"A woman should never reach out to a man, that's masculine and it turns a man off or sets up a relationship where a man won't work for anything,"  says the Instagram Relationship Guru whose not married and has a history of toxic relationships. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who live in fear and create excuses to justify that fear and those that go against the status quo to create success. Which one would you rather be?

Man: Putting yourself on my radar by speaking to me first doesn't scare me off or make me think that I won't have to put in any work.

Woman: Nope. That's masculine and men don't like that!

Man: ...but I'm a man telling you that's false.

Woman: Nope. Nope. Nope.

Women who give other women advice, yet have no proof of it working for them are sabotaging you. I'm a man with male friends who have been doing this for a very long time and I know the reality of attraction. These stubborn women would rather sit there and hold on to these played out gender roles, hoping that the latest law of attraction technique is going to magically pop a man into existence. That's never going to happen, beloved. You'll get so tired and lonely that you settle for someone you don't actually find attractive and then you'll pretend it was "destiny". Ha!

The real reason women don't want to shoot their shot has nothing to do with masculine versus feminine philosophy and everything to do with rejection. Tell the truth. You don't want to be told "nah" find out he has a girlfriend or get your DM ignored. You've spent too much time trying to instill confidence in yourself. To shoot your shot and miss will bring back those old thoughts of "maybe I'm not good enough." There is nothing wrong with that "wait for them to come to me" that mentality… if you're approachable… and if you live or network in an environment where quality men will approach you more than the clowns and liars.

In today's pandemic world, most of you aren't going out enough to get approached. You live on the internet, swimming in the same pool as beautiful and aggressive women. There are so many girls throwing attention that these boys have become spoiled. The average man talks to at least 3 women at a time and is trying to line up at least 1 or 2 more. Which means that the odds of your type, popular, handsome, paid, following you and sliding in your DMs out of the blue are extremely slim even if you're a 10 in the face. Therefore, if you're not a woman who reaches out first, what proactive action are you taking to make men want to get to know you? If a guy ran across you online or in the real world, what would draw him to you? "Just my vibe," yeah okay, Basica, that same vibe that's gotten you pulled by narcissists and ghosted by fuckboys. Your vibe isn't going to cut it!

How Basic Bitches Try To Pull Men

-Follow him on social media: Wow, you're so creative, sis! You think by following this man he's going to get a notification. Go to see who just followed him. See that you're pretty. Follow you back. Then message you trying to take you out... Ha! These men aren't noticing your ass! Men and Women treat social media very differently. Most women constantly check their follower count, studies who watches their stories, and are always on top of who is coming into their world. The only notifications most men have on our phones is sports scores because we could care less who is following us. The men that you want are most likely popular and busy, these aren't those thirst buckets who scan for new women and follow back every pretty face. So the odds of him noticing you just following him are slim to none unless you interact.

-Make 1.5 seconds of eye contact: You're in CVS, a guy walks into your aisle, you look up, then look back down. Normally you do that thing where you pretend to not even look, but because you actually stared long enough for him to register it, you think that's flirting... GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. In the age of "don't harass us in public" cancel culture, do you think a man is going to see a half-glance as sexy or inviting? "Damn she looked up at me like I was trying to steal her cart, let me come back to this aisle later" A lot of you don't even know that the face you're making when thinking is the same face you make when taking a shit. You're not seducing him with your eyes, you're just looking at him as if he's bothering you! No man is going to see that weak ass eye contact, and then be so embolden that he taps you on the shoulder and asks your name. Maybe one of these older men who don't care, but guys 30 under, with that sensitive millennial ego, they are going to keep it pushing.

Enough of the dumb shit ladies. You're not being approached by the men you want because your vibration is that of a defensive, hesitant, little girl who is so afraid that a man won't like you back. This causes you to come off as awkward around attractive men 90% of the time. How are these other women building rosters when you can't get one quality man? It's not Chaos Magic, it's called confidence! While they take life by the balls, you're following rules laid out on some random ass "Women shouldn't make the first move" Facebook Group. Fuck that! You're going to be stuck settling for the same types of guys who always holler at you and complaining when it doesn't work out. Instead of waiting for Mr. Right to read your mind and come to you, it's time to take control of your destiny like a real fucking Spartan! Today I'm going to break down a few keys things every woman should do online and offline. First let's talk about the SMART way to get the men you want to come to you without having to shoot your shot at all.

Getting Men To Approach You First

Men are simple creatures when it comes to making them lust after you...

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