important is sex? Before a relationship (meaning talking stage, dating
stage, or whatever these Basica’s are calling it this decade) it’s a man’s
main objective. During a relationship that initial lust dissipates, but sex
remains this magical power that can end arguments, release stress, and
reconnect even the busiest couples. At the same time a lack of sex during a
relationship can case rifts, fan the fires of infidelity, or lead to a breakup.
After a relationship, sex can of bring exes back together for one or several
last sessions and can disrupt a new relationship of a person who was trying to
move on. My point? Sex is the foundation of attracting a person, keeping a
person, or getting a person back after a breakup. Speaking directly to a
woman’s role in sex, what you ladies have between your legs can bring men to
their knees. Males throughout history have been ruled by their dicks so they
systematically set rules to limit that “Pussy Power”.

Slut shaming a woman for what she wears, says, or how many partners she has is embedded in every part of the patriarchal world. A man will tell you that sex isn’t a big deal, a Pick Me female will tell you to bring more to the table, but reality shows that men will lie, beg, steal, pay, even cut off friends and family for pussy... I’m not even talking about what can described as “Bomb Pussy” I’m talking about everyday “Typical Pussy” possessed by women who don’t even know what they’re doing or are too shy to fuck back. Someone reading this right now has mediocre sex skills, but even she has stumbled upon what happens when a man becomes smitten with the box. Do you want to be a bad bitch on accident, or do you want to actually know how to rule the world? Here’s a secret. Everything you do now sexually can be amplified to the point where it literally snatches a man’s soul. Going even further, a double dose of Spartan personality and Goddess Pussy can get a woman damn near anything she can imagine. You can make a man c...

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