The email that started the fire…

…since the last time you heard from me you will be happy to know that I hit reset like you said and was able to finally cut ****** off completely, no relapses like before, but there is someone new. He’s my cousin’s coworker who I met once before when I was with ****** so while I admit I flirted with him, and physically he’s so my type, I wasn’t going to go there while in a relationship. My cousin must have told him I was single because I get a facebook message from nowhere. I’m not going to lie my stomach dropped, I have solid self-esteem but after ****** I haven’t felt as pretty, well not pretty enough for a guy that looks like him to be chasing me lol. I did something stupid, and I will put that out there before you call me out. I was so into the idea of this guy wanting me that when he asked if I wanted to come over to his apartment last weekend I agreed. I know, I should hold him to the same standards as other men, but he really is my dream guy lol. So we kicked it at his place, did nothing but talk. A day later he called me saying how all he could do was think of me. I ran back over there on Sunday. Spent the day talking again, kissing, and one thing lead to another. I figured he got what he wanted and that would be that, but the next day he checked in, was still acting cool, and wanted me to come spend the night. I did so this past Tuesday, and it went down again. The next morning I ask what he thought about me (asking questions after he got the kitty is Bassica Alba 101 but I’m sorry it just came out) and he said he thought I was funny and cool and sexy and all this other stuff that I was eating up. Then this fool says I’m moving into at least the 2nd spot on his team. Team? I thought he was joking, so I didn’t follow up. Lol I literally tried to black it out. Nothing changed, still talking through the day still being a gentleman.
Then my cousin calls me yesterday and says that they were eating in the break room and she asked what was good with us (I never told her to ask this) and he said it again, I made the team. She asked did that team mean like potential girlfriend, and he told her something like potential girlfriends don’t have to make the team they become the only player. This reminded me of the placeholder and game changer stuff you wrote about and I felt sick. All of our conversations have been very long and deep. I know you get that a lot but I am being so honest he even told me embarrassing things about growing up poor. So what is it that he doesn’t see in me? I know you can’t read his mind or sit in the room with us, but he’s the one that pursued me. Why waste his time and be so consistent even after we have had sex? For someone who allegedly is just on the team he is putting in a lot of phone time so I don’t buy it. I plan on going over there on Saturday but I will not have sex. My question to you is do I ask him why I’m just a team member and not seen as a potential relationship? Do you think this is just some dumb test he’s doing? I don’t know I feel like he’s just saying that to see if I’m loyal.


How long have I’ve been emphasizing a woman’s value? No man is so once in a lifetime that you hang on his nuts hoping you will win him over. There is not enough money, not enough good looks, not enough charisma, not enough fame, and not enough dick strokes in the world to run after a man who wouldn’t even walk for you. Yet I still get emails like this where the writing is on the wall: You Are Pussy. The ego on some women is so big that even when a man shows her she’s pussy, treats her like pussy, but tells her “you know I care about you,” all she hears is the last part. Read between the damn lines! Men don’t lie that good, they don’t have good poker faces, and their actions aren’t hidden. If he’s treating you like something to do, I don’t care what’s coming out of his mouth, that means you’re just something to do! But we have long convos, But we have chemistry, But he wants to see me. If he wanted you, he would have you. All these “But we” affirmations are window dressings for the ego.

How many times are you going to allow a man to fuck you over before you realize he doesn’t care about you? Going over his house to have “The Talk” isn’t going to make him want you more. Not calling him for two days isn’t going to make him want you more. Cursing him out isn’t going to make him want you more. You know this, but your pride is so hell bent on a man not curving you that you keep trying to keep the chapter open long after you’ve read the reveal. Just because he still answers your calls and wants to see you, doesn’t mean you haven’t been emotionally curved. So many of you reading this have been rejected and don’t even know it because the guy still plays along as if you’re actually an option. Think about the guy you’re currently talking to, dating, fucking, mad at, exclusive with, etc… and ask yourself how he makes you feel… If the words “confused, frustrated, or Idunno,” pop in your head then it’s already over. If you have to wonder if you’re in first place, then you’re not. You’re never going to be his girlfriend, you’re not even his friend, you’re just another girl with low self-esteem who stubbornly won’t take the hint—You’re not what he’s looking for.

