Goddess Mindset = You Can Manifest At Will. The Universe Conspires To Give You What You Need. Life is Amazing.

Victim Mindset = You Have Bad Luck. Nothing Ever Works Out. Life Sucks…what’s the point?

Every time you step foot outside, you’re either in control or at the mercy of the world you’re living in. You either have the confidence to push through everything that comes your way, or you’re filled with anxiety because you know that you’re not built to be tested.

What's the difference between G.O.D Mode (GREATNESS OVER DOUBT) and Victim Mode? Winners believe in their powers, while losers wait for others to empower them. Are you triggered yet? Does looking at your life make you uncomfortable? Good! Because it's time to confront what's holding you back. Basic thoughts. Inconsistent results. A mountain of mistakes... and what the fuck are you doing to change these things besides repress and regress?

My books turn weak women into Goddesses, at least those who are open enough to follow what I write without fear, and it's not because of what I say, it's because I'm waking up what's inside of you. You are inherently powerful, but you refuse to honor that gift.

Your dating life is mid and inconsistent. Why aren’t you dating men who are on your level? At least 2-3 times a month, you should be taken out by men who can actually bring something to YOUR table.

Your relationship is dry and unsatisfying: Why isn’t your relationship giving Happy Ending? Instead, you don’t go anywhere, you don’t get anything, and be honest-- you don’t feel special. It’s giving “be happy with mediocre love.” You don't think you can do better so you choose to be content instead of truly happy.

Your mindset is set to pick me and prove myself. Who taught you that a woman's job is to tap dance for dick? You trick on men, let them fuck you the moment they apply pressure, hold down guys who aren't even officially yours all because you don't believe just being yourself is enough for them to stay. You're so mentally broken that you think for an attractive man to actually want you, there must be some kind of exchange, sexual or materialistic. You talk empowerment online then pander for penis in real life because you don't believe you're worthy of unconditional love.

You're sad. You're lost. You're on a fast tract to being just another Basica who settles, gets used, and gets tossed back in the dating pool to repeat that pathetic cycle.

What man doesn't love a dumb bitch who does the most? Stop being so Basic!

It’s time to hit reset and get the love you actually want, from a person who can match your energy, not drag you down. The problem is you don’t know where to start. Your life has been up and down, and mentally, your trauma is getting in the way. Victim or God? Unfuckwitable or Low Vibrational? It’s on you to change because waiting on someone to come in and "fix you" isn't happening!

You want to be powerful. You want to be respected. You want to achieve what you're capable of... Yet you contradict then betray your own standards! You don't want to embrace Godhood, you want to submit and be a man's pet because all you ever wanted is the validation of "Daddy love me!" Enough is enough. Get off your knees and become the woman you know you are because it's never too late to Spartan Up!

Do you know how to show love, receive love, and test that bond to know that it’s solid and not just another start-and-stop relationship? Today, we’re going to revamp your love life with some tough love:

Seek Therapy and Heal: Fuck that. I’m going to show you how to self-heal without spending all that time and money going in circles.

How Do You Know You’re Ready For A Relationship: Fuck that. Stop looking for signs and start creating your own reality where you easily test and see if this person is right.

Unsure of what to say: Fuck that. No more introverted relationships where you let people lead you, or you allow opportunities to pass you by because you lack the confidence or the words to express what you want. It’s time to open your mouth and get what you deserve!

All it takes to reignite your love life, no matter if you’re single, in a relationship, situationship, or just stuck—are these 3 Steps I talk about on today's episode. Plus, we answer YOUR top questions. This is the ultimate class on fixing trauma, killing anxiety, and healing that actually works!

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