High Demand! It has nothing to do with being pretty, phat, or thinking your pussy taste like mango. The chicks who are in high demand are the ones who have boyfriends. Why do guys want me when I have someone, but when I’m single no one hollas? Simple. When you were single you were walking around with an attitude, posting dumb ass love quotes on Facebook, and mean mugging every guy in the club because you thought you were above that scene. Once you find a man you begin to radiate with confidence and every man around you becomes drawn to that fire. When a woman is in a relationship her entire swagger changes, she’s glowing, her hair stays done, ass looks phatter, and she’s no longer using Carmex, she’s Mac’d up and those lips are popping! A chick with a man walks differently than a chick without a man, she doesn’t think her shit is bomb, her pussy has the twitter verified sticker, she knows its bomb! I was going to my car on Monday when this chick spoke to me. She was happy as fuck, hair bouncing, heels clicking and she came out and initiated the conversation by saying “how are You doing”. I’ve been thinking about this theory for a second so I said, “Where’s Your boyfriend”. She smiled and said, “Home”. Bam! I knew it. If she were single she would have been nervous, probably pretending to text on her phone, and would not have spoken unless I spoke first. I’m not talking about all single ladies, a lot of you go hard, my fiancée was single when I met her and she was walking like she owned the world. I’m addressing the those that lack the Je ne sais quoi that an involved woman has. 

So how do you live life with the magnetic force of a taken woman when you’re lonelier than a T-cell in an AIDS patient? Get a boyfriend. Wait wait wait, that’s a catch-22. In theory, yes. But there is not one girl out there who doesn’t have a guy who’s on her heels. He may be ugly, he may not be your type, but he wants you, you’re in low demand put with the help of that guy you can hit High Demand. The thing about females is that you have no pressure when you make a guy your boyfriend. You don’t have to fuck him. You don’t have to kiss him. Hell, you don’t even have to call him, just text him when you feel like it. All you really have to do is go out on dates, eat for free, and see movies. But you’re a woman; you have to be feeling someone to be in a relationship, it’s emotional— cut the bullshit. It’s not the 1950’s be progressive! You know what niggas do? We fuck with a girl until we find a better girl. You know how many overlapping relationships I’ve had in my life? All of them! Even at a young age I had the foresight to know that you don’t meet bad chicks every day, if I wanted her, I went after her regardless of who I was boo loving at the time. It’s time for women to Man Up and treat men the way we’ve been treating women for years. Here’s the key. Make Cornball Corey your temporary boyfriend, it has nothing to do with love, everything to do with “I have nothing better to do”. I guarantee you after two weeks of dating him, you will find something better. By having a boyfriend, even one you know isn’t going to last, you have upped the value of your coochie. You without a boyfriend sitting on the bus stop, you’re Yahoo stock. You seem like a good investment, a few guys may take a chance, but most will wait to see how you’re looking next quarter. If you have a boyfriend, you’re Google stock; everyone wants to buy in. You’re booming baby, Gordon Gecko himself is getting a hard on because you have that aura that only comes when you’re already taken.

You know what’s bullshit? Girls who say, “You know I have a boyfriend right”. If a girl tells me she has a boyfriend while giving me her number that means I’m going to fuck. Niggas love women in relationship because they tend to be the easiest. But smart men will not get into a serious relationship with a cheating girl because more than likely she will cheat again. This isn’t about cheating, this is about leverage. If you have a real boyfriend, don’t give out your number, tell him you’re taken. But if you have temporary boyfriend don’t tell your potential boo about him. How do you know if he’s a Temp? If you kiss him and it’s not Katy Perry style Fireworks– that nigga is a Temp. You know you’re not going to be with him for long, he’s as useful to you as a game of spider solitaire. A temporary boyfriend’s purpose is to take you out, boost your ego, and make you feel as if you’re wanted during a drought. Because of this Temp your stock has risen, you’re switching down the street knowing you’re the shit because you’re getting gifts and you haven’t even touched your temporary boyfriend’s dick. Now you’re in high demand! So when Balling Rodney sees your new found swag and hollas at you, don’t mess it up by telling him you have a man. He could be the one you’ve been waiting for. Are you’re really going to ruin it over a Temp? If Rodney pans out after you talk on the phone, call up Cornball Corey, or if you were born in the 90’s text him, and let him know that it’s not working out but you can still be friends. You didn’t cheat because you ended the old relationship before getting into a new one. Now you’re free to move on to a relationship you want to be in. I don’t want to hear that its mean, it’s wrong, it’s shallow, and goes against what honest women stand for blah blah fucking blah. How many guys have you been in a relationship with and you knew it wasn’t going anywhere? Add up the months and years you blew on lame ass dudes who you knew weren’t your type? How many prince charmings have you missed out on because of your sense of honor? Stop waiting for a relationship to end to find another one because the love bus doesn’t run every 15 minutes.

My friend went out with this guy for about 8 months, this guy was a clown, I told her he was a clown, she knew it, but he was nice to her. Like most guys he got comfortable and took for granted he was with a girl way out of his league. During this time she met a guy at work, they clicked. She had a boyfriend so they kept it platonic. Once she broke up with her boyfriend, they went out on a date. They’re engaged now. Luckily she met him during the end of the relationship, if work boy showed up four months earlier he would have gotten no play and she would still be going through the motions. My other friend had a crush on this dude. By the time he figured it out and made a move she was in a relationship. The relationship was destructive, she was miserable, but when she had a chance to end it and move on to her crush, she stayed loyal to a guy who treated her like shit. To this day she still talks about that guy with the passion of a middle-age man who once scored 40 points in high school. Coulda woulda shoulda! Women are way too committed. Keep your options open, if something better comes along— dump the old, bring in the new. Men do it all the time, but we leave out the dump the old part. Don’t fuck with Karma; be a real chick and tell homie it’s not working out before you go out on an official date with your new boo. You don’t owe that man shit but a goodbye. If you dump the temp and the other guy doesn’t pan out– so what, do you want a safety net or do you want to live life knowing you never settled?

Hey you reading this right now, the one with the boyfriend. Tell the truth, you can do better can’t you? His dick is small, he doesn’t treat you like you should be treated, and he hasn’t read a book since high school. Why are you with him? Because he’s a man, and for some strange reason you think a man completes you. Okay, use that “I got a man” swag that I talked about and take your stock public, better yet, let’s use basketball as an analogy. You’re playing for the Toronto Raptors, you’re a fucking all star, all your friends say you should go play for the Lakers when your contract expires but you love Toronto they’ve been so nice to you, why leave? Girl, stop being dense, you may not make it to the Lakers but if the Knicks come looking to pick up your contract you better chuck the motherfucking deuce and sign with them. You’re young, stop locking yourself in these committed relationships when you should be exploring! If you have a good man, then this doesn’t apply to you, you shouldn’t even be thinking of upgrading, you’re in high demand but you’ve signed a long term contract that you’re happy with.

Not every woman will find that type of man, most will hit 35 and settle for the bald dude with the good pension because eventually your stock will decline. But right now you are in your prime and need to have fun. Go out and get a Temporary Boyfriend for those lonely weekends and I bet you’ll find something permanent in less than a month.

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