I once received an email where a woman wanted me to create her online dating profile. I wrote everything up for her in a way that was witty and appealing... then she says "for picutures should I just use face shots, I don't want them to see my body yet..." What the fuck do you mean "yet"? You can't catfish your own dating profile and hope you drop 20 pounds before he asks you out. Men are abundant, thirsty, and easy to snatch. But insecurity has too many of you leading wit the wrong energy!

There was a recent internet debate sparked by a tweet that women should never weigh over 180 if they aren't pregnant. We live in a world where some women don't want to date because of their size, and it's because of the damage that men do your self-esteem. Men sit back and laugh because they know it's all one big mindfuck to humble you into submission. Knowing that men are ALL CAP why feed in to it? Why do women care what men think about their weight? "Because G.L., I need these men to fall in love with me so I can be happy!"

Zendaya skinny is going to find you love?

BBL hourglass is going to find you love?

Fitness competition hard is going to find you love?

The worst thing a woman can do is try to chase what a man says he wants instead of being who she is! Men wanting to fuck you based on having an ass minus the stomach isn't the gateway to happiness. Starving yourself into a calorie deficet that makes you moody won't stop you from getting ghosted. Men will lie online about what they like and don't like, then go outside and continue to chase a variety of body types. Meanwhile confused women will try to fit into this perfect package and end up with body dysmorphia, health problems, surgery scars, and still not find a man who wants them for more than a turn.

Today, we need to talk about weight. I don't care what age you are, what race you are, or if you're the size of old Bebe Rexha or new Bebe Rexha, you need to understand the game, specifically the mind of men, when it comes to looks and the psychology behind losing weight before you date.

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