What would make a high value man want you? Is it your looks, is it your conversation, is it your career, is it your education? Take a second and think about what would attract an upper echelon man to you?

Basic Bitch Answer: Because I'm pretty with a pussy that grips like gorilla glue.

Okay, Ms. Velcro Coochie, add up all the men you've had sex with. How many of them would be considered high quality? I'm not talking about if he had A1 dick or good looks. I'm talking about what did those men bring to the table in terms of substance that they were able to date you, charm you, and earn what was between your legs? If you're so pretty and your pussy hits so viciously, then why do you have a history of letting fuck boys sample your goods? Scammers and drug dealers aren't the pinnacle. Local club promotors or DJs aren’t at the top of anyone’s food chain.  I get so many "G.L. I think I messed up with someone who I can never replace" emails because what you qualify as high value men are just low value fucks boys who charmed you into a state of stupidity. The men who you think are “goals” are high-key trash, so why can’t you do better? I'll ask again, what about you, the person, not the physical would make a top-shelf man go crazy over you and never want to let go?

Typical Bitch Answer: Because I'm loyal and have a good heart.

Yawn! All that means is that you don't cheat and put up with way more shit than you need to in the name of being "nice." Fuck that noise. Where has that gotten you? How many men that make over 250k a year have you been in a relationship with? How many guys have unconditionally spoiled you throughout your life? From an emotional standpoint, how many men have genuinely cared about your feelings, been just as loyal as you are, and took an interest in your mental health? Little to none!

I know so many great women who stumble through life, praying they get snatched up by a quality man, but few of them know what a quality man looks like in real life. You don't need to get your stomach put into your ass to get someone with status to slide into your DMs. You don't need to be a certain waist size to get successful men to chase after you. There are certain intangibles that high quality men seek in women, and if you weren't so insecure, you would recognize that you already have what they want! The only thing stopping you from attracting what you want is a lack of belief. It's time to stop hoping that the next man is worth your time and use your brainpower to ensure that the next guy you choose is the one! Today I'm going to give you the entire roadmap on how to attract high quality men, step by step so even a 15-year-old could understand it!

Step One:...

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