Everyone dates with an agenda. Women tend to want the security of a relationship while men routinely lust after sex. Dating is a game of chess with both sides trying to get what they want without giving up what the other is after. He’s trying to act like he’s open to something deeper, talking about how his exes didn’t understand him and how “different” you are. If he scores enough points, then maybe you’ll fuck him without a need for a commitment.

Meanwhile, as a woman, you’re trying to play it cool and be this confident, feminine goddess that he’ll see as the wifey type and want to commit to you sooner than later. In reality, you’re anxious as fuck, hoping that this man is FINALLY the one, and you’re dying to know if he genuinely likes you or just wants to stick his dick in you. Spoiler Alert: He is just trying to stick his dick in you! Yet, you date and put men on pedestals, constantly checking your phone for messages and IG to see if he’s watching your stories. Why the hell would you get butterflies over a man who just wants to fuck you, Basica?

Women have the power. They wield the pussy and decide who to give it to—fact. Men will search the internet, spend money, and create entire fake personas just to figure out how to get her legs to spread quickly. Guys place so much emphasis on chasing sex, and based on the the stories I'm sent, most aren't even good at it! How have men become trophies? Males know that they are the gatekeepers to "the ring" thus they dangle the relationship carrot to get what they rarely earn. It's the biggest hustle ever! This Universe is built for women to ascend, yet you allow these men to rob you of your worth because you’re desperate for male love.

The biggest challenge as a male: How do I fuck her when I can’t just say “I want to fuck”?

The biggest challenge as a woman: How do I know if he’s worthy of my body or just a guy who wants to use me as a physical release and move on?

Think about it from the male POV, a girl will say, “If you only want sex, say that” then she will stop talking to you because HOW DARE YOU only want sex… it’s confusing as fuck. The solution has become to date a woman, pretend that you want more, and get sex by faking as if you want more. This, of course, causes women to hate men and see them as users who are only out for sex… but that’s only half the equation.

Sex is the bridge to two things—indifference or commitment. Most men aren’t honest about how they feel until after the sex lust wears off. Only then can most think clearly. “Damn, she’s a really great woman, and the pussy was fire! I need to lock her down.” or “Nah, this bitch is a lunatic. I’ll hit a few more times and get her out of my life.” Ladies, 95% of you have been fucked and dismissed by someone you thought was different. No matter how much you enjoyed the sex, you don’t want to be used physically and rejected emotionally. It hurts to hear someone say you’re so pretty, so special, and what they’re looking for, then they turn around and won’t respond to a text. 

Men and women are constantly at war because most are afraid to say what they want. I have a lot of things to say to men today, but first, allow me to talk to the women reading this—yes, you, Ms. Know It All… Let me take you to school and give you a crucial key when it comes to dating that will save you ...

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