"…and at this point I’m just frustrated. Do you know what it’s like to see both your sisters and two of your best friends all get chose? My one friend has three dudes in rotation, she isn’t even all that. Not to come off as hating because I love her but you see my page I’m not being stuck up when I say I’m prettier than most. Then why is it that I don’t get any serious attention??? You saw the bullshit in my last email from **** and that always happens and people say I'm lying when I really don't get Dmed like that. No one worth while hits me, even when we would go to the club no one tried me like my sisters. I don’t doubt that what I want is out there I’m just ready to give up and go back to **** for real and I know that sounds weak but how am I supposed to date like a sparta when I can’t even get asked on date?"

I get frustrated emails list the one above all the time, so let's go back to the basics. You can't put dating or relationship advice into practice if you aren't even good at the first step-- Attraction.

You’ve mastered the art of vetting… but you can’t get ONE person, let alone a roster to practice on.

You’ve mastered Ho Tactics… but you can’t get spoiled with an empty phone.

You’ve worked on your insecurities… but how can you showcase the new improved you when no one is beating down your door?

How many attractive men shoot their shot at you monthly? If the answer is little to none, while other women regardless of how they look, are getting plenty, then it's time to start fresh and figure out why you're not being approached or only being approached by the usual suspects. I bet you’re attracting the same types because the “Brand” you’re putting out to the world is trash. Your energy, your vibrations, your spirit is off. And it's not because of a damn retrograde, you're not showcasing anything externally that would make a person of stature, see you as a MUST HAVE.

Let's clear one thing up. Being pretty does not make you approachable! Each month I get at least one email where some girl with a bunch of pretty IG pictures asks what’s wrong: too mean-looking, too many followers, blah blah blah. It’s none of that. It’s about—Access!

The men that discover you online or approach you in person need something that’s going to put you on their radar that's different from the rest. A woman worth shooting his shot at because she gives Unicorn vibes, not just in photos but across the board. Right now, there’s a man who is well off financially, no kids, never been married, who doesn’t think quality women exist because all he sees is messy and basic women. How does that man find you, the diamond in rough? Knock on your door? A magic spell? What are you actively DOING to be discovered if you're the kind of woman that doesn't approach first? Too many amazing women are wasting away waiting to be discovered and appreciated by someone other than the same old clowns. But how the fuck is that going to happen when you’re bad at promoting yourself, luring new men in, and creating the leverage that comes from having a roster of top-shelf bosses to pick from.

Seduction, feminine charm, sex appeal, you can’t use any of these things if you go unseen. Do you have a smartphone? Then you can find a man. Do you go outside for any reason? Then you can find a man. There are women with four boyfriends, and you can’t get one! There are women getting CashApp’d by multiple suitors, and you can’t even get a second date. Stop crying and think about the “why” of your situation so you can improve your life, not complain about it.

Why is your phone dry and your DMs empty or filled with simps? It’s not because the Universe hates you, it’s because you don’t know how to bend this world to your will! It’s time to Spartan the fuck up and start attracting men that allow you to use the information in my books by this time next week! The secret that I’m going to break down today is approachability! Being approachable isn’t about a look; it’s about energy. Online, in the streets, at work, you have to unlock your feminine power, and learn to tune your frequency to a level where men who don’t usually shoot their shot will be moved to chase after you. So, let’s go through some basics to get you primed to attract.

8 Things That Will Instantly Make You More Approachable

Every woman reading this can increase her chances of attracting a high qual...

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