How important is sex? Before a relationship (meaning talking stage, dating stage, or whatever these Basica’s are calling it this decade) it’s a man’s main objective. During a relationship that initial lust dissipates, but sex remains this magical power that can end arguments, release stress, and reconnect even the busiest couples. At the same time a lack of sex during a relationship can case rifts, fan the fires of infidelity, or lead to a breakup. After a relationship, sex can of bring exes back together for one or several last sessions and can disrupt a new relationship of a person who was trying to move on. My point? Sex is the foundation of attracting a person, keeping a person, or getting a person back after a breakup. Speaking directly to a woman’s role in sex, what you ladies have between your legs can bring men to their knees. Males throughout history have been ruled by their dicks so they systematically set rules to limit that “Pussy Power”.

Slut shaming a woman for what she wears, says, or how many partners she has is embedded in every part of the patriarchal world. A man will tell you that sex isn’t a big deal, a Pick Me female will tell you to bring more to the table, but reality shows that men will lie, beg, steal, pay, even cut off friends and family for pussy… I’m not even talking about what can described as “Bomb Pussy” I’m talking about everyday “Typical Pussy” possessed by women who don’t even know what they’re doing or are too shy to fuck back. Someone reading this right now has mediocre sex skills, but even she has stumbled upon what happens when a man becomes smitten with the box. Do you want to be a bad bitch on accident, or do you want to actually know how to rule the world? Here’s a secret. Everything you do now sexually can be amplified to the point where it literally snatches a man’s soul. Going even further, a double dose of Spartan personality and Goddess Pussy can get a woman damn near anything she can imagine. You can make a man cum, but then what? Society has taught womankind to downplay this superpower.

Are you confident enough to pussy on a higher level? You talk a lot of shit, but has your pussy ever paid your bills, gotten you a car, or had someone dying to give you their last name? Today I’m going to give you an uncut look at how to use Pussy Power to break down any man for your benefit.

How good is your pussy?

I once wrote, “You get super wet, and so does the next woman when aroused. It’s not super soaker pussy, it’s biology.” Your vagina is unique to you, but its function doesn’t stray from woman to woman. The only proof that you have “good pussy” is a man’s reaction. Men are not reliable sources. A man who was with his ex for a long time, her sex drive most likely lowered over that stint. She no longer got as wet because mentally it was the same old dick. So of course you’re wetter than his last check in terms of him, BUT the guy she’s currently fucking could say that she’s the wettest he’s ever had, because now she’s springing a new kind of leak for his new dick. A man who hadn’t had sex in a long time, he can’t even remember anything other than his hand, so of course every sensation is going to be “god damn this is good as fuck!” My favorite anecdote was my good friend who went from smashing a girl in her 30s with kids, to a 22-year-old. When I asked him how 22-year-old pussy felt he said, “Tight, nigga! It’s tight!”

Every man compares the current pussy with the last. The irony is that even if the last vagina was “better” he’s not going to say shit because mid-grade pussy still makes us cum. 99.9% of men with functioning dicks ejaculate and ejaculate with ease. Making a man climax doesn’t take effort, at all. No one tells women that when they’re young, because sex is taboo, so these young women grow into grown ass woman that think they have golden pussies because their boyfriends fall asleep afterwards. Poll every woman in the world and you would see that shit is the norm, not proof of NyQuil Pussy.  A woman emailed me last year about how she had great sex with this guy for a few weekends then he ghosted her to get back with his ex. Her quote was “I know my shit is bomb”. She doesn’t know that, it’s ego! The woman who got her man back could say “Then why did he leave” and the first woman can clap back with, “If yours was so good he wouldn’t have left in the first place.” It’s all ego. As a man that’s sampled a good chunk of vaginas, I can honestly say the actual physicality of a pussy is comparable. The X-Factor is what a woman does with her vagina aka Sex Skill, is what a man will remember years later.

How good are you at sex?

Think about the last time you had sex. Did you win? By win, I mean humble that man’s soul and crumble his body to the point where he collapsed and couldn’t even get the sex rag? Cumming fast doesn’t count, a man can thrust into any semi-tight lubricated hole and bust in a minute if he’s excited enough. The dick isn’t what I’m talking about. Did you fuck his MIND the last time you had sex to the point where he was thinking about you while eating lunch the next day? If the answer is “Sure did” then you’re on the right track. If you’re thinking something like, “Can’t remember…maybe” then you’re full of shit and It’s time to step your trash sex game up a level.