youhurtornahThis idea that if a man chases you that means he wants you, is a myth. A male’s lust for your pussy has nothing to do with you as a person. We as men don’t see personality at first, we see a vagina. Men only stop seeing you as vagina, when you clearly demonstrate that he can’t get away with the same bullshit that typical girls let him get away with. That’s the problem with most women, they say they’re different but rarely show their difference. You don’t challenge men, you roll over. You don’t want to risk pushing him away with questions that gage his motives or tests that prove whether he’s been paying attention during those conversations or just nodding along. Guys like the one above, know that women compromise their value in order to earn “she’s cool” approval. Those women on his Team are there because none of them had the balls to say, “No, I’m not coming over, here’s where you can take me tho.” They are on his team because they think, “Let me show him I’m down to earth and not demanding.” Men love running through women that don’t expect shit but pizza and a 2-liter, but they don’t keep them! Remember, guys aren’t looking to reset their body counts at the end of the year like women, the goal is to raise it! Do you really think because he Facetimes you and acts as if he misses you that his dick isn’t for every semi-cute girl? Dudes aren’t out here saving dick for marriage, these dudes are for everybody! All the time you spend texting and talking, you can’t figure that out? Because you’re not trying to figure him out, you’re trying to fit in so he continues to like you.

I was once asked, “Why do men say they want certain things, get it, then leave for someone who doesn’t do those things.” If a money hungry person loses their wallet, and someone says they’ll replace what was stolen, that person won’t say the wallet was empty. They make up a high but believable amount and cash in on that kindness. If a girl asks a man what he wants in a woman, he’s going to say one that doesn’t go out much, covers her body, is loyal to a fault, sucks his dick like a champ, doesn’t nag, gives him space and privacy… they make up fantasy wifey traits and cash in on a naïve woman’s want to impress him. Every time you even ask that dumb as question of “What are you looking for,” you’re setting yourself up to get robbed! A man doesn’t want a slave that buys into his fantasy, he wants a fucking Queen that says, “fuck what you want, this is who I am!” A woman should never set out to become what one particular man claims he’s looking for, her only goal is to become so secure in her value that she doesn’t give a fuck what these men want if it isn’t her. That sense of worth will make you intuitively what all men of value are looking for—His Match.

What He Really Thinks of You
running thru the pussy

I’m not taking Pussy out: She wants to make sure that I like her and respect her, but I don’t need to spend money to do that. Only simps treat these hoes, I’m going to show you how it’s done. Bitches love two things: Their Birthdays and Attention. I’m going to text her every morning, and be consistent with the emoji game. Get her open. Get her behind closed doors. Listen to her talk and talk and talk about her boring ass life. Tell her she’s special. Fuck her like I’m fresh out of jail. Repeat. Keep hitting that until her pussy expires and then I’ll find a new bitch.

I’m not taking Pussy seriously: I like when she gets mad and acts passive aggressive. It’s kind of sexy to see a girl act crazy when I push her buttons. I know she feels as if she’s pussy because… well she is pussy. But all I need to do is play dumb, tell her she’s making it up, convince her that I care, and then once she’s calmed down, I’ll throw this dick like a Cam Newton pass. That will shut her up with all that “what are we” nonsense. Repeat. Keep hitting that until her pussy expires and then I’ll find a new bitch.

I’m not afraid of Pussy’s threats: She’s all in her feelings about how she’s going to cut me off because I don’t value her, yeah right. If this whore was going to cut me off, I’d be cut off. I know she’s only acting like that to get my attention. I’ll play her dumb ass game. I’m going to stop answering her calls for a week maybe two… pop back up on this crybaby and blame her for pushing me away in the first place. I’ll take responsibility for my part *snickers* and then eat her pussy like I’m District 12 hungry. In a month she’ll come back at my neck saying “nothing’s changed like you promised,” but by that time her pussy will be expired and I’ll have already found my next bitch.

Turning A Queen into A Peasant

How Do You Take Away A Woman’s Power?

By Making Her Feel Guilty For Having It.

Spoiler Alert: He Doesn't Want YouA lot of men are in the business of lowering your standards, this insures that they always have a shot no matter their situation. Guys with money that look like Odell Beckham and are as generous as Bill Gates, can’t have a monopoly on the top shelf pussy. So the propaganda of it’s totally fine that he’s struggling to figure out what he wants in life, that he brings nothing to the table, and that he expects you to hold him down, is framed by “that’s what a real woman does, because she’s not a gold digger.” Men mindfuck women with guilt in order to create an environment of selflessness. You’re not supposed to be shallow and want good looking guys, you’re not supposed to be spoiled and want men that make as much money as you do or more, and you’re supposed to put half, if not more, of your own money up during the dating process or you’re a hoe. “Let me take out my debit card, I don’t want him thinking I’m that type of girl…” What, the type with high standards? Example. If I say something about how a man should always pay on dates, most men will cry, “Fuck that, it’s not about the money we spend. It’s the effort.” Why? Because they don’t want women adopting standards that they will have to then adapt to and follow. If I say something about Netflix and Chill being basic, there’s the Xbox Live crew there to remind you that there’s nothing wrong with a night in, it’s the time he’s spending that’s most important. Finally, if I talk about how men honestly know in a matter of weeks if a girl is “It” or not, guys will pop up with, “Not always, some of us need time to blah blah blah.” Are your eyes open yet? If not let me spell it out for you. Men use your kindness to get away with murder because they realize society has conditioned women to be selfless to the point of exploitation.

