If a man is in a relationship or simply dating multiple women at the same time, he’s a player, a pimp, a stud, “the man”. A guy’s power to lure in several women at once and keep them organized is what young boys dream of. When I was a kid my Uncle told me, “Have as many Girlfriends as you can afford”. But even that’s gone out of the window with the modern day woman who don’t require a dinner and a movie. So now it’s “Have as many Girlfriends as you can stomach”. I’ve never been the type of guy to mess with more than four girls at one time, not because I'm morally pure, I just didn't have patience for-- clicking over on my phone and hearing "fuck you gotta call me back for? Who you talking to?"
If a woman is in a relationship or simply dating multiple men at the same time, she’s a slut. That’s the end of conversation. It doesn't even matter if she’s having sex with them, to the outside world its like, “wow… you’re out there sucking all of those dicks”. This is why females invented something to get around this it’s called “I Talk To…” No woman is ever truly man free; they’re always “talking to someone”. A man never says that, instead we’re “fucking with…” a chick. To say “Talking” when you’re a guy sounds soft, like you can’t seal the deal. To say “Dating” sounds like you’re a trick, spending money on a hoe that you’ve haven’t smashed yet. Let’s break it down further.
Talking: Conversating, going out with, nothing serious
Dating: Going out with, chilling at the crib with, something may be there
Seeing: That’s your boo.
Trying To Fuck With: Got the number putting in work.
Fucking With: Took her out, invested time.
We Cool: Had sex, may have sex again, but if not, it’s all good, got what I wanted.
The thing I find amusing about girls is that they can’t like two people the same way. Say a girl is “talking to” 3 guys and then one of them steps up and she starts Dating him. Those other two guys get the shaft, I mean yeah she’ll talk to them a...

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