Men are taught to be strong, tough, and not take shit from anyone. Nice Guys finish last is embedded in our brains. So when it’s time to go for what we want, we go for it. The most successful men in this country don’t give a fuck. Donald Trump went at Obama’s neck about a birth certificate not because he wanted to be President at first; Trump strategically placed his brand in the world of politics so that it would benefit him later in life– it worked. Mark Zuckerberg fucked over a few classmates en route to 50 billion, who cares? He won. It’s not about how you got there, it’s about getting there. Ruthless aggression and self-preservation are not evil things, that’s word to Vince McMahon. Men stab each other in the back and then shake hands over drinks—it’s the business of life. 


But what about females, why aren’t they taught these things? If a Woman were to come out and try to Donald Trump the president she’d be called all kinds of bitches or turned into a punchline like Sarah Palin. Women get beat in the head with this notion of “that’s not right, that’s not lady like, that’s bad karma, sisterhood rah rah rah!” Fuck that noise with a NeNe Leak’s dick.Your mother may have told you to wait your turn like a good little girl, but I’m saying cut in front of that bitch because this club’s about to hit capacity! Romantic comedies, cartoons, even the shit they teach in school, it’s all sexist bullshit meant to keep girls in the kitchen. Look at history and see how they now label Cleopatra as a whore, called Joan of Arc a crazy Lesbian, and painted Elizabeth the 1st as a frigid cunt. Who do they parade as modern American Royalty? The Kennedy’s. Really? The King ruled and the so called Queen had no power, her job was to sit there and wave in her nice, soon to be blood splattered, pink dress. Where are the real women? Those who refuse to play by the rules? Those who want more out of life than what is on the table.

SpartansThe strongest women on the planet. They follow no one. They obey no one. They aren’t offended, they offend. They don’t wait, they take. They are the Alpha Females.

Spartan Law Vol. 1:

He’s Only Her Man Because You Allow it: The entire notion of taking another girl’s man is controversial because some women don’t think its right. Right is a direction, so fuck what you think. If you choose to sit in your bedroom and paint your nails until Mr. Right throws a rock at your window. Do you. But Spartans don’t have time to follow your rules. He looks good. He acts even better. Are the bonds of his relationship strong enough to deny you what you want? Hell no. If he wants you—he must leave her first. It’s that easy. You didn’t break up anything, you gave him an option—a better option. She had no chance against you. Duh, Spartan!

She’s Not A BFF She’s A Sidekick: There can only be two Spartans per group of friends. One will be the leader, the other is equally as powerful but let’s the other take the lead… for now. The rest of those hoes are followers. Being a follower isn’t a bad thing, Batman needs Robin, and most women play their position and never realize the balance of power is not in their favor. On the Bad Girls club someone always makes the comment, “you don’t belong in the house you’re not a bad girl”. Why would they put all boss bitches in one house? Those Producers cast two alpha females and then surround them with weak bitches that are easy to manipulate, that’s good TV. You attack with pawns because Queens are too important. In real life it’s the same way, go to any club and you see Spartan #1 maybe Spartan #2 and the rest of those girls are pawn bitches. Spartans will have their girlfriends on their clit harder than a boy. She texts you all day, she wants to hang every weekend, she complains when you’re chilling with a new girl. She’s not gay, she’s been Spartan whipped. You are everything she wants to be but can’t, so she has to settle for being your best friend in the world. I had a girlfriend who would break her neck every time her bff called her and when she did her dirty she would cry her eyes out. The next week she was back up under her—she was weak, I holla’d at the wrong friend because her bestie was the Spartan.

Don’t Let Them Call You A Bitch Unless They Capitalize ItI read that the word “bitch” went through resurgence during the 80’s due to the fact that more and more women were becoming players in the corporate world. Bitch was meant to insult a woman who was domineering. Guys in pants didn’t like a woman in a skirt walking into the boardroom and being authoritative so the word bitch became fashionable again. I know rap music has overused it, but I still see that term as being positive. If a man can be overbearing in order to get the job done, he’s seen as a tough leader who’s respected and feared by his peers. When a woman does the same thing she’s a bitch who’s hated. Fuck that, if I were a woman I would legally change my name to Bitch because I would not be for play. People are going to talk about you regardless.Now are you going to make the guys at work cookies and let them smack your ass? Or are you going to embrace that role like a true Spartan and command respect. They may call you a bitch, but I guarantee you they won’t say it to your face. They fear you too much. I bet Oprah’s a Bitch. For everyone who loves her, those who do business with her have to fear the power she wields. Empires aren’t built on hugs and smiles, they’re built on fear. Fear lasts longer than love.

Being Selfish = Being Successful: Love is not a stop sign, that shit isn’t even a yield sign. Spartans don’t choose dick over self. You have dreams and aspirations, why should you sacrifice that because the man you love is on a different path? Men ask women to move across the country, pawn engagement rings, anything that’s needed for the good of the team. If you want to go to grad school or take an internship will he be there to support you in the same manner?  It doesn’t matter. You can’t arrange your life around a man. Love doesn’t abandon love, but love will wait. If you have moves you have to make, don’t let some weak man guilt you and don’t let him hold you back. This is your life Spartan. Your destiny doesn’t end with you getting a ring and popping out kids. Stop thinking about what others want, you come first.

Be A Lady: Playing by your own rules and knowing what you want in life doesn’t make you less feminine. You can still nurture, care, love, and watch the god damn Notebook. You’re not one of the guys, even if he can talk to you like one of the boys, you are a woman and should be treated like one. Spartans have to dumb down for certain men because men fear strong women. There is a bit of Superhero Alter Ego going on when dealing with an insecure man. We men are raised to think women are soft, that’s never going to change. But there is no need to go feminist Rambo bitch and open jars or change tires when he’s around just to prove yourself. Be Clark Kent. Put the glasses on and play that role every now and then. You know that there’s an S on your chest, but won’t it be cute to see the silly man rush to take care of things you know you can handle yourself? Men desperately need to be needed, I know you’re going to school for rocket science but let the motherfucker come hook up your computer to your printer.

Smash do not get Smashed: Porn stars are actresses. Not because they fake orgasms, it’s because they’re acting out a male fantasy. They’re telling him how big his dick is, how she’s a dirty slut, where she wants his cum. They’re being dominated because men want to beat off to submissive women. You can be brilliantly filthy without demeaning yourself.Jesse James told Howard Stern that Kat Von D was better in bed than Sandra Bullock, no shit! I can tell Miss Congeniality ain’t Yankin just by looking at her. Spartans are superior love makers. You don’t lay on your back and get fucked, you fuck back. You don’t let him eat you out, you sit on that face and grind that tongue until you’re ready for more dick. You don’t understand that he’s tired, you grab that dick and get it hard by any means necessary, you need your nut and you need it now! Not cuming is unsatisfactory, and you should not roll over and go to sleep without objecting to your lack of nut. Be vocal and let him know— “you owe me one”. You are a Spartan you can fuck any man you want to, he should be honored to even eat your pussy, the least he can do is make you cum. Watch Titanic, Rose wasn’t getting fucked in that car, she was fucking Jack. You are not his pussy—he is your dick, know the difference.

Not all women are Spartans; some strive to be but are still chained down by that inner kitchen bitch. It’s the 21st century stop being weak, stop being a follower, stop being shy, stop being pussy, and stop hiding behind this archaic idea of what’s lady like. I don’t care if its love, school, or your career— take shit from no one Spartan. There’s the pit—if she’s standing in your way kick her in the chest and watch that hoe fall in slow motion.

How To Become A Spartan

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