I have brothers who taught me how men act… okay, then why do you still fall for basic game?
I have male friends who tell me all of their secrets… yet, you still can’t seduce and destroy these guys using those so-called secrets.
I learned from my exes how men are, so I’m up on game… then why do you keep picking wrong, year after year?
So many women think they understand men, that they have it all figured out, but when they put their knowledge to the test, what happens? They get exposed, they get confused, and they scream about how much dating sucks and how men aren’t shit because the male mind continues to be a puzzle that these know-it-alls can’t solve. Men are not complex! If you truly knew how we as males thought, you would understand that it’s not hard to make us chase you. Nor is it impossible to get us to open up fast or be more emotionally present. The problem is, when a person talks more than they listen about a subject they don't really know, the circle of confusion continues and the L's continue to pile up...

Right now, there are women reading this who STILL don’t know how to keep a man’s interest, who STILL can’t get the man she wants to commit, or who STILL can’t get consistency in a relationship. “Is there something wrong with me, is there something I’m missing?” HELL YES! You are out here dating with false wisdom and fake news about how men think or what men want, all of it provided to you by the internet or by friends who genuinely don’t know shit.  
If a man opens up about his rough childhood, that means he trusts me – FALSE ASSUMPTION
Telling you his sob story doesn’t mean you’ve broken down his guard and he’s ready to be emotionally available. He knows that you’re maternal, that you have a thing for wounded animals, and you like to fix dudes so you can feel like you contributed something to their growth. A Basica that feels a “connection” gives up pussy faster, she drops her own guard quicker, and she tends to hold on to potential forever all because she thinks, “I know the real him inside.” You know nothing!
If a man grows distant then comes back to me, that means he realized his mistake – FALSE ASSUMPTION
Competition drives so many typical women. This guy has four other chicks on his roster, but because he tells you you’re different, you buy into it. This guy ghosts you, gets too busy, pops up with a new bitch. You get in your feelings, question the meaning of life, then as suddenly as he left, he hits you up, wanting to see you again. Your ego does a dance—"those other women weren’t me.” Nah, Tina Typical, those other women probably got sick of him, and you’re the only one silly enough to give a man who will forever be shopping around for new pussy, a second chance.
If a man thinks you’re too masculine, he won’t chase. Males crave feminine energy – FALSE ASSUMPTION
Do you know what makes a woman feminine? The fact that he has a vagina. For all the be more feminine bullshit that you all soak up, there remains a tomboy who can get way more men chasing her than you because she isn’t afraid to talk back and challenge his ego. She actually knows the sports or video game subjects he likes to talk about and isn’t too dainty to connect with him on male-centric topics. Yet, you think the key to unlocking a man’s love is doing your hair up and rolling over and playing submissive??? Men want women they can actually talk to and vibe with, someone who is genuine, not a fake charm school bitch who puts on an act to get male approval. As men, we’ve all fucked Barbie doll types, we’ve all ran through those super girly girls, but it’s the strong women that we actually keep around. Why? Because any man raised by a strong mother, grandmother, or sister realizes that a woman embracing her strength isn’t masculine. It’s ...

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