I was in Hollywood walking down one of the busy nightclub strips when my boy said something interesting “lets go to a club, but I DON’T want to go to one where’s it’s a bunch of black women”. Needless to say being where we are that’s easy. Rock, Goth, Asian, Persian, not to mention the endless techno and deep house clubs that are melting pots for weirdly hot chicks. We settled on the Asian club. Let’s skip thousands of miles away to the East Coast to my hometown of Baltimore where I get a call from one of my homies saying “I’m sick of Black girls, I need to upgrade”. Let’s fly coach back to LA where my homeboy who I went to college with asks me about my wedding, “Your marrying an Italian aren’t you, I always knew you liked Italian girls.”  I quickly respond by saying “no, my fiancée is black”.

I find all shades of women pretty, but I especially love black women. For those who prefer other races more, cool, but I really wanted to talk about why so many black men that I know not only dismiss black women, but go out of their way to put them down.

Why have Black Men grown sick and tired of Black Women? Is it simply a case of seeking something new that you may have never experienced and the thought that the “grass is greener on that side”? Or is it something deeper, cultural even, that digs into the brains of Black men and makes them think that bagging a woman of a different race is an upgrade over what they have been accustomed to?


What is Exotic? Something that’s different from the norm, in this case something that you didn’t grow up seeing. Men love exotic shit, exotic liquor, exotic cars, and exotic looking women. The reason that teenage black girls get light grey contacts and bright hair colors is because it looks exotic, and men are drawn to it rather than the standard dark brown eyes and hair. I’m from the hood; I grew up looking at little skinny girls with nappy ponytails. Some were cute, some were beautiful, and others were UGGG. But regardless of being around pretty little girls as a kid, there was one crush that stayed with me my entire life– Madonna. Yup, the material girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, watching MTV videos that was what they told me SEXY was suppose to look like, and I wasn’t about to argue that, so as I grew older and ventured from the hood that’s what I went after.


Black Women are beautiful, some of the most beautiful women in the world, but why when Maxim or People Magazine does a 100 Sexiest List, there are only a handful of black faces? And then there are weird choices like Michelle Obama… motherfucker are you high? Are the editors of these magazines really that ignorant that they can’t find any other black women? At this point in time Halle Berry and Tyra Banks shouldn’t be on any of those lists either. Megan Fox can make it, but the only Black representatives are hoes who haven’t been relevant since 1999? Of course little black boys growing up today will think that a chick that looks like Kim Kardashian is an upgrade when you have her ranked at #11 and Rhianna ranked at #43. See, that’s why Black women hate Julia Stiles.

Heidi Klum & Seal Pictures, Images and Photos

The wife choices of Seal and most Pro Athletes often show that a big butt and a nice weave is no match for a Christina Aguilera type, but I think this entire debate is not really about hair texture, skin tone, or looks at all. All the conversations I’ve had about non-black chicks compared to black chicks revolves around ATTITUDE.


BGA (Black Girl Attitude) aka the Taraji P Henson in Baby Boy swag is a staple of Black culture. All women can be bitches. But for some reason Black girls are stereotyped as loud, rude, and volatile. The average dude thinks that Asian girls are nice and sweet. White girls are understanding. Latinas are fiery in a sexy way, not in an annoying way. That’s bullshit. All of them can act a fool because they’re females. Sure Black Women depending on how they were raised or where they come from can be pretty ignorant and I can’t lie, the white girls I’ve been involved with were not as aggressive in that respect, but it all depends on the person! And who cares… I think that a little BGA can be sexy… in doses.


In the end I think Black Men like non-black women because it’s a change up. I don’t really think it’s deep rooted hate or racism towards their own. To simplify it, if you’ve eaten steak all of your life, of course you’re going to want to try chicken. But I think dudes get if fucked up when they hear stories that, “oh man Amber is mad cool, you need to find a girl like her”. No one race is better than another or more subservient than another, those are just anecdotes, each person will have their own experience. But It’s America, if you’ve only dated inside your race you’re missing out on life, I spent my entire High School life dating black chicks wishing for the day when I got a chance to smash a chick that looked like Britney Spears, eventually I did, but in the end I settled on a person who I was attracted to physically and mentally, she just happened to be Black.

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