Stuck at home. Can’t go out the way you want to… And it’s going to be that way for awhile. Some people are using this time to connect and build relationships while others are watching relationships they’ve built begin to crumble or people they thought were into them become distant. How do you center someone’s attention back on you when you can’t see them? Texting, inbox messaging, and phone calls are more important than ever. That doesn’t change the fact that most people aren’t good at utilizing those tools. Women specifically don’t understand how we men think or what we’re looking for. I’m about to expose our male secrets to help you figure out the game! I want you to read every word until the end, and open your mind, as I’m about to give you the keys to out-think men via texting and messaging, how to get the attention you deserve online and off, and all the rules for Quarantine Era dating…

Pandemic or no pandemic most of you don’t know how to text because you stay stuck in your own heads, doubting instead of being yourself. As much personality as you have, why can’t you just relax and wrap these dudes around your fingers in the ways I’ve been teaching you for years? This is the time to be making these dudes fall for you, and here you are struggling to get their attention. You’re better than this! When women share with me their DMs or their text threads, I’m always disappointed in all the missed opportunities and so are they, “I realized what I should have wrote, but I couldn’t think at the time.” Why do you freeze up when messaging a man you like or shrink your personality? Because you’re still controlled by this fear of being judged. You’re smart, sexy, silly, and fun to talk to, right? But you assume that men will see you as too goofy or too boring, and quickly move on to the next chick. Therefore, you try to be cool as fuck in order to impress him or go the laid back route hoping that he applies pressure. In the end you’re not going to get anywhere with that kind of weak ass attitude.

Today it’s time to unleash your personality and learn how to hit men with trigger questions that will not only get them opening up but allow you two to bond on a deeper level. If you’re done with being scared and shy, and are ready to unleash your Spartan personality, let’s begin.

Be Aggressive – After you get done asking how his day was and he asks how your day was what else do you have to talk about? I’ve seen DMs that were dry as fuck, yet a woman tells me, “I really like him, it’s just hard to get him to open up.” You both set there and asked about work. Then asked about some producer battle. Made a joke. Now it’s silence. Why are you crushing on someone who can’t even hold a decent DM conversation in the first place? Because you like him for shallow reasons, duh. If you are determined to get to know a man deeper then take some initiative. Instead of waiting for him to write back, or waiting for the next day when you can break the ice again with a “good morning” or “how was today” be aggressive!

 If you were messaging with one of your girls, you would not struggle for conversation. You two would have blocks upon blocks of shit you’re rapidly firing back and forth because you’re excited to share what’s going on in your world and to discuss the hot topics of the that day. Why is it any different with men? “Because they don’t want to hear about that kind of stuff, they’ll think I’m immature or basic.” There you go assuming you understand how someone outside of yourself thinks. Instead of lobbing assumptions, why don’t you try to open up new lines of dialogue with these men. “He should put in effort too–” No shit, but clearly you’re thinking about him, so you need to do something about it now, instead of waiting! You’re too old to be timid and shy when it comes to going for what you want.

You’re sitting on a text that he wrote and don’t know what to say, Spartan the fuck up and bring up a topic you feel like hearing his opinion on. You already DM’d him and it died out, DM him back something that keeps the conversation going like an article or a funny anecdote that once happened. It’s not hard to type, “Hey you want to hear something wild?” or “Hey can I get your opinion on something”. These guys are just as nervous as you are, and they’re trying to keep their “cool” mask on. If you want to force him into being more responsive then take the initiative and make yourself easy to talk to, and in return he will show you a new side of his personality. Out of all the men that come across you this is the ONLY guy you really want to talk to, so do it! Have confidence that if you go hard at this man, he’ll begin to go just as hard at you.

Be Random as Fuck – Once you two have developed a text-based relationship, drop the formalities of waiting for him to check in or waiting for a new day to start up a new conversation. The same way you message your friends just because, you should do the same. “I don’t want to seem thirsty or that I’m pressing him.” There you go with that Basica mindset. If a man likes you enough to respond to what you’re writing him, he wants to be bothered by you. Chasing him is begging to see him. Chasing him is hitting him up repeatedly when he’s only giving you one word responses. How many times do I have to emphasize that you must get over your little girl insecurities that make you think the world is out to reject you? There are dozens of other women who don’t play by your rules, who aren’t afraid to be aggressive, and you’re going to give them the upper hand to succeed where you fail because you have this stubborn attitude about how much you should interact with men.

Be random, come up with nicknames for them, ask them embarrassing questions, play mobile games together, send funny memes, send them random selfies just because (not nudes dafuq) and show him how fun you are to interact with. It shouldn’t be on the woman to be creative and aggressive all the time, but this is a sure-fire way to spark a man into matching your energy.

