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Year in and year out I’m contacted by women who want to talk about my book Ho Tactics and new strategies. One read group read or listened to the audio book version Ho Tactics, internalized the psychology and techniques and became deadly… while the other women skimmed over it, didn’t get it on a deep level, and fumbled bag after bag. There is NO reason a woman should be splitting the dinner bill, settling for house dates, or even paying her own car note or rent in this day and age. No matter how independent you are, why spend yours when there are countless men who spoil women like you!

Every one of you reading this is smarter than any man you’ll come across. The problem is confidence and a lack of DICK DISCIPLINE when you get around handsome, young men, who also have money. Your toxic trait is claiming you’re a savage then falling for everything a man says to the point where you once again get your heart broken! Your trust is way too easy to earn to ever win at love!

Those of you in relationships suffer through not getting treated on the level you once did, and do nothing about it! Those of you are single play the “nice girl” role and get low balled with cheap dates. In the end men are winning! They do less and you give them more. Add up all the love, tears, and pussy you’ve poured into men, now add up what you’ve gotten in return… you’ve been hustled beloved! Stop thinking like a romantic and start thinking like a Ho!

Any woman that tells you that a boyfriend isn’t a source of income is broke, single, or jealous that they know one has ever put them up on Ho game! Stop playing the game backwards! You all live on your phones, why aren’t you using these tactics to get some bills paid or even upgrade to a rich boyfriend or maybe husband to be?

Ho Tactics: Gold Edition, a new edition updated for the world of 2022 is now available featuring updated and new chapters.

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