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95% of the people that I know on a personal basis have cheated or been cheated on, that goes for both men and women, multiple races, from rich to poor, this problem does not discriminate. Don’t take my word for it, how many people in your life have cheated or been cheated on? Add it up. From high school to adulthood, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe your own life story, the truth is evident—cheating is an epidemic that has touched all of us, but no one wants to talk about it beyond “if they cheat, leave.” Let’s keep it 100, people rarely leave after the first time someone cheats. No one knows how they will react until they are forced to deal with it personally, before that it's just tough talk and pretty quotes that make you look empowered. You think it won't happen to you, you think you're too special, too fine, or too woke, but you're not.
I'm going to be real as fuck with you throughout this article because there are so many lies when it comes to this subject. Men don't want to talk about it because most of us have done it. Women don't want to think about it because it's happened to many of them. You may want to run away from reading this right now because this subject creates a form of PTSD, but it's time to pull back the curtain, not hide your head in the sand. "Why wasn't I good enough?" or "How do I make him hurt like I hurt?" or "How do I make sure this never happens again." are common questions that need to be answered in a real way that doesn't sugarcoat in order to spear your feelings.

This may be breaking the "bro code" but I've seen my fellow man throw years away for one and done sex with girls who weren't even that cute. I've seen guys slide backwards with toxic exes and crush the hearts of loyal women. I've seen guys risk it all repeatedly and no matter the scenario most of these men run back to their women asking for forgiveness. While they tell their chicks, "I don't know, it just happened,". I know the real reason.
Is it a lack of sex? No. Don't let basic bitches tell you that because you don't suck enough dick he's going to leave. You can suck him, fuck him, and bring another woman in for a  three sum, and he can still grow bored with your pussy.
Is it a lack of  understanding? No. You can be each other's best friend, spend time watching everything on Netflix, and the moment you're out of sight he could still be on his phone scrolling for new pussy.
If you're currently in a new relationship you're probably worried about his past women coming back into the picture. If you're in a relationship where you're years in, engaged, or married, you're probably worried about how long you can keep his attention. The best solution for women...

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