Have you ever met someone new, and from the JUMP, they’re showering you with the kind of attention or treatment you’ve been dreaming of your entire life?

Internally you’re thinking, “See! This person recognizes how special I am. I knew God would bless me with this kind of partner one day.” …No bitch, you’re being love-bombed!

Have you ever broken up with a person, and they responded by treating you 10x times better than they did when you two were together?

Internally you’re thinking, “OMG, it worked! They don’t want to lose me, and they’re adjusting their behavior to win me back” …No bitch, you’re being love-bombed!

Predators who utilize love bombing don’t care how smart or pretty you are; they know the average person is starved for genuine love. By coming into your life like Aladdin’s fucking genie, they sweep you off your feet, and in the excitement, you don’t even notice them execute their true agenda—power over you. I bet you don’t think it can happen to you, right? Wrong! Some of you are extremely guarded, but your trust issues are basic and don’t protect you from high level manipulation tactics. You’re worried about who wants to use you in terms of sex... and that’s where you fuck up. Love Bombing isn’t about sex. This is psychological warfare meant to gain control over your mind.

Dangling The Carrot

Love is addictive. Why do you date in the first place when you know that the search is filled with false starts and fuck boys? Because in the end genuine love exists. That "I found my person" euphoria is orgasmic. Now imagine what happens when that same person who made you feel so high, switches up on you. You argue, cry, tell yourself that you don't need them anymore... but you do. You felt loved, now it's over, and once your anger subsides, fear and panic sets in because you're questing if you will ever attain that level of love again. That's the genius of love bombing, stuffing the victim with affection then starving them until they suffer a mental breakdown. Then, at their lowest point you dangle the carrot of "I'll love you again if you act the way I want you to act". No woman is born weak, she's hammered down until she loses her self-esteem and shrinks herself all in the name of love.

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