Sex is more mental than it is physical. The chemistry has to be there, the comfortability has to be established, and confidence is a must in order to say and do things that society has labeled “nasty”. Throw off any three of those ingredients and the result is lackluster sex. A man will still come back for seconds, even if your pussy is mid-grade, he may even make you his girl, but you won’t get special treatment nor will you have power over him. Sexual Magic is transmitted verbally not vaginally.

One of my best friends is a woman who is a lesbian half the year (yes, I know some strange people) and she is the master of sexually mind fucking both men and women. She once told me that with women her goal is to break them down with foreplay, careful not to rush as she builds them up with light touching and pillow talk. As men we just want to ram it in as soon as we get the greenlight, that’s what our hard dick is demanding. My friend doesn’t have that limitation, she’s getting off on making these girls get off, so patience is key. The last time she came to visit she was telling me how she sweettalked this girl, rubbed her nibbles, and kept teasing her as if she was going to play with her pussy. This woman was begging to be fingered after this slow build, and it’s at that moment that she switched from teasing to dominating, calling the girl out her name, making her touch herself, making her repeat filthy comments, then making her say it louder if she was acting shy.

The punchline was that she was telling me and my wife this story to explain “why this bitch won’t leave me alone now”. She only had sex with this woman once, but it was so different, so invasive, and so passionate that it made her crave more. With men she’s equally persuasive. She has more fingers in a man’s butt stories than a roadie on an Elton John tour. The point is, sex itself where you bump nasties is high school shit, the buildup and verbalizing during the act, that’s the graduate level that unlocks the heart and mind. If you’re ready to take your pussy from mid-grade to high-grade, here’s your lesson plan…

How To Fuck Like An Adult

Rule #1 – Own Your Freak: Before you go out this weekend to meet someone new. Before you go over your boyfriend’s house to spice up something old. Before you get near ANY man that you want to fuck, you need to embrace your nasty. Too many of you are overly shy. You fuck with the lights off, eyes closed, and limit your sex sounds to light moans or generic howls of “oh my god, [insert his name here]”. That’s 11th grade shit. You shouldn’t be a grown ass woman still fucking like you’re afraid your mother his going to burst into the room. Who are you sexually? Don’t leave it up to men to show you. Most of these dudes won’t even make you cum and the rest will only make you bust by accident. You know what nasty shit you enjoy thinking about. You know what images make you instantly wet. Go towards those thoughts. Masturbate. Think outlandish shit in the privacy of your own mind and see what makes your hear race and your pussy throb. Talk nasty to yourself. I don’t care if it’s to tell yourself how good your pussy is or to call yourself a nasty slut—whatever gets you off verbally, say it while you’re pleasuring yourself so you understand what triggers your body into a Tsunami.

Why? When you do have sex think back to your solo sessions. Your body will react to the real-life situation the same way, and this will make you extra moist. The man will think it’s him, but it’s a trained reaction. At the same time, knowing that you’re either a dom or a sub, talker or moaner, etc… will help you transition him to playing the role that best suits your freak level. There is nothing wrong with your vagina that you can’t cum. It’s the situational thoughts surrounding the sex or masturbation session that are holding you back. Humans are internal beings, the same way a song can make you cry or a smell can take you back to a childhood memory, knowing your sexual triggers can arm your body. That woman who just lays there with that Corpse Bride Coochie waiting for a man to finish doesn’t know she’s trash in bed, she believes that’s proper sex. A man climbs on and does his job. She doesn’t want to seem like a freak or hoe nor does she want to say something that Jesus or her Mother wouldn’t approve of, so her default setting is—just take dick, they cum anyway. Unleashing your freak brings you into adulthood, so you’re not the one getting fucked, you’re the one fucking!

