked because she thinks this guy is a one in a million. No, Basica, he’s not rare, you’re just limiting your options because you don’t date like a powerful Spartan Woman!

thirsty chicksWomen today “talk” they don’t date. They get texted and sexted, but they don’t get courted. When’s the last time you were taken out by a guy you actually liked? Sure the dudes who you don’t find attractive will trick StruggleBees 2 for $20 money on you, but why is the guy you really want to be with only offering “Ay, come through I want to see you, sexy.” Telling you to come through to chill is all the respect he has for you, and clearly it’s all the respect you have for yourself when you accept that offer to come over and chill instead of being a fucking Spartan who says, “Queens don’t come through nigga, they get taken out!” No matter if a girl is a Millennial in her early twenties or a mother in her early 30’s, the mindset has become  the same, wait for a man to offer to take you out, if he doesn’t offer to take you out, just be happy that he wants to see you. This is pathetic and females who used to be so powerful are now at the mercy of men who don’t think their pussy is even worth a real time investment.

You’re not even worth dinner date money to him, but that’s bae? You’re not even worth driving across town to pick up, but that’s bae? You’re not even worth an actual phone call, just a text, but that’s bae? Bitch get your mind right! The defensive Basicas will chime in with lies about how they don’t like to talk on the phone, how they don’t need to go out, how they don’t mind meeting a man half-way. The truth is these women don’t even know the first thing about regaining control over men, so in order to seem as if they aren’t weak they hide under the umbrella of “I’m not even that type of girl that likes being courted.” LMAO! Stop fronting, every woman has a want to be loved and treated with respect, you don’t get respect from a man by sitting on the edge of his bed and watching Netflix. You don’t get respect by sitting in his car after hitting a drive through, and letting him convince you to play with his dick. You don’t get respect by being a woman who allows a man to treat her like a Pussy instead of a Queen. Men Don’t Love Women Like You was written to return the power to women because acting like naïve little girls is causing you all to lose the dating war.

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Kevin Gates once made a song called “Break the Bitch Down”. It was about using their own want to be wanted against them in order to get in their fragile minds was what guys have been practicing for years. Turn these girls into stalkers, make them thirsty for a phone call, junkies for attention, and desperate for a relationship is what the majority of men do with little effort because the average woman is emotionally soft when it comes to the men they actually like.

Your father probably dogged your mother out, your aunt probably has war stories about what a “good dick” did to her. It’s not about a man’s dick, it’s a bout a woman’s quest to be loved that has them acting bi-polar and pretending to be confused when the signs are obvious. A love starved woman doesn’t check a top 5 prospect, she walks on egg shells, and thinks shit like “don’t call me any more” texts or “No more pussy” threats will make him act right… it won’t.

These men are out here running the triangle offense on women and there are so many ladies that don’t know the first thing about defense. Spartans can’t be broke down! Not by rappers, ball players, CEO’s, or any other dude that gets in pussy with texts and promises. Being a Spartan isn’t about talking it’s about doing. There are a lot of women who talk about what they need, but date and accept what a man gives! 99.9% of relationship problems start at the dating level because people don’t know how to date. Some of you were afraid to use Ho Tactics, so I gave you Men Don’t Love Women Like You and Date Like A Spartan. These should be read or listened to on audible MULTIPLE TIMES, until you get it right.

Every new year you meet a guy, get excited, and then he steps all over you, and you’re back to hating men and hating yourself. I know how you think, your self-esteem is on empty and you can’t take another heartbreak at your age, you’re becoming negative and miserable, but it’s not because there aren’t any good men– it’s because you don’t know how to date in a way that challenges, exposes, and makes a man chase! I have articles on this site, podcasts, and free ebooks that are all meant to get your mind right. If you’re not a member of this site then, again I say, read the books and stop acting like you know it all. You clearly don’t know it all because look at your results. Don’t be too prideful to get help. Read. Apply. Win!

The Following is an excerpt from 

Date Like A Spartan:

You don’t really want to date. You don’t have the time, the energy, nor the patience to meet new people, chitchat about shit like the school you went to or the city you were born in, and spend your free time wondering if they really like you or just want to fuck you. Dating sucks because you’ve been down this road before and all it did was lead you right back to this starting point. It’s not you, it’s your city. It’s not you, it’s the quality of men you attract. There isn’t a problem with the way you date; the problem is that men today don’t date. You are a good women in a world where men value bad bitches, that’s why you will no longer waste your time with dating. “I haven’t found a good man because there are no good men to find.” Ahahahahaha! I love that! I love when weak women make excuses for losing and then set out to rectify their losing ways by not even trying… because they’re “tired and don’t have the energy.”

You don’t have time to win because you’re agitated and annoyed with the entire dating process. Good, be tired and settle into a mediocre love life where you end up settling for one of these oatmeal guys who has a steady job, a limp dick, and who will develop a drinking problem by the time you two are married because he’s just as bored as you will become. You don’t want to find a knight you to find nice enough, because every time you aim for greatness you fail. Anytime a girl tells me, “I’m tired of dating,” I hear the agony of defeat in her voice. Napoleon Hill once said, “When defeat overtakes a person, the easiest and most logical thing to do is quit. That’s exactly what the majority do.” He’s right. The majority of people in this world are quitters. Excuse making, finger pointing, tired minds, who just want to skip ahead to the part where they hit the jackpot because they don’t have the fucking guts to work at success.