Be Consistent In Your Communication – You two had a good text conversation yesterday, today he hasn’t written anything to you. Here come the emotions, the roller coaster of self-doubt, and thoughts of “fuck him” because you once again feel rejected. Are you a Spartan or are you a brat? You don’t know what that man is doing with his life or why he hasn’t reached out yet… once again you’re assuming the worst. I had a woman write me about something like this, crying that her crush didn’t check in, yet he was posting shit on his IG story. My advice was to stop guessing and text him if he was doing okay. She did, and she wrote me back, “It’s all good, he said nothing was wrong he was actually wondering why I didn’t hit him up.” Men aren’t that bright, ladies. We invented the art of being basic and dense. A guy will notice that you usually hit him first, think that’s the way you prefer it, and allow you to keep doing that. Meanwhile you think that because you’re doing it all the time, he’s not into you. What solves this? Communication.

If you want a guy to put in work, sometimes you have to spell it out because not every man is on the ball. “Hey, I like when you reach out to me first, it makes me feel good knowing I was on your mind.” That sounds scary to write because it makes you feel soft, but guess what? If it’s true, then own it. Stop trying to pretend to be tough when you’re sensitive and crave attention. Take ownership of what you need to see from these men and express it in clear language, so he understands. If he doesn’t get the hint and doesn’t reach out after you told him you like when he reaches out, then you can wash your hands and go to the next person on the roster.

Sex Isn’t A Love Language – How do you keep a man’s interest 100% of the time? Talk about something nasty. We all perk up and write back fast as hell if the topic is sexual. However, sex isn’t something you should ever use to keep a man clinging to you. After he gets your nude, or gets you to sext, you become a tool. You’re there to text when his dick is hard. You’re a good time girl who is clutch when when it comes to naked pictures or who will appreciate his dick pics in filthy fashion. A man needs to fall for your personality, the things you talk about, are interested in, your character, that’s what will keep him looking forward to meeting up with you or dating you. If all you can do is talk dirty, then he’s going to see your value as limited. You’re the one he wants to see to fuck, not see because you’re interesting. There’s plenty of time to show him your sext skills, but it should be earned over time, and after he’s shown interest in the other facets of your personality.

You Will Have To Introduce Phone Calls – Keeping a man interested via texting is a trick question. Texting isn’t meant to sustain a relationship, duh. The real problem with keeping a man’s interest especially during a time like the quarantine is that your comfort zone is typing not talking. You are afraid a guy is going to say “call me” or “can I FaceTime you” because it triggers an anxiety. You don’t want to sit there and not be able to think of something interesting to say. You don’t want to video chat and he’s looking good, and you’re smiling hard like some rookie. Dating isn’t texting WYD every day and relationship worthiness requires a greater bond than DMing each other. If this man is going to truly like you for real, and not just lust after you pussy, then you need to graduate talking to one another regularly.

“But But—” Stop making excuses and do it! If you feel that he’s becoming distant via his texts or messages, then that’s a clear sign that you need to take things to the next level and start talking. He needs to hear your voice, he needs to hear you formulate thoughts, how you sound when you get excited, if you can handle his humor or if you get offended, and vice versa. Forget about the males, for a second, how do you know if he’s a good fit for your lifestyle if you haven’t tested how intelligent he is, how funny he is, and if he has something deeper to say than, “Send me a pic.” You are doing yourself a great disservice if you keep this relationship text based. The feeling you get when you see a person’s picture or video, is lust not chemistry. Only when you take time to talk one on one can you be sure that there’s something real worth exploring.

Don’t Play Yourself: What does it mean when he doesn’t text back or is late to respond? C’mon, really? If a man isn’t responding consistently, meaning that his poor communication isn’t a one off but a common occurrence over a matter of days, fall back. A man who sees potential in the two of you will never let a day go without reaching out, let alone a week. He’s found someone or something else to occupy his time. You can’t force feelings to grow with someone who doesn’t see you as girlfriend material. “But he says–” fuck what he says! A man’s actions does all the talking! If he’s gone from pressuring you and trying to get to know you, to one word responses or replies 10 hours later, then hop off of his dick. Rejection turns too many women on! That want to prove yourself even when curved, or lure someone back to show them what they’re missing is a sign of abandonment issues.

The people who want you, show interest, you never have to chase. There comes a point where a person gets comfortable, gets to know you, then decides that you aren’t their type. Being everyone’s type is not your occupation! “Why hasn’t he hit me up? What’s he doing,” trying to find someone else, duh. No one is going to tell you that you’re expired or give you closure, they just fade away leaving the door open in case that new girl doesn’t work out. Focus on showcasing your personality, if they don’t bite, try again with someone new. There are no failures, only revisions! Now let’s get into some more ways to leave an impression that you can do this week, trust me, once you stop acting basic and a man gets to see how special you truly are, you can easily seduce his soul…

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