Today I’m going to give you something different. I usually tackle one big topic, but I’m going to do a Q&A style entry on some recently popular questions I’ve been asked with hopes it will help some of you who are currently going through these same struggles… Make sure to read to the end, I'm sure something you're going through will be addressed.

Dating Down

Q: What’s wrong with dating a man that makes less than me? Money can come and go, but having someone that really loves you is forever.

There’s nothing wrong with dating a man that makes less than you if his backstory and character is that of someone who is trying to better his life. Men who aren’t users don’t give a fuck about what a woman earns so why should it be a double standard where women need to put "makes more money than me" at the top of the list? This is where the peer pressure and fronting for social media comes into play. No one walks around with their net worth on their forehead, having a Benz doesn’t mean you have money, wearing Gucci doesn’t mean you’re balling, that’s basic shit.

When actually dating you judge a person on their personality, if they are working a reputable job or in school aiming for a career, and how they treat you. Yet, when real life topics hit the internet, it becomes as simple as “If he’s broke don’t fuck with him, girl” as if the average 19-24-year-old isn’t broke as fuck.

The problem isn't young people dating young people. It's the 25 and above women, who take care of men. Let's think about this progressively. This is the 21st century. A woman can propose to a man, she can take care of the bills while the man stays home and takes care of the kids. There are no rules that say "men do this while women have to do XYZ." But let's be real...

As a woman, to have a man who can't do anything for you but give you a kiss and ask for money to pay his car note, how does that make you feel? When your friends go on vacation or you all go out to dinner and their boyfriends or husbands are reaching for the check and your "man" is handing you the check to pay it, how does that make you feel? They have males in their lives who can step up and make them feel like Queens. You have a man who loves you, but makes you feel masculine.

What about broke women? Women who don't have anything but want a "baller"? Can a girl at a call center be so picky? Can that hostess who makes 18hr really judge a guy who makes 22hr? Online it's all about $200 dates and don't split rent, but in real life should you be so stuck up when you don't have much in your savings?

Fuck that noise. Your real-life standards should always be high no matter who you are or where you work, but dating is a journey where you must understand where you are in life and what you need to see from someone that wants to take you off the market. You're a woman. You are the trophy. I don't care what you make, and if you're account is $50 from overddraft. You CAN get a man with money to see you as his prize.

Why? Because men don't give a fuck about a woman's networth. Are you pretty? Are you fun? Are you smart? Would you make a compatible partner and a strong parent?

If you're broke don't settle for a 30 year old who's just as broke as you. If you have money and a thriving career, never settle for a 30 year old who can't at least match what you're doing. Males with less who you have to take care of will always resent you because you're emasculating him. Males with less while you have lesss, can only keep holding you down. Next thing you know you're pregnant and your child is in what tax bracket???

You deserve princess treatment. You can get it. So if you want to date down because you feel that only men with LESS can ever love you, then that's a choice your making out of fear or ignorance. Beloved, there are plenty of men, white, black, brown, who will see you as a must have. Stop thinking that only the "FIX A DICK" type are what you can pull. Realize your value, understand your worth, and go back and read Ho Tactics, and remember that if you don't get these wealthy men, then other women will...

Q: I'm in my early 30s and it's not that I don’t want a man on an equal or greater level than me, but where I live the options for established men are very limited. Can it be called settling when you have no choice?

You’re full of shit. Most of you settle because you don't look for options in the first place. You assume that the man that's giving you attention is the only man you are able to get. When was the last time you actually tried to date multiple men instead of dating one at a time. "My city doesn't have that many eligible men" is a big ass lie. The reality is YOU DON'T seek men, you wait to be chose, and then settle.

Ladies if you want to become a woman that ends up married to a high value man, here's what you have to understand about the manifestation. Attracting better options starts with the confidence of mind that better exists. When you make excuses like a stubborn basica you are living in a passive victim mindset. Being a victim of your city, being a passive character in your own life story, it all leads to you manifesting low quality results. Spartans are powerful God minds. Are you? Go read the first chapter of Date Like A Spartan? Do you feel that kind of power or do you doubt you can win in this world? You are a doubting weak bitch if you ever fix your mouth to say "no one is out there I may as well settle."

How do you find quality men? Where do you go to meet quality men? What do you say to quality men?

The first step is being confident enough to know that you are pretty enough and smart enough to stand in front of any man and make him thirsty. The second step is to look at the city you live in and come up with a game plan, the same way I've done for years with the women who email me personally. Let's use two examples on how to find men. Example 1: You live in a small city. Example 2: You live in a big city.

Let's start with the first Example. I want you to get a notepad and write out three things that will help with this game plan to secure a man ASAP. Line one needs to show...

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