The podcast episode you’ve been waiting for! You want a man to see you as special but why do you come off as typical? You give these guys everything, you’re too nice, too easy, and you let them toy with you over and over again. Men, even the decent ones, will never play fair they will always test you during the dating stage, so what are you showcasing? Are you proving who you are as a Queen or exposing that you’re still broken, confused, and weak?

You want to hit reset and go back to before you gave away your power. Make these men beg, make these men appreciate you, make them value you instead of play games. I get it, but that step begins with destroying your basic bitch nature! What’s the point of gaining power if you’re just going to give it back to the next man who charms you? It’s time to Spartan Up.

Press Play And Listen!

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