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Q: I don't know what we are. I'm waiting on him to tell me. 
We're working on us. It's not official, but we only talk to each other. 
A: What are things bitches in Situationships say?

Women fought to gain so many rights in the 20th century only to see 21st century women turn right around and give up one of their most important rights, the ability to demand an exclusive relationship. If a man tells you he doesn't want anything serious, acts as if he doesn't want anything serious, or looks like a guy you used to fuck that didn't want anything serious, then you follow his lead and fit into the box he wants to put you in. He doesn't want a traditional relationship, you do, but you can't look thirsty, so you pretend to be cool with being unofficial while still giving this man all the official benefits. Huh??? I always hear, "I didn't want anything serious either, but it just happened." OMG, you mean to tell me three months of spending every day talking to a person resulted in deep romantic feelings!? No, that's impossible, how can that be when you said that wasn't what you wanted. Because Science, dumb ass! Women want love, and to deny that part of your DNA so you can try to keep a man that is still playing the field in your life, is idiotic and demeaning.
A situationship is a relationship without a label where two people are more than platonic friends, but haven’t committed to being anything official for various reasons. What’s the difference between a situationship and just taking it slow with someone you want to eventually commit to? Treatment. Choice. Time Elapsed. A man who Treats you like a girlfriend, fucks you like a girlfriend, but doesn’t want to give you the title or commit to anything serious has no excuse for not committing. He’s using the lack of label as a loophole so he can exit whenever he wants. That’s like someone saying they don’t have a job because they do...

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