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For those of you that have met me in person, you already know that my favorite question to ask is, “What’s your favorite article?” I ask because I’m always curious to see what topics connect the most. One girl squeezed the hell out of my arm once and yelled, “Pussy Until Proven Wifey is my shit!” and went on to tell me how she didn’t think a lot of what I said applied until after she got her heart broken, and then I seemed like a prophet…

One really dope story was an Australian woman who read “The Truth About Soul Mates” and broke off her relationship, only to end up marrying a man she would have missed out on if not for walking away at the right time.

This site has also led to some great friendships and connections over the years. I met a woman who ended up becoming one of my best friends after she brokered a TV deal for Ho Tactics. I’ve traveled the world preaching empowerment. Shit, I remember being in London where I met a stranger who after 20 minutes of chit chat screamed “Wait. Black Girls Are Easy? Why didn’t you say you wrote Black Girls Are Easy!” …I didn’t know if she was going to stab or hug me.

For most “Are You Wifey or Pussy” was their first introduction to this site, for others “Are Today’s Men Scared of Pussy” and “Why Can’t Women Handle Dick,” led them here. “Stop Being The Bottom Bitch” was the first one that went viral while “Stop Being The Right Man For The Wrong Woman” had men finally nodding along in agreement. From Long Distance Relationships, to The Law of Attraction, even how to snatch another girl’s man…there’s so much I’ve touched on, some topics I wrote about a few times or updated my old advice based on recent results. You can get lost trying to go back through the archives, so I thought that I would do my personal Top Ten with links to my past favorites and why I chose them:

10) Why Women Should Date Multiple Men

Every single woman reading this who is actively ready to date, should be dating at least two men at a time. I know I know… you don’t have the energy for that, you don’t have that many options, blah blah fucking blah. This article was the first time I touched on this topic because I recognized early in the game that women were dating ass backwards. As men, we date around and don’t feel guilty. It’s the fucking dating stage or “talking stage” as the basica’s say, why are you being loyal? “A man won’t want a woman that’s out there dealing with other guys” Sis, he’s not your fucking man so why do you care? Dating doesn’t mean sex, it doesn’t mean you spend 24 hours with him. To date multiple men is as easy as going out with Paul on Friday and Nick on Saturday. Two fucking days of the week. You can’t do that? You think you’re going to burn in hell or break down in tears when a man asks “so who else do you talk to”? Jeez. The women who have used this advice have been plentiful and NONE of them have come back complaining, if anything they come back with thanks and pictures of a wedding ring. Read it, and master it ==== CLICK HERE TO READ.

9) How To Upgrade A Situationship

Too many of you settle for come over and chill, you let men dictate the pace, and you even lie to yourself and say “I don’t want anything serious either” until a few months of fucking and bonding makes you run to me with “how do I reset the rules, I want a real relationship now” This oldie but goodie stands the test of time. If you’re in a situationship, friends with benefit relationship, or stuck in relationship purgatory, I recommend you read it ASAP ==== Click Here To Read

8) You’re Going To Be Cheated On

Men cheat…a lot. 90% of you in a relationship now have been cheated on and those of you in new relationships will most likely be cheated on because we as men love one thing above sports or video games– new pussy. Being in love won’t make a man stay faithful, fucking him every day won’t make him stay faithful, sucking the soul out his body with bomb head won’t make him stay faithful. Males are horrible at temptation, she doesn’t even have to be that pretty, she just has to know how to bait us the right way. This article is for women and men alike, as it’s not a guarantee that a man will cheat nor is it a reflection of the woman if he does. I know it’s scary and it’s triggering, but trust issues or not, read it and be prepared ==== Click Here To Read

7) Why Won’t He Let Go When He Doesn’t Want You

In the years I’ve been doing this site one fact stands out. Women don’t understand male logic. The way men think is so foreign. Guys chase women they don’t want. They make promises they never intend on keeping. They act like sex isn’t everything then it becomes the thing that ruins the relationship. Guys lie to women a lot, they mislead, embellish, and guilt women when they get near the truth. I break the “guy code” a lot. What do men think? They don’t give a fuck because a Basica who wants to give him pussy based on lies and manipulation will give him pussy. Regardless, I wrote this to help those women who are blind and ignorant to the bullshit of men, enjoy ==== Click Here To Read.

