I received an email from a woman who likes a guy who has a girlfriend. Her question was “would it be right to try and talk to him anyway”? Why the hell not? This notion of a good man is hard to find will never go away because women will always get tangled up with incompatible men. If you find a guy who has everything you’re looking for and the only thing standing in the way is another chick—fuck her.
I know… karma, morals, he cheated on her he’ll do the same thing to you blah blah blah. You know who says that—scared bitches. It’s survival of the fittest, if his girl isn’t strong enough to keep a hold on him, then that’s her fault.
I’m not talking about adultery; I’m talking about Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Those titles are only as strong as you make them, and if dude wants to stray then obviously he wasn’t in love. Does leaving her to be with you make him a bad man? Not necessarily.
Every time a celebrity couple breaks up the scorned woman cries about how bad the man was, yet the new woman is like “he’s the best friend I never had, he treats me like a princess“. So who is telling the truth?
There are men who don’t take their girl’s out, wouldn’t give her $30 nail money, and who talk to them with disrespect because they don’t feel she’s worthy of romance. The irony is that the same ones who act bothered or too busy for their own women, will treat new interest like Queens off the bat. Why? Every man is a romantic–EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. A guy is always looking for a trophy, a friend, and an inspiration to complete him. The problem is he chose a woman who was a Placeholder, not a Game Changer, which translates to his dick behavior. Unhappy men should leave Place Holders alone instead of waste time, but come on, you know men usually wait for another situation before they burn the bridge on the last.
Think about this, your Ex is out there treating a new woman 10x better than he ever treated you. One person’s “bad man” can always turn into someone’s “Mr. Perfect”.
If she was all that then you wouldn’t be cheating, if my pussy wasn’t good then you wouldn’t be eating
How To Take Her Man 
If you don’t have the heart to take another girl’s boyfriend, cool—STOP READING NOW… I mean it; this will only offend your sense of moral decency… “this is horrible, what’s wrong with the world, he’ll just do the same to you blah blah fucking blah” if you’re scared go to church! but… If you’re a fucking Spartan and you have no problem kicking a bitch in the chest then watching her fall into a pit, then continue on!
When you meet Mr. Right and it’s revealed that he has a girlfriend, you don’t shy away from that. You embrace it. The last thing you want to be is a side chick who keeps quiet and allows a man to lead her on. Spartans observe, plan, and execute, always staying a step ahead. Ask about his girl, how they met, where they go on dates… talking to a guy with a chick about his relationship is the ultimate market research. The goal is not to fuck a guy with a girlfriend—that’s easy. Your job is to evaluate the guy with a girlfriend to see if he’s the right man for you, then erase her from his life.
Show Him You’re Better: When you’re talking to a guy who has a girlfriend, you have to play along for the first few weeks. Text, call, or DM him on his schedule. Give him that exciting feeling of a “secret love” and use this time to do the research listed above. Don’t make it into a negative or use words like, “you need someone better”. You simply ask questions and let him vent about all the things he doesn’t do. Men lie! I repeat these motherfuckers lie! They will say they’re having relationship problems but really aren’t because they want sympathy and know that women love to “save” men from basic bitches. Assume that anything he says about her may be false at first, and get around this by simply allowing him a release, this establishes trust in you.
Bait Him: The next wave is flirting. Don’t start off with sexting because you paint yourself as just another “new pussy”. Expose his male lust slowly. Throw in a nasty comment each day then allow him to talk his shit. He’ll think he has you, but you pull back and change the subject. Ladies, that’s how you tease any man. Create a pet name for him or call him “baby” if you’re not creative. I know some of you don’t like being that sweet or vulnerable, but you MUST let him know you like him. By calling him something sweet, you hypnotize his mind fast. To text a guy when you know he’s at work, “Hey baby, just thinking about you.” Will not only make his dick hard in that moment, but when he’s home with his girlfriend, it will be you that he’s thinking of.
