Grab your phone right now, go one by one through every man in your contacts, and place a check next to those who you know for a fact will do the following things:  Pick you up and take you out to any restaurant you want. Pay at least half your rent if you were in dire need. Give you, not loan you, more than $200 with no questions asked. If you’ve made it to the T’s and the only guy you can put a check next to is, “Daddy” or “Granddad” then you need to erase your fucking sim card. Most of you will proudly proclaim that you don’t need a man to do shit for you and list all your independent woman accomplishments. You can buy your own flowers and pay your own bills, but you shouldn’t have to do that 100% of the time. Being treated isn’t about needing a man; it’s about getting back the respect that’s been lost over the years.

Every woman, no matter how high she climbs in life, should be able to experience what it’s like to be taken care of without the pressure to pay a man back. There are women that get all kinds of gifts, trips, tuition paid, amazon Wishlist's bought out, without even having sex with these guys because they know how to seduce and destroy.

What do I mean by seduce? It isn't about flirting, sending nudes and calling him "babe".

What do I mean by destroy? It isn't about scamming money, breaking hearts, or being negative.

The power that women have over men is that you can tap into our lust, lower our guards and bond with us in very short time. Once that bond is formed, that man will be obsessed with you to the point where he sees you as irreplaceable. Seduce & Destroy = Using your feminine wiles to form a connection where this man won't say "no" to anything. How do you connect with a man on this level? Understand these things.

1)Personality is greater than pussy.

2)Princess Treatment Requires Submission

3)Males are ruled by their egos.

4)Males rarely experience deep conversations with females.

5) It's not tricking if he has it to spend.

A man will fuck 40 women, and out of all of those bodies, he will always keep that one "best friend" type in his life. What did she do that was so special? She formed a bond based on conversation, shared interests, and allowed that man to lower his guard, drop his fake tough guy cool, and be vulnerable. Pussy comes and goes, but a woman who can allow a man to be himself, is priceless.

YOU have been the woman that he ghosts, or that he looks over, or who he only uses when he's bored. Admit it. You're PUSSY not Wifey. You're not a man's idea of "the one" and it's because you don't know how to inspire the feelings I'm talking about. Guys aren't hard to understand, the chase for new pussy is lust, not love or even like. You confuse the early dating stage as "OMG he really likes me," no bitch, he doesn't like you he wants to fuck you, there's a clear difference. Go beyond that and you'll discover that every man has a deeper need for someone that gets him on an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual level.

If you can use a man's lust against him and tap into this thirst for a real connection, no man will ever be able to resist you. The problem becomes that typical women never raise above being a sexual object, they never earn a man's trust nor respect, and they rarely develop the skills to seduce a man's mind, only his dick. 

Ho Tactics is one of those topics I'm constantly contacted about. The book has sold over a million copies world wide and it recently went viral on TikTok. Which is why today I want to talk about WHY it's been able to keep working plus give you some new tips on feminine mindfucks any of you can use no matter if you're dating, in a relationship or even in a situationship.

No matter if you've read the book or not, I need you to understand that dating for love or dating to advance your status in live, is a game where women have to more two steps ahead because these men will dog you out! Forget about the materialistic aspects of that book and think about the world of dating in general. Men chase women based on looks, but they become obsessed with women based on personality.

Men with means to spend money aren't like these broke dudes on your timeline trying to make you feel guilty and preaching that everything should be 50/50. Real bread winners want to show their appreciation for women because their love language is Gift Giving. However, how can a man shower you with that kind of love, if your personality is overly masculine, abrasive, combative? Simple, they can't and they won't. If you wan to level up, then now is the time to rewire your brain from masculine to feminine.

Submission = Soft

Controlling = Hard

Do you understand these traits? I doubt it. Because 90% of those reading this don't know how to shut up and play the soft game. A man, especially wealthy ones, want to feel as if they're special, the king of the world who can change your life. But here you go, with your list of demands and speeches about why you don't need anyone because you grew up independent... YAWN... and you wonder why no one is flying you out to islands and sending you money just because they were thinking of you?

Your imposter syndrome makes you want to prove to a man that you're different from other women, that you can pull your own weight. No man of means wants a woman he has to play tug of war with, he wants a trophy who will sit back and let him impress her. Being feminine, laid back, and calculating is far more powerful than being this competitive masculine woman trying to overcompensate.

"I'll submit to a man who's worth submitting to," that's a basic statement you'll read online posted by women who pump their own gas and pay their own bills because true trophies don't have to state the obvious. Her attitude is giving cute pouty brat. Your attitude is giving angry masculine ratchet. Her energy is projecting, "Could you pretty please buy me that, Daddy?" Your energy is projecting, "I shouldn't have to ask him to buy me that, he should read between the lines." You are too fucking hard. You are too fucking defensive. You are too fucking prideful. As a result, you get treated like a "bro" not like "bae."

