9 out of 10 women reading this are dishonest. I’m not talking about telling lies or stealing, I mean dishonest in terms that they can’t even admit to themselves who they are and what they want for fear of being looked down upon. I once asked a girl who was going through drama with her boo what she wanted from him, a relationship or a friendship? Her response was that she didn’t have time for any of that because she was going to school and had to figure out her next move after graduation. I didn’t ask her shit about school or work goals, I asked her straight up what she wanted from the guy she was spending her nights stressing over. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to be honest enough to say, “Yes, I like him and I would like to be with him, but I’m afraid he doesn’t want the same– help.” She gave me a bullshit answer that wouldn’t make her seem weak, soft, or thirsty. The more Insecure the woman, the harder she tries to hide her insecurity behind attitude and excuses. No one can help you if you’re too prideful to admit what you want and that you’re afraid you won’t get it.

In order to safeguard their feelings, some women drape a cloak of “I’m good” over themselves and pretend that they don’t care about anything. I don’t want him to spend time with me, I’m busy anyway—Bitch Stop Lying. I don’t want him to put me first, I’m not trying to be his girl anyway—Bitch Stop Lying. I don’t want other people to like me, I’m a lone wolf—Bitch Stop Lying. I don’t want him to ask me to be official, I’m not looking for anything serious anyway—Bitch Stop Lying! To even bring up, “I’m not even worried about him,” is an admission of being worried about him, or else you wouldn’t have brought him up! I’m going to let you in on a secret, men don’t believe you, that’s why they call your bluff, toy with your emotions, and act as if they don’t care—your apathy is transparent. Sad, lonely, and angry women make bad relationship choices because their actions don’t match the words coming out of their mouths. Players eat passive and defensive women for breakfast, because their buttons are out in the open and easy to push.

exploit-these-hoesWhen a person thinks they will fail at something or be rejected, they become passive and act if they weren’t trying in the first place. This way if they don’t get the results they really want, it won’t seem like they failed. Read that again and understand it because I bet you do that shit. Single and happy, focusing on me, raising my child, waiting on Jesus to return, blah blah blah. That’s all bullshit. You can front like you’re not on the racetrack, but we know that you’re still secretly in the race hoping to get chose! How do I know that’s true? When a seemingly perfect man slides you his number, you don’t delete it, you get excited, all of those excuses go out the window, and all you can think of is, “Please God let this one be The One.” YOU. ARE. NOT. HONEST. The only thing that will save you from being played is to be honest about your shortcomings.

If you aren’t real enough to say, “The reason I want to call this man and yell at him for not calling me all week, isn’t because I love him, but because I have a weakness for attention and affection because my father never gave me that,” then you will confuse love of attention with love of that person. Those women that are able to self-diagnose themselves don’t have anxiety, they don’t cry, they don’t snap, they don’t blow up a dude’s phone, and they don’t ask every one of their friends their opinion on “What do you think he means by this text.” To be honest about your flaws is to be free of male manipulation, because men can’t pull your strings if you’ve already cut those motherfuckers. Today I’m going to talk about why women can’t handle Dick. No, Ratchet Raccoon, I’m not talking about how you take the penis of a guy that barely likes you, I’m talking about how to handle users. Men know when women are fronting, they know the secret war going on inside your head when they don’t give you what you want, and they use that insecurity to their advantage because you aren’t honest enough to plug those holes and rebuke male mind games. So, if you’re ready to be honest to the point that it hurts, let’s talk about Dick.

Dick Knows It Has Other Options

men-have-optionsWomen claim they don’t compete with other women, but Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, the breakrooms, and the line to get into the clubs, all prove that’s a lie. Not until I started this site did I know the extent that women worry about the next bitch, because my entire life I assumed women were being honest when they said, “I’m not worried about the next bitch.” Men have options, the same as women, but men exercise their options more blatantly. For instance if you were to meet a professional man who wasn’t a rapper or trapper, yet was still making good money and had good looks to match, you should date him under the same rules you date any man, value, respect, and communication, right? Wrong. Men know that women today think, “If I like him, she likes him, and she may get him unless I give in and let him take me on house date.” The moment you let “He has other women after him” dictate how you treat a man, then you lose! When you’re in a relationship and you allow “He has other women trying to take him” lower the bar on how he should treat you, you’re going to always get shortchanged. Men, even the dumb ass ones, are smart enough to use other women as leverage because it works. This dude is going to use the fact that he can get easier pussy tomorrow to force you into giving him easy pussy today. Think about that. If you were truly honest, you could admit, “I really like him, and I don’t think I can do better, so I’m going to submit.” Then I could smack you in the back of your head and remind you that you could do better. However, if you bury that insecurity and fear, you won’t understand why you are competing for this man, and you’ll continue to reactively submit because you can’t stop the want for him. It’s not enough to understand why a man is treating you a certain way, it’s much more important to understand why you are allowing him to get away with it.