Rule #2 – The Build: Never give a man pussy right away. I’m sorry, fellas I know we hate to waste an erection, but I must be honest. Men respect the tease when it’s done correctly. A big part of the mind fuck is making a man see your pussy as special and exclusive. Why do good Cam Girls make a lot of money? They don’t just start the session naked; they tease money out of their viewers, milking them with verbal foreplay. Why would a man who could go pay for the real thing, or has the real thing pay these Cam Girls? Because they have mastered the art of the build in a way that most of you have not. I want you to use male psychology against males the same way cam girls do, by being smart and strategic. It’s the first date, you want to ride his face and take that back shots until the sun comes up. You’re finally official and want to reward him. You’ve been together for years and the kid’s finally sleep. No matter where you are in life, you need to build him up to crave you.

Keep in mind, I’m not talking about dating or playing hard to get, this strategy is for that moment where you know in your mind “I’m going to fuck him”. 

Let’s say this is pre-relationship, a month of dating, and you have finally agreed to go back to his place. You’re going to kiss. He’s going to try you. He’s waiting for an opening or trying to create an opening for sex. What makes you different in this instance? Every woman he’s been alone with since the age of 19 has either pushed his hands off, or slowly gave in. Your basic brainwashing probably says this “Relax, and let him try, I’ll go as far as he takes it”. That’s passive, and very juvenile. Laying limp and giggling while your legs shake may be how you signal you want his dick, but from the outside looking in it looks real molesty.
Stop being afraid to control the narrative of sex! Remember that women typically act shy around a dick, not you. I want you to let him feel you up, I want you to grip his dick through his pants, BUT before he takes it out or your panties come off, you need to take control. Tease him with questions or statements. Ask him how bad he wants it. Tell him a spot you want him to kiss on your neck. Tell him to lay back and just watch you.

What these things do is deflect from the thirst to ram his dick in or the “let me eat it” setup that always leads to sex. You’re in control, because you’re making him wait and work for your pussy which is making him impatient but also making him harder. Even if he is still being the dominant force, you are controlling the pace without him knowing he has no power. Only when you feel he’s been teased enough do you cross the line into sex. This will never be less than 40 minutes. Look at a clock and don’t even think about taking your panties off until it’s 41 minutes later. No oral, no hand jobs, just talking and touching, and kissing with YOU setting the pace.

Why? The same way you can train your pussy to react to situations you can train a man’s dick. Males act on impulse, but to be cooled down while he has a dick poking through his pants and leaking pre-cum, makes you a snake charmer. He’s angry, he’s frustrated, he’s getting hornier and hornier. That imprints on his brain that you, above all other women he’s fucking, trying to fuck, or wishing he could fuck—are the most wanted. Even when you give in that will stick with him, the same way that an internal clock will wake a person up on Saturday morning, his internal lust will make his dick hard at the sight of you due to the build.  

Take note that the build isn’t for every time out with that person. It’s one of those things where if it’s the first time having sex, a first time in a week, or one of those special nights where you feel like having fun. It would be pointless to do the build Friday then again the next morning as the mission has already been completed.

Rule #3 – Open Your Mouth: Now comes the fun part where the first two rules pay off. He slides into the moist slice of heaven known as your pussy and has managed not to cum within the first 60 seconds. Now is the time to go for the kill. Ladies, you have to talk during sex. I don’t want to hear any excuses. If you’re not willing to open your mouth and participate then stop reading and go back to the Corpse Bride table with the rest of the Typicals. There are two levels of talking. 1) A man will initiate his own nasty and expect you to play along. 2) You will have to initiate your own dirty talk in order to get him talking. I’ve gotten enough emails over the years to recognize that 75% of men are trash in bed and uncreative. If it wasn’t for women being so forgiving of weak dick in the name of love, this world would dwindled in population a long time ago. You will meet men who are shy or nervous and need to be dominated as well as those who are cocky or confident and want to act out their own porn star fantasies. You may be with a man currently who fucks in silent or can only come up with, “damn, this pussy good,” or the classic, “who’s is it?”. Opening your mouth will work with all types to upgrade your sex session to something memorable.

This isn’t The Spartan Dating Script or a private email session with me, I’m not going to write out what to say, but here are some generals. For a dominant man, let him take control. Most of these guys will be used to “call and response” they ask a question like “That’s how you like it, tell me how this dick feel” They want the ego stroke of knowing they’re doing a good job. Every girl he’s fucked has all said the same thing, “yes daddy”. You have to challenge a cocky man. Ask him if that’s all he has. Demand that he goes deeper. When he does, increase your moan or tell him that’s what you need.