No matter if it's my Date Like A Spartan Book or my Ho Tactics book. I break down that the way through a man's heart is through his ego. Being a strong woman isn't the entire picture, one must also be a WISE woman. Why is the next woman able to get a Sponsor or a series of tricks who constantly want to spoil her while you get semi-hard dick from a guy who can't even get you a Valentine's Day gift? Because she's WISE enough to realize that not everything has to be a contest.

Let him pick the restaurant, let him talk about all of the power moves he's making, meanwhile all you have to do is sit there, smell good, and ask questions that allow him to keep bragging, keep over-sharing, and then remark how impressed you are as if he's teaching you new things. That's the mindfuck, Basica!

Look at your current love life. What are the results? Guys ghost you because they don't connect. Guys date you, but don't truly open up, because they don't connect. Guys will tell you they love you, yet won't give you a dime, because they don't connect, thus they don't trust or value you as a woman.

You talk too much, think you know everything, and are passive aggressive, yet you have a nerve to post about "Soft Girl Era". You're as hard as it comes, and the reality is that you've made yourself hard to love because you don't know how to play the game in terms of male ego stroking, flirting, and bonding.

"G.L. isn't it true that some men just don't spend money on women let alone fall in love," fuck no. Show me a man that wouldn't buy you a bottle a water and I'll show a woman that has made that man trick thousands. Show me a man that told you he wasn't the relationship type, and I'll show you a woman that could easily swoop into his life and have him on bended knees. I've seen the stories over the years that prove that it isn't about the men, it's about your inability to connect with him to the point where his pockets and heart open.

Activating Your Soft Side

Soft doesn't mean being a push over, nor does it mean being overly emotional, or needy. That kind of soft woman won't last against a hard dick. The elephant in the room is this: women who get emotionally attached too quick, lose their ability to strategize and bend a man to her will. That first week, you didn't like him that much, but he was chasing you and doing everything to win you over because guys know when a woman is on the fence. Three weeks later, he's love bombed his way into your life and you actually like him. There's nothing wrong with that, but you OVER-like him because it's been so long since you felt wanted. Now you're getting excited when he texts, constantly thinking about what he's doing throughout your day, and are already on the verge of thinking this is love... That's how you fuck up.

Once a man catches you, meaning he realizes that you now like him back, to the point where you only have eyes for him, it's game over. Like every other woman before you, the power that was in your hands now belongs to him. He can see that you're nervous, he can see that you get upset when he doesn't text back as fast, and at that moment he knows he can do whatever because now you like him more than he likes you, meaning that you're on his dick waiting to be choose, whereas weeks earlier the roles were reversed.

Emotional attachment is the wrong kind of soft. Spartans are tough emotionally, not hard, tough emotionally meaning that they don't get sprung off of attention and potential! When I talk about being entering your soft girl era, you're merely using that feminine energy to crack a man open, understand what that man wants, then use it against him.

Some may say that's being a villain, but women who think psychology is evil are currently stuck with broke Babby Daddies who won't even go half on a their kids Christmas gift. Let the basic women judge from their basic apartments, while you use this knowledge that I'm about to teach you to live a luxury life.

Learn a man's buttons, then learn how to push them until he's your puppet! That's game! These little femineity coaches online, love to dwell on lux aesthetic, charm school behavior, and all of that shallow shit that doesn't deal with psychology. Fuck that. I don't have time to talk about your makeup choices and sundress colors, I'm trying to teach you how to be a fucking winner.

-If you're single you should be able to have each man you date dying to eat out your ass.

-If you're in a relationship there shouldn't be any "he doesn't treat me like he did during the honeymoon stage" your man should still be spoiling, tricking, and treating you to whatever you want.

-If you're a successful woman, you STILL deserve have a man who pampers you not one who competes!

These little basicas can't even get flowers, never get taken on vacations, and spend there OWN money on getting hair, nails, gas, groceries. Why? Because they think being hard and independent gets them wifed. Beloved, point out a REAL housewife in Beverly Hills that comes out of pocket? You don't get a man to treasure you by being Superwoman, you get it by being a fucking entitled brat who sets the bar and trains a man to give give give. Your energy is giving "I change tires," not "I catch flights." You act more like the Beast, than Belle, and wonder why guys call you "Bro" instead of "Beautiful" This is the era of the Trophy Woman and I'm going to train you in the ways of the dark side of femineity.

The first and only rule is...

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