Go For The Kill: Within the first week or two (again you have to dial down your Alpha female and be patient) set a date. I don’t care if you two work together, go to school together, or are just friends on social media. If this is to work you need to date him and get face to face like any other dating situation. He thinks you’re going to be easy. You know he has a girl and still is into him, so he’s hoping for an affair. Not in SPARTA! You date him, you learn him face to face, you don’t give him more than a kiss at the end of the night (or maybe you go to the bathroom, slide your panties off, and slip them to him as a souvenir if you’re bold). The point is the first date should prove that you’re not a side chick, you’re not easy, and you take it slow. This won’t push him away, it will make him want you more. Now he has lust, he has respect, and he will be dying to see you again.
Two Weeks Notice: This isn’t a guy who works at Burger King but is trying to get a job at the Post Office. He’s not allowed to keep his old job while applying for his new one. If he’s serious about getting with you, she has to go. A man will not want to leave his sure thing for a girl who he hasn’t even sampled yet. That’s his problem. If he wants to continue the sexting, dates, and have sex down the line, then he has to make that hard decision.
Men will tell you what you want to hear, say he cut her off, or that she’s about to move out blah blah blah. Fuck that noise. Give him a deadline. Not only does he have to break it off with his wifey, HE MUST tell her the reason why or you’re gone. This may sound unnecessarily mean, but understand we men will fuck our ex girlfriends unless we burn the bridge. A scorned ex still wants dick, she still wants to prove she’s better, and she wants to create a mess, so she will throw her pussy at him just to piss you off. The way you avoid that is to embarrass the ex-girlfriend to the point where she hates him. If you make him tell her from the jump, “It’s over because I met someone else” that’s devastating. Unless she’s the dumbest girl on the planet, she will never give him the ass again. You made him look like a jerk, but at the same time you made it damn near impossible for him to two time you with his old bitch. If he doesn’t do this by your deadline. Walk away. Ghost his ass. Watch how fast he’ll get rid of her once he knows you aren’t playing games. 
Her Pussy is a Honda. Your Pussy Is a Maserati 
Pussy Whipping is alive and well and if he’s chasing you, his girlfriend has failed at putting that pussy on him. She may be good in bed, but you know how relationship sex can get, stale and repetitive. You’re not having sex with him yet, so you have to brag on your box. Tease him like you would do any guy you were seeing, but with a wifed up guy you have to be extra seductive because like the old Junior Mafia skit said “That nigga getting pussy on a regular basis“. You have to sell yourself like your vagina could cure cancer. Lust is a powerful weapon, it’s the #1 reason men cheat. But don’t be like those cliché women on TV who fuck with married men and say dumb things like, “he said he would leave her for me”. Men rarely leave for sex alone, they leave for personality!
DON’T HAVE SEX WITH HIM UNTIL HE’S YOUR MAN. Talk nasty, that’s how you hook a man, but at the same time you’re not scouting for sex, you’re scouting for a relationship, so keep the physical activity limited to 2nd base. No oral, the most he gets is a breast in his mouth. You have to show him that not only can you make him bust in less than 60 seconds you can keep him interested in your conversation. The mouth is greater than the ass, meaning that the things you say have a bigger impact than anything you can do in the bed. For him to say, “she never understood me like you do” is checkmate.
Make Sure Your Friends Have Your Back
Girls are influenced by their besties; they listen to their friends and care about how they’re perceived. This cold lead to you not going through with your game plan. The girl who emailed me, her biggest fear wasn’t taking the guy; it was what her friends would think about her doing it. No matter how you slice it, you’re doing something very unpopular. No matter how cute this dude is or how nice he is, he is cheating. There may not be sex involved at this stage, but to start talking to a man while he is involved with another girl is frowned upon. Your friends will guilt you and you’ll see things on social media about “these bitches ain’t shit” but you have to be strong.
When you tell your friends, they’ll spew some bullshit about how there is someone out there for everyone and you should wait for a single man… That Disney Princess mindset is the reason they’re single or in a settle relationship. Remember you’re a fucking Spartan, those girls are your soldiers. They may not agree with the mission, but they owe it to you to be supportive of the campaign. They don’t have to like it, but they must respect it.
