How do you date at a high level, avoiding the fuck boys and securing a quality man? How do you turn your relationship around from ready to break up to back in love? How do you hit reset with that “friend” who has begun to lose interest in you? I talk about these things often, and I have countless examples of how women have won by paying attention to the blueprints on this site... but you’re not one of those women. Look at your life. You’re still confused by the things men do and can’t exercise control over them because every time you meet one that's handsome, your panties flood and your common sense malfunctions. How many times are you going to lose before you take this help I'm offering seriously?

Yeah, G.L.’s book said to do this, but my man is different, so I’m going to do it 40% his way and 30% another person’s way, and make up the rest…” And you wonder why your love life isn’t popping? You should be dating top-shelf men. You should be in relationships where you aren’t arguing. You should be living your best life and secure in your skin with a man who values you because he sees that you’re a fucking Spartan, not a Placeholder. Instead, you’re making excuses for being single or trapped in a toxic relationship with a man who can’t wait to find a Game Changer so he can drop your ass.

Fuck where to go on a first date, you should be learning why you can’t get to a second date, Basica. Your mouth says, “What man wouldn’t want me,” but the receipts of your life prove that no one is willing to commit you after they get to know you. You're not Bae, you're the girl in his phone he only hits up when the cooler one doesn't text back. You’re out here dating blind to your trauma and flaws, thinking because you have a cute face all will be forgiven. There are too many women with the total package for men who aren’t damaged goods to settle for you.

Do you know how to turn a man on with conversation? Do you know how to make a man respect you enough not to cheat? Do you know how to come off as a woman who needs to be chased and locked down because she’s rare? No. All you know is your little basic bitch routine. You’ve been dating the same way since you were 18. Asking the same questions, texting with the same dryness, and giving up pussy to the same clowns who tell you what you want to hear. When you look in the mirror, you see a trophy, but that woman is that what you bring to your love life? You’re not showing trophy energy, you’re showing “take your turn” energy and it’s time to do better.

Today is the article that each one of you needs. 7 things you need to check off before you go on any date or before you try to repair any relationship. This list goes from the first date, to the relationship stage, but first we'll start with the thing men put the most energy into...

#7 Men Hate Dry Sex

Sex is the single most important thing for a man in the early stage of a relationship. Every move he’s making during the dating stage is a calculated plan where he’s trying to figure out how to make you like him enough to have sex sooner rather than later. Any man that tells you he isn’t after sex, or it isn’t that important, is a fucking liar. Even if he’s not trying to sleep with you right away, it’s still in the front of his mind. Don’t bullshit yourself. The right man will get you to have sex before you enter a relationship or, at the latest, during the week you make it official, and that’s where you fumble the relationship.

Post-sex is where most of you will lose a man’s interest. To hear you tell it a whiff of your vagina could bring peace to the middle east, but the receipts of your life show that multiple men have sampled your goods, then moved on. He got busy at work, so you decided to cut him off because of the lack of attention. He started acting crazy and talking like a stalker after you blessed him, so you blocked him. Or, my favorite, you both agreed that you weren’t compatible and moved on. Do you hear that sound ringing? It’s the bullshit detector going off. These men fuck you, then sabotage the relationship because putting the ball in your court to leave him alone is safer than ghosting you. Males have played this game since high school, and we know all the variations to break free after we fuck a girl who didn’t impress us in a way where we negate the emotional fallout… and maybe even leave the door cracked so we can at least fuck you again if we ever get down bad. Your pussy was wet, but every thing else was dry, so why would we glue ourselves to you when we could go get better?

Basica Example: Four dates in, and you finally allow him to come over to your place. You two have amazing sex. He gave you bomb head, and you even woke up and did it again at 4 a.m. It’s been a minute since you got dick like this, and you can get used to this life. The next day, he passes the asshole test by calling you instead of ghosting. Next weekend, your ego is on fire because he wants to see you again. BUT… after the next hook-up, things begin to get weird. This man, who was looking like husband material, now seems preoccupied and distracted. You try to be there for him, but he’s giving you that stank “boy attitude” where you know something’s wrong, but he lies and says he’s fine, then gets smart with you for asking in the first place. *Gas Lighting Alert* You don’t want to go back and forth and turn something small into a fight, so you give him some time to cool off.

The problem is you’re sprung and can’t stop thinking about him! You miss him and reach out a few days later to check in, and he’s now acting dry or busy. It’s happened. The man you thought was going to be special just showed his ass, and you don’t know why. This is what we men refer to as the Push-Off. We engineer a small beef that gets you out of our lives so we can move on to the next woman… But why did a man who went on all these dates with you and acted like you were special suddenly fall off… look down and open your legs.

You can’t fuck, beloved. I will bet money that you have a Corpse Bride Coochie, meaning you fuck with the energy of a Zombie. Lay back and let him put in work while you lightly moan or repeat the same generic “yes” or “yes, baby.” 42 times. The sex wasn’t bad, but you’re shy and this is the most you’re comfortable giving. Even in long relationships, you didn’t do too much unless you had too much wine. “But G.L., I’m a sub, not a dom,” don’t lie to me, submissives bring a specific kink into the bedroom, all you’re serving is stationary wet hole. Your back shots sound like Zzzzzz, not Bongos, and life’s too short to commit to a woman who is already fucking like she’s in a stale marriage.

But he ate it, he came, he wanted more the next week—that doesn’t mean shit. A man can come with his hand and a Rubi Rose video on mute. It’s not about the finish it the EXPERIENCE. You weren’t fun. He ate your pussy to get you as hot as possible, hoping you would come out of your shell. He stroked you in all kinds of ways to see if you would switch up your moan or do something different to show him you weren’t in a diabetic coma. Men know that women tend to be shy the first time, and we don’t judge the first performance because, let’s face it, males cum too quick or drink too much, which leads to us throwing weak dick. He gave you a rematch the next week to see if it was just an off day—but there you were, another round of you whispering and flopping like you have low blood sugar.

As a result of this continued Corpse Bride Coochie performance, he ghosted, sabotaged, or demoted you on the roster as a backup bitch, only to fuck again in case of emergencies. Don’t get triggered by this, get inspired! Pussy has power, but all yours is getting is an Uber back home. What’s stopping you from snatching a man’s soul? Ignorance. You need to understand the three fundamentals of having Hypnotic Pussy. Let’s count them down so you can stop embarrassing yourself…

Pussy Power Trick Number 1: The 2nd Gear Trick. This is where you wait for a man to...

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