There are tons of great guys out here who know how to treat a lady, but you will never reach them because you’re giving losers all your time. How many months or years have you wasted with a man who you were giving a chance to show you he was more than what he appeared? How did wasting time with “potential” work out? I’ll wait… you took an L, bitch! You will always take that L when you put He before She. This isn’t a man’s fault, he’s simply trying to upgrade his stable, it’s your fault because you’re allowing him to upgrade at your expense! You feel guilty for wanting what you actually want, so you lower your head and tell yourself it’s honorable to settle for less. Fuck honor! Who benefits the most from you having low standards? From you being understanding? From you trying to fix a broken man? From your “stand by him,” guilt? In their world, your pussy should not have a class system, it should be given without working for it, just because they deserve it. Your vagina is not a socialist country! You have the right to have shallow standards, because shallow standards are the only way you get high quality men! I don’t care how guilty these broke dudes make you feel; you should only be able to be attained by the best of the best!

netflix and chillThink about this, if you’re Paul the Barber from East Baltimore who doesn’t have much clientele, you’re broke. You can have enough money to pay your car note, to maintain rent, buy Jordans, and to go out every now and then, but that’s young shine. At the end of the day you don’t have real money to be spending unless it’s a necessity. Paul makes himself and men like him out to be “worth it in the long run,” because broke dudes do two things exceptionally well: impregnate and sell dreams. He’s telling you that dates should be shared, because he knows he can’t afford both you and his Xbox games. He’s telling you that home cooked meals and watching Ozark is a real date because his disposable income goes to either drink, smoke, or sneakers. The moment he hears someone attempt to uplift a female with the idea that “Girls need to aim high,” he gets upset and reminds women that it’s not all about what a man has right now… Why? Because the moment you women actually aim high, he has to step out of his comfort zone. When you set your bar high, a man will either show you he actually thinks enough of you to invest the little he has in trying to reach it, or go back to the ratchets who are happy with Henny, Netflix, and Dick. One of the counter arguments is “I’m saving my money,” men over 25 and in poverty don’t save money! Him taking you to a dinner isn’t denting his imaginary investment account. A good date costs the same as his sneakers, but the difference is those kicks are a must-have, you’re just a have. The point is these type of men would rather make excuses than to make plans with you because with enough guilt you feel it’s your duty to give broke dick a shot.

The ironic thing is that a lot of women listen to what the majority of these kinds of men say and buy into their logic. Regardless of what man is in your ear trying to convince you to sympathize, there has to be a moment where you think, “Wait, is this dude trying to keep my standards low so he can fuck for free with minimal effort and have me assuming that it will lead to a relationship when he’s mentally ready?” You have to wake the fuck up! Most of you protest about racial, financial, and gender inequality, but in your own life you’re allowing yourself to be fucked over by the biggest oppressors in the world—Men that see you as pussy.

Women control the spreading of legs, but men are the gateway to the relationship. In the end, you can’t get into a committed relationship unless a man says, “yes,” and that’s what’s at the root of this weak bitch behavior. Your entire life is built around getting that guy who you like to like you back enough to where he will only want to be with you. There is so much time spent trying to impress these men, but you don’t stop to think that it’s the man that should be impressing you. You shouldn’t have to work hard to get a commitment, either you are what he finds impressive or you aren’t. However, the lack of confidence in yourself makes you obsess over things you should do to further prove yourselves. You give up control of your pussy, you do him favors, you show him that you’re understanding of his lifestyle, you avoid coming off as high maintenance. Women compromise over and over again, all so they can get a man’s approval, failing to realize that he has already decided you’re nothing special.