The Courage To Do This In Real Life
You like what you’re reading, you’re not one of these women that’s afraid to go for what she wants or bends to Sunday School brainwashing about playing nice with others. Good. This doesn’t mean you can actually do it. Say you meet a guy, he’s involved, but you don’t know how to proceed. How do you initiate something like this without talking yourself out of it? Confidence. This guy is taken, if you get rejected that’s okay because he should reject you– he has a woman he loves. Your job is to not take it seriously, look at it as a game and you’re the underdog. You have nothing to lose so step out of character and use your wit to pull him.
Boy: Um, I actually have a girl.
Girl: Is she here?
Boy: No.
Girl: Damn! I would have loved to show her how a real woman handles her boyfriend.
Boy: You’re funny.
Girl: Why don’t you take my number and call me after you have sex with her tonight. We can count the seconds it takes for me to get you back hard.
You’re putting on a show. You’re Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight; this shit will make you a legend in his mind. If you come off that aggressive, witty, and nasty he will call you. And once he calls you, you know it’s a wrap for her because She Is No Match For You.
Guys on Social Media – Send him a DM responding to a picture, link, or a funny tweet he posted with a joke of your own or an observation. This breaks the ice. Communicate with him every other day through messages then slide in your real number. If he takes it, then you know he’s interested it, girlfriend or not.
Guys at Work – Get alone time, have lunch, create a friendly relationship. When the time is right, invite him out for a post work drink or ask for a favor moving something or fixing something at home. The moment it’s one on one away from gossip hounds, all you have to do is flirt and tell him he’s handsome. Trust me, he will take it from there and chase you.
Random Stranger – He could be a friend of a friend, a guy you bumped into while shopping or the guy who repair your car doesn’t matter. The moment he says he has someone, acknowledge it but still give him your number or better your email and tell him that you just want to be friends. A tempted man will find a way to reach out.
You can’t take anyone’s man, he makes a choice. From the moment a guy sets eyes on a new woman, he’s thinking about “would I”. The goal isn’t to fuck someone’s man it’s about a connection, so the moment you establish that he’s into you and you’re not just a new pussy fetish, be real about your intentions. As I wrote above, you’ll have to let him be sneaky for the first two weeks or so, but remember you’re not a side chick; you’re going to become the main chick, but like any relationship you don’t want to rush into it. Once you’re sure he’s right for you and want to take it to the next level, then you give him the ultimatum that it’s either you or her. You already know their bond is weak off the strength that he’s calling you on his lunch break instead of her.
Once you win him over mentally, having him break that poor girl’s heart is the easy part. It’s a hostile takeover and there will be victims, but at the end of the day if you have a chance to own Amazon why would you continue to work at Best Buy?
This is your Universe, there are no boundaries, and the only rule is “Don’t go after your friend’s man” other than that– all men are fair game, so if you want someone you go after them! You think men respect the fact that you have a boyfriend? Fuck no! We see that as the ultimate challenge. There is no reason women can’t use this same method when on the hunt for love. If a guy is in a relationship then obviously he isn’t afraid of commitment and he knows how to cater to a female—it’s like shopping for a house when furniture’s already in place, it’s much easier.
You’re not going to go to hell, you’re not going to get seven years bad luck, the worst that can happen is that a younger, sexier version of you pulls this same trick and takes your man. But that can happen in any relationship, I’m not talking about keeping a man, we’re talking about going for what you want. If you feel too guilty to even consider this you’re hard headed— I told your ass to stop reading a long time ago.
You are better than his girlfriend. Your heart pumps Cheetah Blood built from Athena DNA, there is no man who you can’t take! That’s what you have to believe in order for this to work. And if some baggy eyed girl who looks like she’s been crying for the past two months shows up at your job calling you a home wrecker, you look her dry coochie having, weak head giving, constantly complaining ass dead in the eye and say, “You’re welcome. Because if it wasn’t me, it would have been someone else”.

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