6) Educated Fool:

I’m proud to say that this isn’t a website where ratchets go to learn to be more ratchet, and that most of my demographic are college educated women who have their own. This article is my kick in the ass to women who are so smart but act so damn dumb when it comes to seeing through male bullshit. Does degrees won’t keep you warm, but this article will ====  CLICK TO READ

5) How To Build Your Roster

I wrote so Lori Harvey could run! The Sequel to Women Need To Date Multiple Men is all about how to date and audition men without being caught up. This is a favorite of many women and has lead to the most marriages as women who know how to hustle males and make them chase always win out. If you have the Spartan heart and are sick of dating one at a time, this is your stop ==== Click Here To Read.

4) Spoiler Alert He Doesn’t Want You:

He says he loves you. He says he’s fighting for your “relationship”. He says he’s going to be more consistent. He fucks you like that dick is yours. Give it a few weeks or a few months and he’ll be on to the next like you never existed. Why do men do that? Did his feelings die out? Did he never have them to begin with? Why go through all of that trouble and play all those games? Welcome to the world of dating, beloved. Most men don’t like you, let alone love you. If you’re ready for the hard truth read this legendary entry that hurt many feelings but birthed meany Spartans ==== Click Here To Read.

3) Why Are Black Women So Difficult

Before the site’s name change I was always asked, “Why did you call it Black Girls Are Easy?” And my smart ass, sick of answering that question response was, “Because you wouldn’t have clicked the link if I called it, Black women are great.” But the true definition comes in the form of one of my all-time favs. So read this, and never ever fix your mouth to ask me what the meaning of the title is again. CLICK TO READ

2) Weak Bitch Ways:

If you want to point to one post that epitomizes Spartanhood, it’s not “Duh Spartan!” It’s Weak Bitch Ways, because it gives you direct examples of what really stands in your way—your mindset. A weak and timid psyche that leads to indecisive and exploiting behavior. A man can’t game a woman that’s thinking straight, but he can work a number on a woman that’s confused, lonely, and full of a want to be loved. CLICK TO READ

1) Ghosting, Guilting, and other Mind Games – How To Guard Against Gaslighting

Gaslighting is one of those words that gain popularity in the past five years, but it’s been around forever. Most of you are confused and what a man wants and the rest of you are afraid to walk away when he keeps pushing you away and pulling you back. I try not to get too clinical as I want this site to be something anyone can read no matter if you’re 16 or 56, but this was one instance where I was so pissed at the female abuse that I let the machine gun spray. This is the starting point for any woman that feels lost or confused, it’s not you love, it’s probably him ==== Click To Read

Are You Ready To Make This Decade A Spartan Decade?

The Books…

Men Don’t Love Women Like You:

This book is mandatory and certain parts should be highlighted and read weekly. I talk to so many women and have to say “You know that’s all in MDLWLY” and they’re like… “oh”. That book will literally give you what you’re willing to put in. If you skim it or half read it, then it’s just another book on the shelf. BUT if you read it, understand it, and test it out for yourself with the confidence described then you will win. It’s won awards, it’s gotten me in rooms with famous people who I had no idea even needed relationship advice, and most importantly it’s given men and women a Blueprint to take back their power… Click Here To Read

…Ho Tactics:

Ho Tactics: How To MindFuck… is truly “The Secret” of relationship books and has given way to real breakthrough moments where women have regained their confidence in a practical way that they couldn’t with Solving Single. I set out to make an Ikea like easy to follow guide, and those that had the courage to follow the steps, have done it! It really is unlike anything I had written before. At first the title threw people off as if I was going against my Girl Power beliefs, but for any woman that’s read it, Ho Tactics has nothing to do with prostituting yourself out, but reaffirming how to mentally take control over any situation.

I exposed the game and how easy it is for any woman to master. Men use Dick Tactics every day to run game, I figured it was time to even up the playing field, so even the women with the lowest self esteem could get their WORTH! From the response—mission accomplished. CLICK TO READ

Honorable mention: Solving Single, my first book is the best of this blog, well the first five years of it, and is a very easy read that introduces you to the first stage of the Spartan Mindset.

Also big shout out to all the guest writers over the years Bmore Banner, Derrick Jaxn, Adara, Nefarious Bliss, and Wisdom Is Misery…

Most importantly thank YOU for all the love and support!


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