Racism. Are we still hung up on this bullshit? White people make racist comments; Black people make racist comments and a whole slew of dumb fucks love to point and accuse someone else of racism. The shit is tired. Being black hasn’t hurt me, if anything being a minority in Hollywood has helped me. I hate bitch niggas who sit at home and cry about discrimination, do you know how much fucking money and opportunity is out here and you’re complaining about not getting served at Olive Garden before the whites at the next table? That Chuck D shit is null and void, I’m not fighting the power, the king of New York is island hoping off the Amalfi Coast, we are the power. Go and call him a porch monkey, you think he cares? You will be called a nigger. You will be made fun of and stereotyped, but pull ya skirt down and accept it for what it is—ignorance. A white person called you a coon, a black person called you a cracker, someone made a lawnmower joke about Mexicans—it’s all sticks and stones! No need to ball your fist up unless those assholes are threatening your life. None of that hidden racism bothers me, because it doesn’t stop me from living my life. What does bother me is when people allow racism to dictate who they should and shouldn’t have a relationship with. I love White women and I think they get victimized when it comes to interracial dating. I love Black women and I think they’re the most disrespected race of women on the planet. Fuck that— I know for a fact that they are because I’ve heard both Black men and White men shovel dirt on them more times than I can count.

I hate the term ghetto because most of the time I’ve heard it used it was to demean a Black woman. The term ghetto is worse than bitch to me. The only time I had to check a white dude was when he straight shitted on a Black waitress who spoke with a hood accent. He was a friend of a friend and we were having drinks and this waitress was cute so we were all being flirty with her. After she left this guy had the nerve to say, “she’s hot but she’s too ghetto”. This was all based on the way she talked. It had nothing to do with how she looked or treated us, it was because her slang was a certain way he hit her with the “g” word. People can’t help where they grew up, she can’t help if she says words a certain way. Who the fuck are you to call her ghetto? You don’t know that woman. I straight blew my high and told him how I felt. I can joke all day but I’m not going to let anyone cross that line in front of me. I’m sure he called me all kinds of niggers when he got home, but he sent me a FB friend request to prove he was a good guy— decline bitch. That’s modern day racism. White people conceal it, Black people flaunt it. Blacks can go on twitter and make white jokes all day and it’s just niggas being niggas, but White people have to hide their prejudice until they get comfortable enough to let it out. People don’t understand each other. If that guy had dated a Black girl he would never use the term ghetto again. Racism exists because we’re not educated about each other, you think you know, but until you’ve spent serious time with multiple people of another race you will never truly be educated on who they are.

I got an email from my girl “A” she’s White and had a problem with her boyfriend: 

“I’ve been dating this white dude for seven months or so and we’ve known each other for three plus years so we know a lot about each other, including all the bullshit about past relationships and hookups.

I had about a week-long “fling” with my one and only black guy while living out in **** and it somehow has impacted the course of my dating life seemingly forever.

So when my white man asked if I’ve ever fucked a black guy I said yes. And he has not let it go since… And that was four months ago. He’s not the only one either. My guy friends have asked me if I have smashed a black guy and all of their racist asses have either been completely grossed out or nicknamed me Jungle Fever. And everyone is obsessed with knowing how big the dude’s dick was. It’s crazy! Why should white girls feel bad about liking black guys? Can’t even get through a Waka Flocka song without making some rude ass comment about me being a hoodrat, or my ex calling me a nigger-lover for watching a Chris Brown video, a line needs to be drawn.”

Pause. I can’t be mad at her white friends for saying that type of stuff in private because Black people say similar things about White people when they’re behind closed doors. This is life. People talk shit when you’re not around. Mail Man Joe who smiles every day when he drops off your circular thinks you’re a dirty darkie. Boo hoo. 

Do I think “A”’s friends are racist, like burning cross racist? Not at all. Those guys have no real issues with Black people; they probably listen to Weezy and rock Paul Pierce jerseys. Their hate stems from being little ass boys who are jealous of some perceived stereotype. Black men with big dicks running up in white women. That shit’s been around for a long time and has lead to more death than the small pox. Her boyfriend isn’t racist, he’s jealous that some other dude fucked her and may have done it better. If he was really racist he would have cut her off by now, he hasn’t. I’m sure he’s still eating that coochie like it wasn’t invaded by a BBC. His dick is probably twice the size as the Black dude she smashed, but mentally he can’t get over it. “A” is not alone. White women fuck with Black men and deal with mad drama from their white friends, no one ever brings it up because it’s a taboo subject that threatens to disrupt this notion that Obama won, no more racism… yeah okay. In a few months a celebrity will come out and say something racist, something that white people say all the time in the comfort of their own home, and only then will it become an issue that needs to be dealt with. who cares.

Black women fuck with White men and get that hate publicly, because niggas hate openly. A Black man will see a Black woman out with a white guy and throw all kinds of shade. I’ve seen a White dude get beat up just because he went to visit his Black girlfriend who lived in my boy’s apartment complex. For that to happen in the 21st century is disgusting. Here’s the simple truth. Every race has sexy people. So what’s the hold up? Why limit yourself?

