"There are women we as men see as just something to do, and there are women we see as someone we have to have and hopefully one day marry... It's not about looks it's about so much more..."

You meet a guy, he pursues you, makes you feel special, gets you to drop your guard... then he breaks your heart, embarrasses you, or worse. What the fuck is going through the mind of a man when he decides to waste your time? Was it planned or did it just happen and more importantly how can you stop this from happening?

On today's episode we break down a sensitive topic: Women men settle for vs. Women men actually want. Guys promise you the world only to chase after other women, and it's time that you listened to a man break it all the way down for you as to why this happens so often. Is there something about you that you don't see that gets you labeled as temporary instead of long term? Do you have "dummy bitch" vibes? Or is there something else going on beneath the surface about your personality that's making men see you as a Placeholder or the type he can cheat on or mistreat.

Before you go on another date or keep going down a romantic path with your current "friend" you need to listen to this podcast and understand the mind of fraudulent males and how they use your heart against you, waste your time, and add to your trauma. It's time to learn how to be a Game Changer!

Plus, we answer a bunch of reader questions on all of the topics you've been dying to hear about. Open your ears, and press play below you need to hear this episode!

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