Dick Is a Self-Confidence Sniper

scream-on-that-trickWomen hate to be told about themselves, but they love to be told about themselves. I remember this one girl telling me how her Situationship guy shitted on her about not having a car, as if not driving meant that she was a loser. She ranted about it to me, then followed up a week later with, “So I fucked him, and afterwards he started downing me about being my age and still living with my parents.” Wait, a man calls you a bum bitch, and in order to prove him wrong you go and ride him like the car you can’t afford? This shit would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. There are some women that are so insecure and self-loathing that they react to verbal abuse like a finger rubbing against their clit. Yes, tell me how I’m pathetic and work a low paying job, I’m about to cum so hard!

A woman with confidence and self-esteem would delete that guy’s number the moment he came at her neck with non-constructive criticism, but weak bitches long to prove themselves worthy. You have to know your flaws instead of pretending that it doesn’t bother you, because an intelligent man will take you on one date and break your weak ass down in all the areas where you pretend to be strong at in order to get you to fall in line. You have a big nose, so he’s going to show you a picture of the last chick he was with that’s two times as pretty as you. You don’t have much money, he’s going to brag about his career and guilt you about not being on his level. You ran your mouth about how your last boyfriend cheated on you, he’s going to wait until you act up and say, “I see why guys cheat on you.” You have a child, he’s going to remind you that nobody wants a used bitch with an already made family. By the time he’s done defecating on your soul, you’ll be begging him to fuck you and give you his approval. It’s game! He’s playing Lee Harvey Oswald with your self-esteem, and you’re a sitting duck because you aren’t strong enough to love yourself! Yes, you are flawed, yes you have made mistakes, but you don’t need to be admonished by any man! Stop dressing in cardboard and thinking that shit is armor. Be honest about your shortcomings, and fix them instead of waiting for Dick to come and exploit them.

Dick Is a Great Listener

I don’t care how good of a listener you are, there has not been a woman built that doesn’t have a conversation trigger that sends them off on an autobiographical rant. Men know women like to talk about themselves, so what do men do? Let them talk and talk and talk. When she comes up for air, and asks him a question his only response is to swing it back to her again, because we as men don’t want to open up, we just want to fuck and keep it moving. I’ve talked to women who have been in relationships for months and still had no clue who these men were beyond their sense of humor, hate of their baby mama, or angry political beliefs. Knowing that a man likes to make nasty jokes, wishes he would have used a condom with his last bitch, or that he believes the Republicans are working with the police to kill black men, doesn’t mean you know HIM on a real level. Women fall in love with men that let them talk, faster than men that actually talk to them. Why do you like to talk so much, because you feel as if you don’t get to express yourself normally. No one wants to hear you out, and you’re frustrated, so the moment someone asks you about you, your ego explodes. You just spray verbal diarrhea in the ear of a man who doesn’t say a word but, “Fa’real?” In return you bond really fast and he gets the pussy within a few weeks under the pretense of, “It felt like I’ve known him forever.” No, bitch you haven’t known him forever, you were just talking for forever, and got so caught up in the excitement that you forgot that your pussy should cost more than a few hours of conversation.

Dick Loves to Role Play

lies sound as good as you lookI hate hearing, “I knew he was lying, I’m not dumb.” You purposely fell for game that you knew was game… what the fuck does that make you then, a genius? Too many women worry about what’s being said, and ignore what’s being done. Dick is better at propaganda than Hitler, and as a result a generation of women have been trained to get open off of phone calls as opposed to flowers. Last week I had a girl email me about Ho Tactics after she used it to get her first real date in like forever with her boyfriend, and she said being taken out to an expensive restaurant made her feel wrong. This was a woman so used to being courted like a basic bitch, you know texts and coming over to sit on the edge of his bed… that it felt dirty to be actually taken out and treated. Today’s men don’t have to take bitches on dates. They don’t have to be consistent with their communication. They don’t have to be romantic. All they have to do is tell a girl his future plans and how she’s apart of them, and girls buy in. Men role play for pussy, I know this for a fact because I just got off the phone with one of my boys who sold a Tinder thot wolf tickets to his Oscar Party.

