Delusion: “The person that’s meant for you will find you.”

Reality: People are manipulative, and they will pretend to be everything you’re looking for in order to gain control of your heart and mind.

Delusion: We’ve been on and off forever, but we always come back to each other. I think it’s meant to be.

Reality: You’re wasting the best years of your life trying to force a person who isn’t right for you because you ignorantly believe that comfort = compatibility.

Delusion: I’m going to end up happily married because I’m good, loyal, and I know how to please a man.

Reality: Fuck that. How smart are you? How good at vetting are you? How good at reading between the lines are you? Your entire life, you’ve said you were “special,” but how often have you shown that you were special?

You’re loyal to men who have lied to you on more than one occasion. Clap it up. After everything you’ve seen, you still believe in men who aren’t consistent. Clap it up. You throw pussy on a man, hoping it locks him down… how has that worked out for you? Since you were in your 20s, you’ve lost at love. You’ve been fooled by big talk, you’ve fallen in love with potential, and you’ve wasted buckets of wet vagina on men who were never what they appeared. Clap it up for your delusional ride through life. ...are you done playing the fool? Are you done beliving that all you need to win is a good heart? This is war, beloved. It's time to Spartan the fuck up!

There’s a difference between being positive and being delusional. Confidence dictates that you push through your current fear and past setbacks and go for what you want. Your actions, thoughts, and choices shape your destiny. The lessons you learn by making mistakes should help you eventually make better choices. The key word is “should”.

Delusion is when you don’t learn from life, and double down on stupidity. You buy into some cliché saying or baseless belief and prop yourself up with false confidence. Why are so many women Placeholders? Why are so many women holding on to toxic relationships? Why are so many women single, and unsure of how to attract more men? 90% of you reading this don't know how to play the Love Game, you hope, wish, and pray, but you don't know how to activate your inner Bad Bitch, Spartan Up, and Get What You Need!

When you’re caught up in delusion, you convince yourself that a basic man is a king, water is dry, down is up, because your pride and ego have to be right... you're so afraid to fail that you keep lying to yourself.

“We’re going to get married, girl,” remarks your Basica bestie after two months of dick and promises. “Fuck him, these men ain’t shit,” growls your Basica bestie a few weeks later. It’s always fuck that last relationship, I've moved on. Never. Wait. What is going on inside of me that I got so caught up so fast. All this talk about the latest makeup bronzers, reality show reunions, and what you have planned for your birthday... but ZERO mention of your own mental health and why you feed into delusion, end up chosing the wrong people, and keep getting hurt.

 “Whatever, God got me... What’s meant to be will be... I'm waiting until the Sun is in Virgo...” Spiritual excuses are spit from your mouth, and you sound like a pychopath. Waiting on supernatural forces to bring you a husband or using it to explain away why the last man didn't want you is not taking accountability, beloved.

You can’t keep making mistake after mistake in the name of “I’m highly favored.” Your delusion has you believing that you have some kind of spiritual shield that will keep you protected. But why isn't it working? The truth is your intuition is broken, busted, and more off than a clock radio after Day Light Savings Time!  You're not highly favored, you're hard headed. The Universe opens a door but you choose to walk into a wall in the name of "I got this," No, you fucking don't.

Destiny is manifested. It isn’t handed out to everyone who clasps their hands together in prayer. “Please show me true love! Ancestors bring me my match.” Sis, your ancestors are disgusted that you still act dumb over dick at your age and routinely got left when the universe tries to push you to go right. You have all the tools to win but never use them. Instead, you wait until you’re sad, lonely, or disappointed—again, and try to lean on superstition and fake positivity, aka Delusion.

Look at you, Ms. Know It All... who doesn't have any results that prove that she's figured out this game called love. The reality you're afraid to admit is that you're too egotistical to tell if they're good for you or playing you. “This is the one. Our last few dates just felt right!” It didn’t feel right. It felt safe. They weren’t amazing. They were just different from the trash you’re used to dating. They weren’t perfect for you. They just gave you the perfect level of attention that you’ve been craving since childhood. But go ahead, pretend that you're so smart and see where it gets you.

Not everyone ends up with “the right person”. They end up with “who’s left.” Most people settle for a mediocre partner and call them the love of their life, but the truth is they fumbled their shot at a fairytale ending. They won't admit this, but in there heart it's a constant regret of "What if..." Do you want to be that person with the leftovers? Or that person who got everything they wanted?

Placeholders stumble upon great men, then get passed up, and that’s not because “the universe has something better,” there is no better, Basica! There's only the lesson that the Universe is screaming—STOP PRETENDING EVERYTHING IS FINE AND FIX YOUR ISSUES! So long as you refuse to face your mindset, choices, and outcomes, the loop will repeat. You will always meet a near perfect match only for it all to come crashing down. Boo Fucking Hoo! When are you going to make the effort to level up instead of shrinking yourself into just another basic woman with basic beliefs who gets ran through and tossed because she’s afraid to evolve and use the full power of her personality!

If you're reading these words, it's because you're in alignment with something you need to receive-- THE TRUTH. Stop running away, stop trying to figure it out on your own, and stop pretending you'll be okay. With each new day, you'll keep taking another loss, because you aren't following the SIGNS. On today's episode, I want to show you how to lean into your power, not run from it. How to get what you want, not what you’re given.

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