This isn’t a talk show, you shouldn’t be talking throughout, your moan is your default setting, adjusting it higher is like giving a man a verbal pat on the back. For a shy or more silent man who wants to take it slow, eye contact and keeping your voice at a hush is the go-to move. While he’s stroking in missionary or even if you’re riding him cowgirl, tell him how that dick feels, tell him how you want to cum or are about to cum on his dick, instruct him to suck your breasts or do so yourself. He’s listening, he’s internalizing, and he’s trying hard to hold back that nut. The moment you hear that grunt or feel his body tense up, start talking again or demand that he cum for you, and watch it end quicker than a Conor McGregor fight.

If you’re in a relationship, then talking takes on another level. Role Playing, fantasy scenarios, and pet names can be used to reignite the passion. Pussy expires, dick expires, people grow content and bored, but a good imagination can make your man wonder where the hell THIS side of you has been. Men don’t often talk about sexual problems or bring up what they want fantasy wise. Meanwhile you’re stuck wondering why his dick is half hard all the time and why he’s no longer rushing to fuck you even when you’re looking cute. It’s not your looks, it’s the energy. Remember when I told you to Own Your Freak? This is where that pays off for couples. The shit that turns you on outside of him, bring it to the bedroom. If you can’t be open enough to talk filthy with a man you love, then you’re going to be sexually repressed for the rest of your life. Lesbian fantasies, telling him you want another dick in your mouth while he fucks you, telling him you want people to watch you, telling him to choke the shit out of you—literally  anything that has ever crossed your mind and made you excited is not off limits. Sex is like a confessional, no one is going to bring it up afterwards. Look, he won’t be into all the shit you’re into, but he’ll play along to varying degrees if he sees it’s getting you hot. What it really does in terms of owning his mind is give him a greenlight to now say the taboo shit to you that he’s been holding back. In the end, you both can now look forward to having sex with each other with renewed excitement of exploring new material.

Rule #4 – Be Spontaneous: This woman once tweeted “I say the filthiest shit on here, but I won’t even look down at a dick, let alone put help him put it inside of me in real life.” She’s not rare, many women consider sex “nasty” even though they enjoy it. They are afraid of how it makes them look to touch a dick, ask for dick, or even go down and suck his dick randomly. By the time a man hits adulthood he’s had freaky girls who don’t care but he’s most likely had “stop being nasty” types who only get wild when drinking or on a pill. What will make you rare, however, is the ability to shock a man who thinks he has you figured out. A lot of you spend the night the first time you have sex with a guy because you want to get that second-round in. He rolls over, sticks it back in, and now you’re free to go and he may or may not hit you up again. Instead of that passive shit, I want you to wake him up by playing with that dick, or really surprise him by playing with yourself and waking him up with your moans. The difference between a soft dick and a hard dick is the excitement that comes from something novel. You are new pussy, but new pussy he just bust open a few hours earlier. But to be “nasty” new pussy that’s jerking a dick or whispering about how wet you are, will not only stroke his ego but make his dick pay attention as this doesn’t happen every time out. Every man remembers “the freak” or the time his woman “acted out of character” and secretly every man is still chasing those kinds of sessions, so be the one to surprise him and redefine how special having you around will be.

Let’s say this is a guy you’re dating, and you see him a week later for another date. Be nasty in public. Make a filthy joke. Rub your ass against his dick in a way that only you two knows what’s going on. Go to the bathroom and remove your panties and slide them to him. Of course, there’s always the old “dick play in the car” trick. You’ve already fucked him. The time to be shy is over. You can’t ration the pussy at this point or pretend you didn’t lay in a pool of each other’s juices. Run towards what other women shy away from.

Why be spontaneous? Men get bored. Lust evaporates after sex. New women pop up all the time and they now get our attention as unexplored treasure. If you sit back and assume that because you had good sex, good conversation, or are comfortable with each other that he won’t stray you risk not getting a call back. “Why did he ghost me after sex” doesn’t exist in Sparta! Make yourself a Unicorn. Those other women can suck his dick, they can moan, they can scratch his back up, but they will never be as exciting as a woman he can’t predict.