Your Parents Don’t Know Shit: I’ve never had a White girlfriend, I’ve had white homegirls who gave me benefits, but I was never officially with them. I know two off top that I would have been with, but for some reason it was never discussed seriously. We had fun and that was that. I remember only visiting this girl during the day when her daddy was at work. She told me that he would kill her if she knew what we were doing in his house. I thought it was funny, but the reality of the situation is that 50 years ago men were killed for things like that. My cousin took a white girl to his prom, my grandmother refused to come outside and see them off because she doesn’t believe in mixing. She’s not a bad woman, that’s just her view on race. One of my friends loved Black women, he came from the a racist family, but that didn’t stop him from being “down with the swirl” as he called it. He couldn’t wait to bring a Black girl home and stick it to his father, and he was right to be that way. Your parents are to be respected, but if they’re telling you the sky is green when it’s clearly blue—fuck them! Marrying someone of the same race or religion just because your parents say so is the most ass backwards thing ever. You’ve been fucking, sucking, and being a rebel your entire life, but when it’s time to marry someone you suddenly want to listen to mom and dad? Is it because you’re afraid of them or is it because you’re afraid of what society will say about your kids? How people will look at you when you’re in the supermarket? You fucked with white guys all through college and then married some Black dude that goes to your church. He’s not really what you want— he’s what society tells you to want. And to settle for acceptance and go against your heart makes you a bigger racist than your parents.

You Can Relate:This girl told me she can’t date a white guy because she has nothing in common with them. WTF? How do you know that? He likes to Hike and follow Dave Matthews on tour. You like to walk the mall and would rather buy a Prince CD then see the nigga live in concert. So what!?! You don’t have to be on the same page when it comes to everything. Just because this White guy never watched Martin doesn’t mean you can’t trip with him. Does he take you out, show you a good time, and treat you right? Being able to reminisce about favorite Kool-Aid flavors is not that important if you’re able to discuss more important things. Black men are just as bad. “I need a hood white girl” nigga what? What’s a hood white girl? Eminem in a wig? That statement is telling me you’re afraid of a woman that comes from a different lifestyle. What you’re looking for is a really really lightskin hoodrat. The same dudes who say that dumb shit are the same ones that say, “I hate Black girls that talk white”. Talking proper English isn’t a flaw asshole. Being well spoken and into other things isn’t a dealbreaker. If she’s not able to name every character on Love & Hip Hop that’s a positive! That means she has better shit to do with her life. We’re all the same people, we may not get the same inside jokes that come with being raised in a certain environment but if you click on a deeper level, what’s the problem? 

No One Approaches Me: I’ve gotten this type of email several times, “How do I get a White boy to talk to me, I see them looking but they don’t approach me“. The same way you get a Hispanic, Black, or Indian dude to holla. Look good and don’t mean mug. Here’s some insider information from me, a guy who hangs with mostly white men. Black Girls look mean, being Black isn’t intimidating, but looking mad is. I see yall ass at the W looking like you stepped in dog shit.When you’re a Black man you don’t care if a chick looks inviting, niggas will holla anyway because we are use to it. White guys for the most part have to get a vibe from a girl, a sign that she’s interested, or drink enough alcohol to say “fuck it I’m going in”. It’s what they make Romantic Comedies about—White guys looking for an opening. It’s not that Jim doesn’t like Black women, he loves them, but Jim’s seen that Tyler Perry movie and thinks you’re all Jesus loving, gun totting, attitude machines. If you want a white guy to talk to you, you’re going to have to look inviting. If you’re not Spartan enough to approach him on your own maybe smile in his direction, sometimes that’s all he needs. That Seth Rogen awkward nice guy routine is real! For Black men there is a different problem. Niggas go hard— too hard. “Black guys are too aggressive” that’s not racist, that is a fact. Niggas will grab a girl’s arm, squeeze her ass, scream across the room, all that to get a girl’s attention. I was at the theater to see a play and this dude in a suit chased this girl with a phat ass up the steps hollering like it was the block– at the theater! We don’t wait for signals from Black women because Black women don’t like to come off as interested. So Black men throw caution to the wind and holla regardless if she gives a sign or not. When you translate that to approaching White woman it can come off extra thirsty. Black men make the mistake of thinking every white girl wants them. ::sign *@nobitchnotever voiceJust because Heather smiled at you doesn’t mean Heather wants to fuck you, Heather’s just happy to be out, she smiles at every guy, put your dick back in your pants. Don’t run over like you’re parched, I know you’ve had that crush on Winona Ryder since you were twelve, and the girl at the bar looks like Lydia Deetz, but play it cool! Do not bum rush the white girls like they just desegregated the club. She’s just like any other woman, introduce yourself and talk like you have sense. 

Fuck Who You Dig: My favorite quote from the greatest movie of all time is when Maurice tells porn star Buck Swope, “Wear What You Dig”. I’m a firm believer in that line of thinking. No matter who judges you, no matter who tells you differently, go with what makes you happy. If they call you a nigger lover so be it, if your homegirl makes a comment about pink dicks, brush it off. You know what makes you happy. You’re not a traitor to your race unless you’re that dude from Avatar who smashed that Blue thing—that nigga was a traitor to his race. You’re human; they’re human, what’s the fuss about? At the same time you don’t have to be politically correct either. If you don’t like White people, think they’re corny, and hate Kate Middelton— fuck it don’t mess with a white person. If you don’t get Black people, their jokes, slang, and obsession with Beyonce—fuck it don’t mess with a black person. You have the right to be racist. But if you don’t have any preconceived prejudice, then why not try another flavor? I love to see a white dude with his arm wrapped around a Black girl at the movies. I always give a head nod to a brother walking behind his Asian dime. It’s time to evolve and let go of this American History X bullshit and mix the bloodlines. Fabolous calls them P.M.B (pretty mixed bitches), I call it the future. Imagine how powerful this country will be once we let go of race and become one. Do the world a favor this weekend— fuck someone different.

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