Bitches get shit done. Bitches get what they want. Bitches understand that life isn’t about playing nice, it’s about playing for keeps. Let’s swap out the word “bitch” for Spartan, aka those powerful women who have studied this site and have read all my books. That level of wisdom and confidence will always win out in love and life because they aren’t afraid to be the bad girl. Can you say that about yourself? Or are you still playing nice, hoping people like you or someone sees you as special? It’s time to realize your power.

Powerful women are magnets for men, but more importantly, by carrying yourself like a true fucking Queen, you gain respect across the board. Understand this. Respect weighs more than love. You’ve had people in your life who loved you but still fucked you over. Respect is the ingredient that tells a person that if they cross you, they lose you. Respect is the understanding that they can’t play in your face and expect to still be in your life the next day. Respect is earned based on your character, so look at your life and show me the receipts that you’re a person who demands respect or someone who is seen as a joke.

Men love bitches because bitches demand respect and could care less about how often you drop the “L word.” Is that your energy? If not, then you need to recognize that men will take advantage.

We as men know one thing for a fact: Certain women are clowns, they’re weak, love us more than we love them, and we can play in their face… BUT there is another group of women we can’t play with and who are worthy of our respect and admiration because they carry themselves differently.

Why will a man who’s a work in progress chase you, keep fucking up, and never change no matter how many arguments you have and tears you cry? Because he knows you’re emotionally soft and thirsty for a “happy ending.” These men clown you out, have you holding out hope, never changing… Yet, when he meets a new woman, one who isn’t with the shit, he becomes a different person and gives her the world.  He’s doing things for her that he wouldn’t do for you. That hurts, doesn’t it? You feel like a victim, but you’re not. You’re an enabler, and it’s time to stop that cycle!

This isn’t a case of “training a man so he’s better to your replacement,” it’s proof that the women who come after you are coming with an energy that you lack. On today’s show, we’re going to talk about tapping into this energy and Why Men Love Spartans. Login BELOW to listen to this podcast and stop playing games with your future!

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