Many young girls are obsessed with being a princess, bright pinks, and unicorns. Fairy Tale shit. Many grown women are obsessed with being a wife, bright bling, and having the best pussy on the block. Fairy Tale shit. Like the mythical Unicorn this notion that one girl’s vagina is better than the next girl’s vagina has no basis in reality. I mean it’s not like a woman has the power to sample her own vaginal goodness, then taste test her best friends. So where does this idea that “One hit of this, and he’s sprung” come from? Above this is Rosa Acosta^^ she looks pretty good and has a big butt. Does this mean her cookies are legendary? Hell no, Precious could be a better lay, but externally Rosa would be a better candidate for bomb pussy of the year because Men want to believe that.


Men Lie. Of the girls I’ve had sex with, roughly 90% of them I can remember telling “Damn ya pussy is the best” or some variation of that. Did I mean it? At the time yes because I was up in it, hell, I would have said “I love you” that’s how euphoric intercourse is. But given the fact that these days I can’t remember some of their names, I know that wasn’t true. On the other hand, I do remember certain sexual encounters vividly, not because her coochie was phenomenal, but because she was extra with it. Women like to say it’s not about the size of a man’s dick, but the motion in the ocean. The same thing applies to her cookies. It’s not about how wet a cooch is, but how she takes dick, rides dick, talks nasty, etc… that part is memorable. Let’s go into a few myths:


My Shit stay wet: Yes some girls tend to be more easily aroused than others, just like some guys may take a little longer to get rock hard. Levels of wetness can be a gift and a curse. A girl, who gets too wet, don’t have that friction you need when you’re up against her walls. And the sensation of an overly wet pussy isn’t as potent especially when you’re rocking a condom, even without one on (sorry I’ve had lots of unprotected sex, don’t try that at home kids) a flooding wet cooch is more of a bother than a treat.


My Juice Box is phat: Men love looking at the lil Kim Hardcore picture, and pornstars in too tight bikini’s and say “Damn her pussy is phat”. Women hear that and think automatically that it matters. Men are perverts we just like looking at obscene things, doesn’t mean it reflects your juice box’s yummyness. The “girth” of your vagina lips is not an indication that what lies between those legs is any better than what lies between say a chick with a non protruding box.


Every nigga that been in it say I’m the best: Again, opinion by a male to boast your ego so he can continue to have sex with you. I’ve had bad sex, and I didn’t scream out “This is so inadequate!” I moaned and groaned and got my nut. Called her again and did it all over again because even though she was boring in bed, it was a level above jerking off to the same damn Kapri Styles DVD. And if you interview every girl your man has been with and ask them what he said, I’m sure it’s the same thing he’s been telling you.


My Pussy taste like Fruit: I’ve never seen Pussy flavored Snapple, so um no, it doesn’t. Any girl that tells you their shit taste like a flavor is an idiot. I repeat she is an idiot. You can finger yourself all night and convince yourself that eating all of those strawberries has effected your secretions, but it hasn’t. All clean pussy tastes the same, like a moist bunch of nothing. Anything else is all in his or her’s mind.


He tricking all of his bread: That’s what tricks do… duh. Before you met that trick how many dudes done hit it and quit it? How many dudes got money out of you? It’s okay, honey didn’t mean to call you out, give me a hug, you know you’re the best.


It’s Tight: I don’t want to struggle for three minutes then have you tell me “stop, you’re being too rough”. But your counter would be, “you don’t want it loose”. I’ve had sex with tight near virgins and it sucked ass. I’ve had sex with this one loose freak, and I remember her because her shit was like a well with no bottom, and I busted like three times back to back, no lie. You would think the girl with tight walls would have won that battle, but she wasn’t as nasty as the other girl, so it even though it was loose it had a better effect. Call it Ratchet hoe magic.


Here’s the best way you can tell a girl is bluffing on her bombness…

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You have no ring on your finger: If all of these girls have the bomb of all bomb coochies then why are they single, why are they on their 4th baby daddy? Why hasn’t Tiger Woods paid you money to hit it? Why are they on the phone with Dope Boy Lamont from the block telling him how good your shit is? That’s like Lebron James being at the local Rec center and telling everyone he belongs in the NBA. It can’t be that good if your last two boyfriends left you for someone else or the best you can land is a guy who’s in and out of jail.


Now all you ladies reading this, I’m sure you all have very fine vaginas that will keep your boo satisfied, but sex isn’t about the physical it’s about the mental. The brain makes you cum, not the coochie. If she’s extremely pretty, your mind will enhance the feeling. If she has a nice body, your mind will go into the gutter and make you think “damn I would eat her out all night”. Once you are in the act of sex, don’t be quiet, don’t give directions, fuck like a porn star! Don’t hold back until you’re on the second date, if you’re going to fuck him, put it on him, because if you don’t the next girl with the so called “bomb” will.

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