Women in particular seem to have a hard time dealing with the seemingly random adversity of finding love. You go to school, and even if you aren’t that smart, all you have to do is study to get good grades, which insures that you graduate near the top of the class, and from there you can get a decent job. That process is easy because all a school wants you to do is follow the steps. Real life isn’t like school, it challenges you to learn without the benefit of a textbook, adapt quickly, and be unapologetically ruthless. So many women ask me, “What exactly do I do to win?” Those girls are still attempting to use a cut and dry academic mind, not a warrior’s ingenuity. There is no cheat sheet for dating—do this, do that, now do this, congratulations get the man. Love is war and those women who aren’t afraid to stand up and do battle with men, will win.

He didn’t call you after you gave him your number, Spartans don’t cry, they shrug. You went out to dinner and he was corny as fuck, Spartans don’t give second chances, they curve. You’ve been having great dates and now he’s pushing hard for sex, Spartans don’t give in to make him happy, fuck his happy, just for applying pressure he can wait even longer or go fuck the bottom bitch he has on the side. Relationships fail because women forget that they should be at the center of the universe. Spartans don’t get tired of dating because it’s through dating that she proves her mastery over her solar system!

Men play too many games, and I don’t have time for that. Okay, Tina Typical, what do you actually have time for? From where I’m sitting all you have is time because all you do is work, gossip, and check timelines. Men today will always play some sort of game, because they aren’t stupid enough to treat every girl like a Queen. There are so many peasants pretending to be royal, and all he has to do is swipe on Tinder, meet up that night for a Mojito, and she’ll drain his sack because “he had good conversation.” Why would a male walk around offering filet mignon to a burrito bitch? Dating is about exposing. From the day a man gets your number, he’s trying to expose you as regular, because handcuffing thots with low standards isn’t what real men do. Spartans have the same mentality, from the day a man gets her number, or vice versa, she is trying to expose him as regular because she will never give her heart to a man who isn’t exceptional.

People are rarely who they pretend to be. Men are often times exaggerating to get pussy. Women are often times yapping about what they don’t do so they don’t come off as pussy. Only through dating, can you prove what’s in a heart of a man, and only through dating (or the lack of real dating) does a man prove what’s in a woman’s head. Most women are afraid to expose men by being tough because they feel they will scare him off and lose out on a potential boyfriend. Fuck his potential. You can’t go ring shopping with potential!

It’s time to take off the nice girl gloves and show men that you aren’t like the rest. I’m not referring to having an attitude or trying to overcompensate for your lack of confidence by being bossy. That hoodrat shit doesn’t work. This dating guide is for Spartans who understand that power comes from truly being confident. Only through the Spartan way of mind, can you take control from the beginning and ride that chariot all the way into a relationship. I’m not referring to one of these lame ass relationships where you spend most of the time trying to hold it together, but a real relationship defined by mutual respect. How many women do you know in relationships get real respect? Not many, because most women are trying to keep a sinking ship afloat so they won’t have to go back to the supposed shame of being single.

Spartans don’t struggle with false-start relationships, because when they choose to start one, they make sure he’s already passed the tests! This guide isn’t about getting you through the first date, the second date, and the third date, it’s about changing the way you date forever. No more giving dudes a chance to show you more, when his actions already showed you he was full of shit. No more being open off of some tall dude that fed you a lie about how he plays ball overseas, yet really plays games from his baby mama’s basement. No more misjudging jealousy for attention. No more guessing his intentions. By the end of this read, you will know how to expose a man the right way and more importantly, how to set your value without threats and ultimatums.

Weak Bitches have a slogan, “You must not know who I am,” this is usually said after a man insults her, plays her for a fool, or has already succeeded in manipulating her. Too many women object after the harm has been done because the fear of losing a man from the jump made them wait too long to set their rules. The only women that give ultimatums are those that have already failed to impress a man. A girl will play catch up after making several mistakes within the first two weeks of knowing a man. Then she suddenly tries to boss up and reverse the current of that basic bitch river she’s speeding down… How Sway? Your entire hustle to win love has made you tired because you’ve spent all your energy doing it the wrong way, you silly bird! Men don’t respect women who allow themselves to be robbed then say, “Don’t rob me, I don’t allow that shit.” It’s too late, and you now sound stupid!

A woman that sets her value from the onset, even before the actual date, will never have her back forced against the wall and made to come out with threats about “if you don’t treat me like this then…” Spartans don’t make threats; they set expectations, and dismiss any man that doesn’t meet them.

What do you say to make him think highly of you, what do you wear so he finds you sexy, what topics do you talk about to make him see you as the wifey type, should you spend your own money to show him that you bring something to the table? YAWN! It’s time to grow the fuck up and stop dating like a child. You are a Queen. Queens don’t interview to be some motherfucker’s girlfriend; they are the ones holding the audition. Why should he get access to your Friday night? Why should he get the pleasure of spending hours talking to you over dinner? What makes this man worthy of you putting your heels on and leaving your house? What makes this man so special that you would ever press your lips against his at the end of the night, let alone grant him access to the best pussy he’s ever smelled? You are always in control, and when you date like a Spartan, you separate the boys from the men. It also gives you

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