Goddess Level Pussy

Follow all four of those rules and you’ll be on another level. I’m not saying he’ll marry you or cut all his hoes off overnight, that depends on if you have a personality that’s as bomb as your sex skills. Nevertheless, it places you in his head. Other women won’t measure up. If he has a girlfriend, she won’t measure up. Hell, even if he has doubts about you, these things mindfuck him on the ultimate level!

Remember that men above all else, are lazy when it comes to chasing ass. To find a woman that is nasty, who doesn’t judge him for being nasty, and who is unpredictable in a perverted way will not only make him content, it will spoil him. If he’s a new guy, why would he want to go on a date with another girl, waste money, and not be promised amazing sex? If you two have been dating and it’s headed to an exclusive relationship, he may race off to hit some other girl on his list or an ex, because that’s what some men do when they fear commitment. However, when he fucks that other girl and she doesn’t talk like you talk or make his dick respond the way you make his dick respond when teased, it’s not going to be memorable. He’s going to rush back and lock you down because he knows that Superstar Spartan Pussy is hard to come by. For those in a relationship, putting on your man like this will make him feel like a kid in a candy store again, reigniting the lust in a dying relationship. If this is someone else’s man then he’s going to open his wallet to keep you as his secret because good pussy to a man that’s having boring sex with his Girlfriend is stronger than heroin. No matter where you find yourself in terms of a relationship stage, Goddess Pussy leads to one thing—power.

Using Pussy Power before you fuck a man will make him trick, spoil, commit, use the “L” word too soon, and all kinds of goofy shit because he’s trying to attain sex. I talk about this extensively in Ho Tactics. Pussy Power after you fuck a man can be just as effective if you throw it on him in the ways I listed throughout this article. The last part of the puzzle is to KNOW what you want before you put this level of pussy on him.

-I want a relationship

-I want my current relationship to be more exciting

-I want money or gifts

-I want him to support me financially

Visualize what you want. Now here is the magic bullet that will prove how good your sex skills are and lead to a quick manifestation of what you visualized… After you spoil him with High-Grade pussy, meaning the second or third session, you will have to ASK for what you want. 50% of men will be so sprung that they offer up things, but the other 50% will just keep enjoying what you’re bringing to the table and won’t do anything special going forward. The only way you know for sure that any of this works is to ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT.

That sounds easy, but it is rarely done due to ego. You may be one of those women who have given pussy away for free all your life because while you aren’t too shy to bust it open, you are too prideful to ask a man for things. Fuck pride! “We had bomb ass sex, he should just want to give me things” Earth to Basica, that’s not how the male brain works! We may think you just want the dick and company, so spell it OUT! Whatever is on your list, bring it up. If you’re in a relationship ask to go on a special date or vacation right after you finish having sex. Your partner will be open enough to say “yes”. If you’re trying to get a relationship tell him right after sex, “You know this kind of treatment is reserved for the boyfriend stage.” That will force a conversation where he now understands that he has to lock you down or no more Goddess pussy.

If you want something materialistic then you have to ask for something you want after sex, with the leverage being he’ll never get to dive in that again if he doesn’t come correct. The last one has worked so many times when paired with Ho Tactics (vetting his money, testing his trick potential, etc…). “What if he says no” is your fear. If a man can give you what you want, then after this kind of sex he WILL give you what you want! A poor man can’t pay your rent and a man who is emotionally bankrupt can’t be a boyfriend so you would be foolish to fuck those types anyway knowing they can’t do anything for you. Sex is precious. Good sex is even more special. Before you do this with any man make sure he is worthy and able to give you what’s on your list.

Regardless what you want in life, it can be had when you give a man what other women aren’t giving him. Some of you have had great sex with guys and it didn’t get you anything. Correction. You thought you had great sex, but I bet you didn’t follow EVERY rule laid out and then ask right after. Do these things safely. Do these things with someone who has earned it. Do these things with the confidence of a woman who is secure in her sexuality… I bet you any amount of money in the world that it will work because it hasn’t failed any woman I’ve advised yet!

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