The better a man looks, the sweeter his lies taste. Be honest, hearing that good looking loser promise you the world, feels better than getting your ass ate. Telling a woman what he is going to do for her is easier than actually doing it, and it gets a man the same results! Growing up most of you heard family or friends who played the lottery say, “When I hit this number, I’m going to buy a car like this. And I’ll get you one like that.” Hopeless people love to mentally escape, and hopeless romantics are no exception. Dreaming becomes dangerous when you’re doing it with your eyes open. Ladies, you want the fantasy, he knows you want the fantasy, so why are you getting gassed when guys tell you how special you are, how you two would make pretty kids, or how you’re the type he would marry? Morning Emoji’s aren’t proof that he loves you. Wanting to cum in you isn’t a down payment on an engagement ring. You have a fetish for fantasy, and even if you roll your eyes and don’t believe him at first, you still hear him out, which means you are flawed. He sees this crack in your armor and will use it to get what he wants no matter how much you claim to be smarter than him. After enough talk you will buy in to the lie because that lie is better than your lonely reality.

Dick Snitches On Himself

As always the defensive response is, “Men are dishonest too, these men don’t know who they are, or what they want, and send mixed signals!” Men know exactly what they want, and if you were paying attention instead of cheesing every time he texted you, you would know this. Men lie and manipulate, but they will tell you who they are and what they are all about in so many words if you are brave enough to ask about their past. For example, a man will tell you in confidence that he fucked a plus size Becky for months only because she paid his rent. He will tell you how he believes females ain’t shit, and confess in a joking manner how he partied various girls out to prove his theory. However, because those were other woman he played and not you, it makes you feel as if you’re exempt. So many women want to fit in with men, and they laugh at these stories like, “These hoes are dumb, bae!”  You’re not his bae, you’re his next victim, idiot. While you feel as if you’re now in “the club” because he told you his secrets, you’re not. When he fucks you and starts acting up, you will understand that those weren’t past stories, he was revealing his current lifestyle and character! Men are not hard to figure out if you open your fucking ears and stop assuming that he thinks you’re different from the last girl. Men will dry snitch all day long because in the end telling on himself won’t stop the average thirsty chick from thinking she’s the exception. Yes, men lie and hide, but they admit that they lie and hide before they pull the same tricks on you. Stop feeding your ego, and realize you’re in the same boat as every other woman.

Dick Can Say “No” To Pussy

Bitches Be LikeI remember when I first learned that saying, “No” to a girl was like female Viagra. It’s insane, we as men spend so many years trying to get a girl to say “Yes,” when in actuality, it comes even faster when you act as if you don’t want it. Men today understand that women hate to be rejected. It’s not just about turning down sex, throw them any curve and females react aggressively in order to change your mind. Women don’t often pop for sex, they drop hints, or they use code words to let you know you have the green light. To the men reading this, if you want to really be a Dick, act stupid and pretend as if you’re not understanding the hint, and see how she gets annoyed and fake cuts you off… then when you don’t run after her, watch how she then runs back and throws the pussy at you even more obviously. Telling a woman that her pussy isn’t worth the Nair it took to shave it, will light a fire under her and she won’t be able to sleep until she proves you wrong.

A girl can have 3 clowns, 2 tricks, and 1 goon trying to court or fuck, but all it takes is for one random guy to act indifferent and her self-confidence deflates like year-old ass shots. A large percentage of women have unaddressed Daddy Issues that have given them a complex where they obsessively want those that don’t want them. It shouldn’t be about who wants or doesn’t want you that determines your self-esteem, but when you lie about that problem instead of addressing it, those wounds never heal, they fester bad relationship after bad relationship until you are literally undateable. For men, this is great, because as soon as a weak bitch tries to fake Spartan Up, all he has to do is check her ass with, “I never wanted you in the first place, you’re a bird.” Then instead of being strong like she bragged about, she’s up late asking her bff, “So why doesn’t he want me, what’s wrong with me, do you think I’m a bird?” Fix your mental instabilities or stay the fuck out of the dating arena, because you will get slaughtered!