Let’s look at guys that are financially well off, they too benefit from the Paul’s of the world because once one man lowers you, he can come in flash money, trick a little bit, and have you convinced that you’re being valued because girls like you aren’t used to being spoiled. So many women come bouncing in my inbox about what a guy spent because they are used to men that are broke or cheap. The new guy understands that by doing the materialistic things that others wouldn’t, he gets you fast and easy. He doesn’t have to put in energy, just money, and you’re open once again off that P-word–Potential. “But why did he take me out so many times and waste all that money when it wasn’t guaranteed he’d hit?” Because it ain’t tricking if you got it! You can still be just pussy, even if you rack up a $200 dinner bill and get a birthday gift. It’s a hustle that men with bread have mastered. You want to be his princess so you don’t vet that man, you soak up the fantasy, roll over, and give him the world in hopes that he will lock you down.

No matter if it’s a rich man or a poor man, that thirst to be loved blinds you to the obvious red flags and then transforms into paranoia. You’re wondering what kind of girl he likes in terms of looks, so you can become that, what kind of girl he likes in terms of personality, so you can adapt those traits, and what kind of girl wows him as oppose to bores him, so you can guarantee that he doesn’t ghost you anytime soon. Him Him Him! That’s where 9 out of 10 of you are fucking up mentally. In the end you have to be willing to step back, read his actions, ignore the lies coming out of his mouth, and see the obvious: He doesn’t want you!

You Still Don’t Get It

CmilliMost men don’t want you, they want to fuck you, know the difference. Assuming that generic acts of kindness are a reflection of genuine interest is a rookie mistake. Phone calls and compliments mean nothing. Time and consistency reveal everything. If he’s not showing you what you want to see, then he’s showing you what you need to see: Your value is limited in his eyes. You don’t need to give someone a second chance to show you that you’re a second option. Your self-respect needs to weigh more than his potential! So many women fall in love with what a man says he will do and ignore what he’s doing presently. Potential can’t buy you a cup of coffee, and promises are worth even less. Stop making excuses as to why you’re being dumb over dick, and start filling these holes! He always wants to hang out and doesn’t pressure you for sex—You’re open. He brought you a gift and men never get you things just because—You’re open. He’s popular or famous and he’s putting his attention on you—You’re open. He listened to you vent when he didn’t have to—You’re open. Act like you’ve had a man give a fuck about you before, and stop getting open off the basics!

To listen to you tell it, you don’t need a man for anything, guys don’t do anything but lie and cum fast, you’re a boss bitch, blah blah blah! Then why are these men able to make you act like a typical bitch the moment they take their attention away? Why are you being petty, why are you crying at night, why are you lurking on his social media, why are you constantly reaching out, why are you going over to see him, WHY DO YOU STILL WANT HIM! How can you be so defensive in your attitude, but so defenseless in your actions? I see the cracks in your armor, and so does every man with half a brain. We don’t want women like you, emotional messes that let us get away with everything. A female’s insecurity glows from a mile away. He knows that a man’s love is so important to you because your own love isn’t good enough. Males don’t have mercy, on the weak, they feast, and you’re just another meal.

Despite everything I’ve written, you want to be the exception to the rule, you want to believe so bad that there has to be something real inside of him that actually feels the same way about you that you feel about him.  …hope is a hell of a drug. Even when you realize these men don’t want you, you refuse to cut them off or even let them go without closure. Women pretend they don’t care about who likes them, but obsess over it. He doesn’t call you when he says he will, you hate him, you block him, you make a proclamation that you don’t need him… then the next day you unblock him because you know damn well you don’t want to miss his call. A guy who keeps playing games, putting you second or third, you don’t cut him off; his lack of interest does the opposite, and you become driven to get him to like you the same as he did when you first started talking. Some women can’t even let a man fallback in peace, you need to send emails, long ass texts, even handwritten letters that tell the story from your side. Did Adele’s ex pick up that phone? No. Will your little friend read any of that crybaby bullshit you’re sending him—Fuck No. He’ll scan it over, and either stay out of your life, or see it as an opening to come back and finish milking your lovesick ass. You don’t want closure; you want him to want you back because your ego can’t take a man showing you that you’re nothing special.

Go ahead and sit up at night overthinking ways to prove yourself. Go ahead and call your friend and ask them repeatedly, “So what do you think he means by that,” until they get sick of hearing about your basic bitch problems. Go ahead and ignore the signs, keep playing his game, and attempt to grow on him over time. If you want to chase dick, then chase dick, but when you fail (and you will fail) and reality bites you in the ass, I want you to come back and re-read this entire post. I gave away the ending, but you will still chose to keep dealing with someone that didn’t want you because of misplaced pride and an overblown ego. In the words of the little boy from the Sixth Sense, “I see typical bitches…

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