"Maybe I'm not meant to find love," is how a woman recently responded to me when I told her about how silly she was being over this man who clearly didn't want her. This guy started off with great potential (as most men do) and then over the next 7 months he stopped doing all the things he did at the beginning, yet she STILL saw him as this amazing man because he treated her so special for a month-- for a fucking month! Most guys know that a few weeks or months of quality dates, compliments, and fake-deep talks about a joint future can glue a loved-starved woman for life.

Love doesn't require struggle. It's very easy to make someone fall in love with you if you understand your worth, but most women don't. I've repeatedly seen tough hood chicks break down and co-sign for cars trying to appease men who didn't love them. I know an intellectual suburban girl who maxed out her credit cards all in the name of making this one idiotic man happy. No matter how you look or how smart you think you are, if you keep choosing the wrong men, then you need a new game plan. "Fuck it, I just won't date until men stop being so hurtful," is not a strategy. Getting defensive and giving up solves nothing because you know damn well you're always one "Hey, can I take you out" away from repeating the same mistakes all over again.

"I love hard," says the foolish woman who never has that love reciprocated. You don't have bad luck, you have dating habits! Most men have one trick, it's called "show her I have potential" and you all keep falling for that trick, knowing damn well that taking it slow will always separate the boys from the men.

This isn't about victim blaming it's about accountability. You sit on the internet talking about how trash men are, then fall on the dick of those same kind of trash men. You're not a victim, you're cooperating in your own heartbreak by refusing to take your own advice.

"These men ain't shit-- except for this one who is gassing my ego and telling me how different I am, that's bae." How can someone with so many trust issues be so trusting based on a small bit of effort? It's because you would rather keep taking risks with your heart then admit the truth, that you don't know what the fuck you're doing out there in the dating world.

Men will always take advantage of naïve women. You can start a class in 9th grade called "Positive Male Dating Advice" and guess what will change by the time they graduate. Nothing! Why would any man change when the current results lead to pussy and obedience! Instead of waiting for men to change their ways, how about you learn how to date smarter?

Have you read or listened to my books? Do you go back to my books even when things are going well? Have you read this website, all the old entries, and continue to go back and study them? You don't! I've given you a blueprint, so why aren't you using it? Over the years I've had many women who have become successful Spartans (and successful Ho Tactic practitioners), and then I've had women come back to me one, two, even five years later apologizing that they "became a Spartan but lost power". You don't lose power, you give that shit away. The key to making someone fall in love with you is ...

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