Dick Has Great Fall Back Game

fallback game strongMen fall back because they know thirsty women will break the speed limit to catch them. The greatest trick Dick ever performed is the Push & Pull. Let me take you through a month in the life of a Dicktician. Dick meets a woman that he likes, gets her number, and goes hard to try and see her. This woman isn’t acting the way Dick is accustomed to, meaning she is either being stingy with the pussy, wanting to be treated to fancy shit like Olive Garden dates, or generally giving attitude like she’s the Joseline Hernandez of this reunion and has other options. Dick doesn’t like uppity females that think they are powerful or should be treated to things. After a few weeks of this behavior, Dick falls back. He doesn’t call her as much, he becomes short in his responses, and acts as if he’s generally annoyed with this bitch. Dick spends the next week ducking direct questions about, “What’s wrong,” because there is nothing wrong. This is the Push stage. Dick is gambling that this uppity fake Queen with imaginary options will get so stressed over this rejection that she humbles herself and falls in line like the rest of these dummies. The Push works, this girl now blows up his voicemail and text messages with apologies, threats, more apologies, and finally begging. Once a weak bitch starts to beg, then Dick realizes that he’s won the battle. All of these ultimatums she was talking about, the dates she wanted, the time she demanded, she still wants… but she knows better than to ask now.

This weak bitch thinks she’s smarter than Dick, she believes that once he comes back and is made happy, she can then hook him and get what she wants. Wrong! Dick is already two steps ahead because he does this with EVERY FEMALE. Insecure girls aren’t mentally prepared to deal with the Push & Pull. Dick will wait for this woman to act up again, and the moment she shows sign of being feed up or wanting to change him, he pulls away again, this time for a longer stretch. He didn’t have to brag about his Fall Back Game being strong, he proved it with his actions, and that insecure woman played right into his hands. Pull-Push-Pull-Push, you can’t stop it unless you confess that you have a problem with abandonment, an unrealistic need to be loved, and take steps to rectify those emotions.

Dick Knows You Won’t Change

WhatevaAs long as there are other women to compare yourself to, you won’t seek help or initiate change. Other women don’t seem to need help, and if they can win, you ignorantly believe you can fake it until you make it, and prove that you are just as good as they are. Pride Alert! You’re not better than anyone, and it has nothing to do with how you look, what you wear, the city you live in, or the men you meet. It’s how you act, more importantly what you allow versus what you don’t allow. When we men meet you and get to know you, we instantly size you up and say, “Oh, she acts like Kim used to act, I know exactly how to handle her.” Fuck what’s coming out a man’s mouth, I’m being honest about what’s in his brain! Most of you act exactly like the gallery of damaged or naïve women we’ve already run through, and as soon as we figure out your particular deal we pull out that script and break you down the same way we broke that last bitch down. It’s not me, it’s that guys today don’t know how to appreciate a woman like me. He doesn’t appreciate you because contrary to the pep talk you give yourself, your actions tell a different story, one that ends with you acting just as typical as the last five women he met. Your uniqueness is overrated! If you were truly unique then you would have addressed your issues, plugged the holes in your personality, and evolved into a true Spartan Queen that moves two steps ahead of these men, instead of a weak bitch that wanders around confused and angry.

When you see girls making comments on social media about no good men and you find yourself constantly agreeing with them, it’s because you’re both common in your mindset. The same way she got played, you get played. Why is that? Because even a thousand miles apart, you do the same basic shit and fall for the same basic game! You pride yourself on being something out of the ordinary, but your personality is about as exotic as having ass in Atlanta. A unique woman isn’t sitting in the same boat with basic bitches, swapping war stories about the struggle. A special woman can’t relate with, “Yup, that’s how these men do you girl!” because men don’t pull that bullshit on special women. The more you advance mentally, the less in common you have with the “Kims” of the world. The more you keep it real with yourself, the less you have in common with the bitter Basicas of the world. The more you understand yourself, the more you recognize which men are worth your time and what men are Dick just trying to waste your time. The path to being Generic is easy, just keep pretending you’re the shit. The path to being Great is hard, because it forces you to tear down the safety net of your little girl ego, confront the ugly side of your personality, and address the traumatic side of your past. Stop lying, stop waiting, stop running, stop being content with being good enough and start growing into greatness.

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