I saw Iron Man 2 over the weekend (because I’m a fucking geek) but the fireworks didn’t come during the movie, it came afterwards. A friend who accompanied us didn’t want to talk about the plot, she was more concerned about the ass on Scarlett Johansson and how it couldn’t possibly be real. She spent the next several minutes talking about how her body had to be some kind of CGI creation… um okay. Walking towards the parking lot, I heard another woman comment in passing about how they must have had a body double for Scarlett… she wasn’t talking about the stunt work. This was female hate at its worst. I was talking to my girl about it and all she had to say is that “she always looks like that, she has a nice body”. Thank you.


There are two sets of females, those who see another woman and hate, and those who see another woman and compliment. It’s easy to sit there and say, that’s not real, rather than admit that hey, maybe this chick had to diet like hell and live in the gym to get her body into that Black Widow outfit. Because if they say, damn, this girl put in work and earned that body, that means that they’re not doing the same thing. GUESS WHAT? If you’re eating French fries and ice cream your gut is your own fault not the chick on the movie screen. If her ass is perfectly round and tight, maybe it’s not a butt pad, maybe it’s just genetics.

In the era of Plastic surgery you can have everything upgraded from your vagina lips to your toddler tits. Back in high school girls had to accept the fact that a chick was just more curvaceous and hate in silence. These days they can point to modern technology to make them feel more confident in their own body.

She has big tits — implants.

She has a nice ass —implants.

Her hair is long and straightso what it’s fake.

My Body May Not Look like Her Body, But at Least its RealHATER ALERT.

Yes women do get surgeries, but a lot of these chicks that you see in the club and hate on are BROKE, they’re not Heidi Montag, paying for surgeries every month. She can’t buy a ten dollar drink, but she afford butt implants and a boob job… yeah that theory holds up…NOT! Sometimes a phat ass is just a phat ass, sorry. Why do you care how her body looks, is saying that going to keep the guy you like from wanting to fuck her more? NOOOOOO. In reality, it takes time to come up with conspiracy theories, time you could be using to better yourself. The beautiful thing about women is that they come in all shapes and sizes, just because her titties are big doesn’t mean he’s going to pick her over you. Just because she’s tall and light skin doesn’t mean that a man’s going to pick her over the 5 foot chocolate honey.

Men don’t care. We’d fuck the blue chick from Avatar if we could. We find attraction in almost any female. I was once obsessed with a flat chested girl. On the flip side, I’ve kicked this girl who had an Angel Lola ass out after a one night stand because I wasn’t feeling her. Pretty is pretty. I think fake hair is the greatest invention ever. I’m not going to say, “I’m not feeling her, she got that remi sewn in.” lmfao! If a guy says he doesn’t like fake breast, guess what, he’s never touched a set, because they’re fantastic. Even men who complain about fake, fuck fake! …and maybe that’s why jealous women can’t let go of this debate.

Saying things like Nicki Minaj’s ass is fake, Jennifer Hudson got lipo, or Beyonce’s bald under all of that hair is a sign of jealousy. All of those things may be true, but it has nothing to do with your life and who you can or can’t pull. If you see a bad chick, I’m not saying you should go smack her ass and say “your mamma did a good job”, or “can I get the number to your surgeon”, but there is nothing wrong with giving props. If for some reason you’re unhappy with your body, that’s an issue you need to work out with your personal trainer.

If you feel that strongly, apply for a loan to upgrade whatever, because at the end of the day you have to be happy with your ass not Scarlett Johansson’s.

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