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Black Girls Are Easy… To Love, if you take your time to understand their unique life experiences of this world. For years, I’ve dedicated myself to helping black women avoid the games men play and get the value they deserve… and it’s worked. I have so many stories of women who have had their lives CHANGED by the Black Girls Are Easy website.

After my first speaking tour I met so many women from across the globe, and learned more about the mistakes they made, this site truly became about ALL WOMEN (and, of course men) so it was time to let THE TITLE reflect that. Dating and relationship problems are defined by race and the basic bitch mistakes of your past should not reflect your future, you are all Far From Basyc! This website will continue to evolve it and it will continue to be the spark for countless ladies who will one day use this advice to rise above their current situations on their road to becoming a Spartan…

Call this site whatever you want to, it will remain a love letter to all women, proof that you have someone on your side! And in the end I hope you will all call it the foundation on which the new you was built!

Below are some of my favorite BLACK GIRLS ARE EASY articles to start with as well as access to the Black Girls Are Easy podcast (Click Here) enjoy this page, and come back when you need a kick in the ass and reminder of who the fuck you are…

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Men Don’t Love Women Like You By G.L. Lambert The Best Book On Relationships and Self Empowerment Ever Written…

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