Valentine’s Day, it exposes how a man truly feels about you. Yes it’s a made up corporate holiday but it’s the first test to see if a new relationship is deeper than sex or final proof that an old relationship has grown stale. Let me break down how we men think. If I fuck with you no matter if it’s been 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years I’m going to use this as an opportunity to show that in a materialistic or overly romantic way. Period!

If a man doesn’t fuck with you, then he’s going to make excuses, get fake busy, stage an argument, or act like it’s not something he celebrates. Lmao, bro is acting like Vday is against his religious belief because he doesn’t think your pussy is worth a box chocolate! The sad thing is women will give up Coochie and mouth, get nothing on Feb 14th and still make excuses for that man. Pick Me’s refuse to admit the obvious, these men are sampling your Placeholder ass. Proof by their lack of effort on the one day when it’s cool to showcase love and affection in a cheesy and dramatic fashion.

So what time of woman are you? Are you a Pick Meisha, happy with being fucked for free? Are you a Spartan who loves it because your man (or roster of men) show out for you? Or are you single and hate the idea of Vday because it reminds you of what you’re currently lacking? No matter what boat you find yourself in, single or taken, I'm here to tell you to let go of the bitter and remember what's most important-- your worth!

What’s your Situation? Placeholder or Game Changer?
”What do you get a man for Valentine’s Day?” Women ask this on social media because women are thoughtful, they express love if they feel love. If you’re dating a guy why would you ever accept that a man who claims he likes or loves you doesn’t even think about you enough to get creative? "Wouldn't it be nice if I did XYZ for bae..." should go through a man's mind, there is no excuse that "men just don't think that way." Yes the fuck we do... for the ones we cherish! If Feb 15th comes along and you haven’t gotten shit then he's telling you the obvious, your value is limited because you're just holding the place of someone he actually wants to love on that deep level.

What if you are getting affection and thoughtfulness but it's in a round about way? If you have a friend who wants to take you out a few days before Vday or has something for you the weekend after then is it because he’s busy... or is it because you’re the side bitch?

I want you to take a Basica Test right now. Ask yourself...

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